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year title
1979 Cuginetta... amore mio! 1 Review
1976 Velutto nero 1 Review

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Cuginetta... amore mio! (1979)
AceOfClubs was written on September 26, 2011

a few scenes full nudity

Ziggy shows her small breasts, pale skinny bum, and lower frontal in a few scenes in the movie. Three stars for the nudity, not overly attractive in my opinion, disgusting spider-leg eyelashes were a turn off.

Velutto nero (1976)
Immy was written on January 11, 2008


Ziggy plays Annie Belle's bratty 19-year-old sister. When she arrives at her mother's home in Egypt she teases one of her servants (Tarik Ali) by making him sit on some rocks about 20 feet away and flashing her muff and butt (0:20). She frustrates him even more when she invites him into her bed but then kicks him out when things get interesting (0:35, topless and brief muff sitting up in bed). Later on while touring some temples she has a quickie threesome with two nomads in the sand near some rocks (1:04, bush adjusting her short dress but she's a good distance away). Of note also is a yacht scene where she complains of being too hot and Gabriele Tinti douses her with a bucketful of water leaving her in a nice clingy blouse (0:56).

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