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Agutter, Jenny 21 Reviews

Walkabout's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

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Jenny Agutter
malocao was written on December 14, 2002

Skinny dip in water hole

This scene must have been a formative experience for a certain generation of English boys. The gorgeous Jenny, most famous at that time for the charming but U-rated "The Railway Children", shows us everything and maybe a bit more than she meant to. Even in fuzzy B&W on a portable TV, it was memorable.

Tiger Flux was written on January 10, 1999

Simply a GREAT movie.

Jenny was very young. There is a classic all nude bathing scene and some topless scenes. Beautifully shot and directed by Nicolas Roeg.

professorfate was written on June 14, 2005

Swimming Scene

I have read that this movie was actually filmed in 1969, when Jenny was 16. It's foreign release occurred in 1971. Those are 16 year old lips visible in the underwater swimming scene.

BrianMurray was written on July 22, 2000

Very young, swimming nude, and showing everything.

To answer a question raised in another review, and to provide CNdb with some information, Jenny's birthday is December 20, 1952 (born in Taunton, England). Since Walkabout was released in 1971, I calculate her age to be 18 or less when it was filmed. This is extensive nudity in an excellent film. Jenny has a great looking young body, and displays it very openly. If you have a DVD player with a zoom feature, you can see more than her lips during the swimming scene. Watch for the sequence that shows a closeup of her backside as she is swimming away. When she opens her legs to kick, a very intimate part of her butt is visible. In a film that is filled with many scenes of Jenny nude, this still is a surprisingly explicit view of the beautiful young actress.

BushLeague was written on August 7, 2002

Getting into tree

The rest of the gang has pretty much covered her nudity in this one, especially what may have been the first pussy lip shot in a mainstream film (possible tie with Shelley Plimpton in "Glen and Randa(1971)). But I would like to add one of my favourite shots that was not really nude. She climbs into a tree and her skirt hikes up revealing a perfectly panty hosed butt (rather clean and untorn after a couple of days in the outback!) and then hangs from a tree upside down with her skirt hanging around her chest and a full length inverted pany hose view.

I also believe she holds the record for being nude (non-body doubled) in a PG/GP (used in 1971) films: this one and "Logan's Run".

davemcdaveIII was written on November 5, 2004


After about 40 minutes of teasing her audience with bras, short skirt and panty removal, Agutter finally reveals something, indeed all of her goodies, and from there u cant stop watching the film as she constantly shows her bod. A previous reviwere has castigated miss agutters appearance as a mere average, this i cannot enamour myself with, as i am a devoted jenny fan, as both actress and nudist, you have only to look at her performance in this film or in Equus and youll find that there is a serious shakespearian actor inside her. Someone move him will ya, i wanna go

TempletonPeck was written on December 30, 2002

Bush fire

Jenny first came to our attention as the prim and proper Miss Roberta in The Railway Children, and proceeded to shock the Empire when she shed her clothes for this film. Our Jen certainly isn't shy about taking her clothes off as she's proved on many occasions since, but Walkabout remains her best display. Great body, beautiful face, bronzed shapely thighs, nice pert breasts, and a healthy looking minge. And plenty of it too - basically everytime they comes across a lagoon her clothes come off . I bet they had to shoot the scenes in which she frollics naked with the equally nude David Gulpilil quite a few times. If that was me I would have been rock hard throughout. You have to wonder about him - surely only a gay man could stay flaccid during those scenes.

Just for the record, as the subject has been previously brought up, Jenny was only just 16 when she made this film. Because of laws in America the producers lied and stated her age as 19, but Jenny let her true age slip on the Criterion DVD. She mentioned that she missed her O-Level examinations while making this film, which are the British exams you take when you're 16. She had been approached by the director when she was 14, but he delayed the film so she'd be legal under British law.

chuckstamp was written on March 13, 2000

Get the DVD.

This is a great movie, but not as great as I'd remembered it. When I bought the DVD, I figured I'd be able to freeze frame and get great shots of Jenny's bush at the end ofthe flick. Unfortunately, she's in motion, and the bush is blurry. However, and unexpecteddividend: during the famous swimming scene, right at the start, while Jenny is swimmingface down under the water, you can freeze frame a couple of times and get a prettygood glimpse of her lips from behind.

beaverhunter was written on September 9, 2001

swiming and walking nude, changing clothes

Jenny is totally at ease displaying her understated but extreamly aparent sexuality in this picture. The fact that she's playing a very proper Aussie taking charge of her younger brother's fate adds to the voyeuristic excitment of Jenny's beauty. She displays her hot body fearlessly, proudly, and most importantly, TOTALLY. A must see for all fans.

BMac was written on November 29, 2010

Complete nudity

As reported by others young Jenny Agutter is extensively nude in 'Walkabout." One major section with her swimming naked in a pool runs from 58:01 through 1:01:03. Although it is intercut with other scenes, she's at or near the surface and little is ever obscured. There's a medium-distance full frontal as she stands up at 59:46-52.
Agutter is briefly topless at !:20:55-57 and 1:29:15. At 1:37:56 and again beginning at 1:38:07, Jenny is on display again. The last bit runs until 1:39:07, almost the end of the movie, as she's remembering a more blissful version of events.
Agutter was 16 when filming began. It's true that she's got a teen's body, not a woman's body, and is a reasonably attractive girl instead of a stunning bombshell. But Jenny Agutter is small-breasted, not flat-chested, and she's otherwise above average and completely natural. A two-star body, but a four-star display.
It's easy to understand why some people dislike this movie, and there's no real plot necessity for all her nudity, but it is worth the price of admission.

thefaceman32 was written on October 8, 2002

Gyno shot

00:57:55 Tons of nudity of all varieties as she skinny-dips in the river while the Aboriginal boy hunts for wild game. Long scene.
(Gyno shot)

01:00:50 Long shot of Jenny's little love lumps as she dresses outside.

