Tyne Daly in Adultress, The (1973)
movienudity was written on July 5, 2007

Topless "makeout" scene

Tyne (27 at the time of filming) is seen from the side while a man removes her blouse. We get a medium range shot of her very small breasts, which include tiny dark red areolas and nipples. She seems to be shy as she covers them with her hands as they kiss.

It then cuts to a jerky motion tight shot of the two of them and we get a much clearer view of Tyne's tiny A-cups. After a nonsense shot of some flowers and tree branches, the camera cuts to an even closer shot of them from the side. At this point, we see Tyne's nipples are rather erect. The man grabs them and then they kiss again.

Linda Blair in Red Heat (1985)
movienudity was written on February 20, 2007

Shower Scene

Linda, who was 26 when this movie was filmed, is topless in a straight-on and well-lit shot for about five seconds as she showers amongst a bevy of other nude women.

Dagmar Schwarz in Red Heat (1985)
movienudity was written on February 20, 2007

Full frontal in shower

Dagmar was 37 when this movie was filmed. She bravely goes full frontal in the communal shower scene. As the previous reviewer noted, she has a pear-shaped figure with large saggy breasts and a rather dark thick patch of pubic hair, which we get a clear view of as she walks toward Linda Blair.

Cindy Girling in Julie Darling (1983)
movienudity was written on April 10, 2006


At 12:30 into the movie, Cindy is seen reclining in a bubble bath. After a quick cut, she stands up and proceeds to step out of the tub, at which point we see a side view of her breasts. As a previous review states, they are on the large side with extremely puffy red nipples. A side note is that she placed 3rd in the 1978 Miss Canada pagent!

Gina Gershon in Bound (1996)
movienudity was written on August 15, 2003

Gina and Jennifer's love scene

The camera starts out at a far angle from the bed and begins to pan in slowly on Jennifer and Gina, who are both lying totally nude. We see Jennifer on top of Gina and they are kissing with some vigor. Jennifer then rises a bit and looks to be simulating fingering Gina’s vagina. Gina raises her head off of the bed and kisses Jennifer in approval. The camera then focuses on them kissing for a bit before moving around and panning slowly down their entangled bodies. We get a nice view of Jennifer’s voluptuous ass during this.
When the camera swings around the other side during the non-interrupted pan, we see Gina’s legs wiggling around.

As the camera then pans slowly up their bodies, a clear view is given of Gina’s rock hard abs (with large beads of sweat cascading down her ripples) and Jennifer continuing to finger her (obviously, this is only shown in a simulated manner). As the camera advances further up, we get a shot of both of their breasts and notice that they both have nipple erections (especially Gina). Then we get a close-up of Gina’s face as she is in apparent ecstasy; as she moans, we see that Jennifer has her other hand on Gina’s face. Gina then proceeds to suck and lick on Jennifer’s fingers until she completes her orgasm, after which Jennifer kisses her on the cheek a few times and they share a gentle lip kiss to conclude the scene.

Monica Bellucci in Malèna (2000)
movienudity was written on August 15, 2003

Fantasy scene

The fantasy sequence begins as Monica stands in a white gown in front of the bed. The guy gets off the bed and gets on his knees. He then lifts the gown up to reveal that she is wearing stockings; he looks up at her after rubbing her leg a bit. He rises and stands to face her and we get a great glimpse of Monica’s gorgeous face as the light reflects on it. He then reaches up and pulls the gown down off of her shoulders and we see she is wearing a black bra. In an extremely sexy moment, he reaches up and pulls the bra off of her. As it is removed, a clear shot is shown of Monica’s absolutely incredibly huge breasts; they may be one of the biggest natural sets of any current celeb. He then reaches out and puts his hands right below her breasts and slides them down to her trim waist and finally down enough until we see her bush, which is as hairy as her breasts are big. It’s a huge mass of thick and puffy black hair. I’m a fan of the unshaven bush, so I find this scene very erotic.

Kathy Bates in About Schmidt (2002)
movienudity was written on August 15, 2003

Getting into hot tub

You do have to give 54 year old Kathy a ton of credit for being brave enough to get totally naked in front of an entire movie set. Personally, I respect her very much for having enough confidence to do so.

The scene begins with her taking off a red silk robe, after which we see a pretty decent view of her two large breasts, which are displaying some major sagging. Next up is a full length shot of Kathy walking totally nude into the hot tub. During this shot, we get a decent side view of her huge droopy breasts jiggling, a clear view of her round ass and we can see that she has two large fat rolls around her middle. There are some shots of her in the tub with her breasts visable under the water. Obviously, Kathy is one of the chubbiest and oldest women to get totally naked on film, and I think it's great. She has the body of a normal 50+ woman, and I think she deserves a lot of credit for showing it off, despite knowing there was going to be some negative backlash regarding it.

There is even a view of two fat rolls around her middle as she gets in.

Kerry Fox in Intimacy (2001)
movienudity was written on August 15, 2003

Erection scene

A great movie with explicit sex performed by two accomplished actors who have "real" bodies...

This scene begins with a shot of Kerry taking off a black bra and panties while sitting on the floor; we see her breasts. We then switch to Mark, who is sitting on the floor taking off his jeans; he proceeds to crawl over to Kerry, during which we see a brief glimpse of his dangling penis. They then start to kiss with great passion; at one point Kerry kisses Mark's shoulder and arm in a sexy manner. After this goes on for a few seconds, they fall to the floor with Mark on the bottom. We see Kerry kiss him and then move slightly off and down; as this happens, the camera focuses on Mark's face as his eyes roll back in his head and he begins to breathe loudly. Suddenly, the camera cuts to a shot of Kerry sitting on her knees bewteen Mark's spread legs with a clear view of his penis, which is graphically shown with a full-fledged rock hard erection. More amazingly, Kerry's hand reaches down and rubs the penis for a couple of seconds; this is shown in an extremely graphic manner. As her hand moves up and down on his penis, we also get a very clear view of his testicles being pulled upwards and squeezed by her actions. During this shot, Mark is slightly squeezing his legs together; he then gets up and kisses her. He then pulls her down and they roll around while french kissing with great passion; we get a great view of Kerry's rock hard nipples during this shot. The scene conlcudes with them having what has been said to be very real sexual intercourse.

Gloria Reuben in Indiscreet (1998)
movienudity was written on March 16, 2002

On the beach, love scene with Luke Perry

Gloria Reuben is certainly one beautiful woman, and she reveals all of herself in this movie. The first instance of her sans clothing occurs as she walks along the beach in a robe with Luke Perry watching her from a distance. She proceeds to drop her robe and walk towards the water. We she a full body shot of her from the back and side as this happens. She has a very sleek build and as a previous reviewer writes, a very flat behind. We catch brief glimpses of her medium sized breasts as well. Later on she makes love to Luke Perry in a hot tub and we see her ass as well as her left breast as she presses it against his chest.

Minnie Driver in Mr. Wroe's Virgins (1993)
movienudity was written on August 10, 2001

full frontal disrobing for older man

this is a great scene of 23 year old minnie. she is in a dingy room taking off her robe in front of a much older man with grey hair and a long beard. we see her standing up facing the man and dropping her robe, revealing her entire body. there are a couple of shots of her standing there totally nude. she has medium sized breasts which have just the right amount of sag to them and a very thick black bush. she also has a fuller figure in this movie than what she does now, and i think that she looked better back in this flick.
an excellent full frontal scene of a very cute woman!

Danial Leza in Delta of Venus (1995)
movienudity was written on July 19, 2001

posing nude for art

this is a very attractive man that appears posing nude in front of an art class. the scene is fairly long and we get great views of his fantastic muscular ass. there is no frontal nudity, but as stated before, one shot does show a brief flash of what looks to be huge testicles dangling from between his spread legs as he stands. this is one hot guy!

Denise Richards in Wild Things (1998)
movienudity was written on July 19, 2001


denise goes topless in a threesome scene featuring dillon and campbell. she has fairly large breasts that we get some good glimpses of. the champagne is poured over her breasts as dillon kisses them. check out the earlier scene of denise and neve kissing in the pool!

Kevin Bacon in Wild Things (1998)
movienudity was written on July 19, 2001

shower scene

as stated before, i don't see an erect penis during bacon's nude scene. however, the shower scene does show him totally nude. he has a great body and a beautiful penis. it is shown in all its glory and looks to be pretty big and thick. if only all male stars were as brave!

Tomas Milian in Cat Chaser (1989)
movienudity was written on March 26, 2001

getting into tub late in the movie

this is one of the bravest male full frontal scenes i have ever seen. Tomas is not the sexiest man in the world, but he shows no shame when stripping off his clothing to get into the bathtub. we get a clear well-lit shot at his small penis as he drops his drawers, takes his top off and enters the tub. you have to give him a lot of credit. what makes it a four star in my book is the rare occurence of the "average man" baring all in a movie.

Kathy Bates in At Play in the Fields of the Lord (1991)
movienudity was written on March 26, 2001

dancing covered in mud

in my opinion, this is the bravest female full frontal nude scene i have come across. kathy is covered in mud as she storms out of the house totally nude doing some kind of strange tribal dance. we see her rather large breasts shaking up and down as she dances as well as a brief glimpse of her thick black pubic hair. as she is led back to the house, we get a glorious view of her very large behind (complete with cellulite!) covered in mud. i know that it's not a popular opinion, but i find kathy bates very attractive and she bares it all for her art despite having a less than perfect hollywood body. good for you kathy! i enjoyed the scene very much!

Kay Lenz in Breezy (1973)
movienudity was written on March 26, 2001

hippy chick

kay lenz stars in this early 70's love story for the may-december set. there are a few topless scenes in the movie including her in the shower and later on, a fantastic medium close-up of her awesome very perky and pointy breasts as she makes love to the older gentleman. one of the best set of breasts i've ever seen! the scene is not that long, though, and with no full frontal, i give this scene three stars!

Rachel Griffiths in Among Giants (1998)
movienudity was written on March 26, 2001


she does two nude scenes in the movie and she looks great! the first, she gets out of bed and we see her breasts for a moment as well as her round ass as she dresses. the real treat comes later as she runs around with her man in what appears to be a open building of some kind...the scene lasts a very long time and includes male frontal nudity as well. rachel is totally nude as she turns the corner and she walks toward the camera showing us all. she has large, drooping breasts with large aerolas and nipples, and a very hairy and furry patch of pubic hair. as one of the other reviewers stated, she is a throw-back to the fleshy, curvy natural actresses of the 70's. i like the way she plays this scene. it is obvious that she is proud of her curvy body and she does her best to show it all off. at one point, she raises her arms abover her head which really makes her breasts look great! at the end of the scene she embraces the man under a torrential rain waterfall. one of the best nude scenes ever captured on film.

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