01:20:50 Brief breasts as the Aboriginal boy does his courtship dance for her.

More full frontal as she goes for another dip in the wild

shizmatic was written on August 4, 2008

Nude swimming, changing her clothes later on

This is one of the best nude scenes I've seen lately. Looks very natural, almost as if it was shot by accident. I would say that the movies of this century have a serious lack of scenes like this one.

Starduster was written on September 22, 2001

Full Frontal and then some

First, the version of the film I viewed is the 1996 VHS release. The DVD may be different. After being tantalized by the sight of Agutter's long, slender legs in a short miniskirt for nelry an hour, she finally appears nude for the first time. It is a scene of her swimming alone in a pond. As she first swims into view- very near the camera- she makes a kick, and gives a fleeting glimpse of her...well, you see everything. The view is only slightly distorted by the water.For the next three minutes, shots of the actress swimming nude are intercut with shots of the two boys hunting. Most of the shots of Agutter here are from medium or long distance. About 20 minutes later, there is a scene with topless, while the Aborigine youth looks on. Finally, there is a romaticized version of the swimming scene that Agutter's charater recalls in which she is swimming nude with her brother and the Aborigine teenager. There are several brief shots of her nude, including a quick full frontal shot.However, the scene does not end with her walking nude toward the camera. Perhaps this is only on the DVD? In addition, there are a few sceneswhere she is in her underwear, or her panties are visible under her skirt. All in all, this is a very sexy performance, that is made especially appealing by Agutter's nonchalant nudity.

Vagina_man was written on July 13, 2001

Full description of nude scenes.

There are quite a few nude scenes with Jenny Agutter in this movie. She and her brother are bathing in a water hole towards the start. She leaves her skirt on but she doesn't have any panties on. When she puts the back on if you look carefully you can see a brief flash of pubes. Later on near the middle of the movie she is swimming fully nude in a river or something. She is first swimming breast stroke so you can see her fully nude from behind. Then she moves onto her back and you can see her front on. She then gets out of the water and we watch her getting dressed. Further on in the movie she is getting dressed and is topless when the aboriginal boy comes in and performs a kind of love ritual. The final scene when she appears nude is the closing scene. Jenny Agutter's character has grown up and married. She remembers back to when she was in the desert. Her, the aboriginal boy and her brother are all fully naked walking towards the camera. She is in the middle and keeps walknig until the camera is focussed on her pubic triangle.

nippy was written on February 16, 2005

Beautiful scenes

The scene was beautifully shot by director Nicholes Roeg. You see her skinny dipping for quite some time and get you get a good view of her tits and bush and jenny was quite young in this film too.

hornyhornyhorny was written on August 10, 2008


this hot 16 year old shows it all. tits, ass and cunt lips!

Gordon was written on September 14, 2001

Naked throughout

Jenny is naked multiple times in this movie, often as she is swimming or frolicking by a waterhole. Jenny was very young when this movie was made, only 19 years old. Her body is gorgeous--long and trim. Her breasts are a on the smallish side, but still attractive. The best part is that Jenny is entirely naked--you can see her pubes and at times a glimpse of her vaginal lips.

slavedriver was written on June 28, 1999

killer bod

most excellent nude scenes as she is swimming and just generally naked here and there.I'm curious about her age in this film.

sirspread was written on January 13, 2004

breasts and bush

bordering on 4 stars as the nudity is very explicit for the year
most of it has been summed up well by other viewers i would just add that i would put her body in the average catergory (any nudity from any known actress always gets rave reviews ie her breasts are superb etc etc....)
come on people tell it as it is agutter is definatley very average

Arfpint was written on June 22, 2000

Wahey!....oh, hang on...

Well, darnit. You've got a very young Jenny, swimming completely nude and with several shots of her long, slim body. Unfortunately, you've also got Aborigine Boy throwing spears and eating Kangeroo,with short clips of a little boy as well, which cuts up the nudity completely. Use editing software to get rid of the killing bits, or find another movie!

swieez was written on September 20, 2014

Nice and tight little bod

Real sexy and love that she shows muff!!

Luc Roeg
Dudester was written on March 21, 2003

Skinny Dipping with Sister

Near the end of this film, the boy is skinny dipping with his sister (played by Jenny). I was about his age when I saw this movie and I can tell you that had I been nude with a very naked Jenny I would've been standing hard and long. Perhaps this is why we see him from the side squatting down. We also briefly see his buns.

MrMMartin was written on December 14, 2010

The final scene where all the characters are swimming nude.

Luc is sitting in a side view as the camera pulls in. He then stands briefly and runs into the water. We see a good quality side shot of his rear end and an exquisite full frontal of him fully erect as he runs into the water.

hornyhornyhorny was written on August 10, 2008


at the end of the movie he's naked with jenny. when he gets up to jump in the water you can see the lil guy experienced his first boner lol

David Gulpilil
BMac was written on November 29, 2010

Thin pack

David Gulpilil's small butt cheeks feature prominently in this movie, and his prick is on view at times, clearly in the water hole scene just before the end credits. He's quite thin, and not as sexualized as Jenny Agutter by director Nick Roeg.

hornyhornyhorny was written on August 10, 2008


he's fully naked and shows off his big black shlong

abbafan2 was written on August 6, 2005

skinnydip scene

David Gulpilil is the Aborigine teen in the movie. The characters don't go by names in the movie. Seen full frontal skinnydipping. Because he is dark skinned his nudity did not cause a commotion and if it were him alone would have been rated G even though he is a pubescent young man. I saw this on TV when I was younger and his penis was shown without any complaints.

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