Chelsea Field in Dust Devil (1992)
slavedriver was written on September 4, 2002

Sex scene with the Dust Devil guy

I don't recall there being any nudity, but she appears to be naked beneath the guy while getting banged. Maybe quick tit shot, but I doubt it...

Rena Riffel in Scandalous Behavior (1999)
slavedriver was written on August 28, 2002

Nude throughout...somewhat

We get a few nice close-ups of her perfect tits and ass, and a quick shot of her bush during a shower scene. Her sex scene in this film could have been better if she had taken off her panties. I HATE it when actresses have a sex and leave their panties on. Are we supposed to think that there is a hole in them or something. Come on, help us fantasize, here!!!

Shannon Tweed in Scandalous Behavior (1999)
slavedriver was written on August 28, 2002

Is it live? Or is it "memor-sex"?

It is interesting to note that there are rumors that the sex in this scene was real. You CAN see something going up between her legs during one part where she's riding him (it sure looks like a dick), but even though you think you see it, it's still hard to tell. Personally, I've never thought Shannon was all that good looking, and still don't, but if she's really fucking here then my respect for her has tripled!!!!But yeah, you can see every damn inch of her in this one scene alone (all 2 minutes of it).

Susan George in Straw Dogs (1971)
slavedriver was written on August 28, 2002

Gimme a break!!!!!

You call that RAPE?!?! Okay, here's the REAL story: the first guy that "rapes" her she barely even resists! I guess it's her ex-boyfriend or something, and clearly she still has the hots for him, cuz she doesn't exactly struggle that much when he starts ripping her clothes off. I wouldn't call that forced entry. So we can consider that "rape" just a standard sex scene instead, and as a sex scene it's boring because the guy doesn't even move! Then his buddy comes in all of a sudden, wanting a piece of the action
himself. NOW the girl freaks out and starts screaming (not really struggling), but Guy #1 just holds her down a little bit while Guy #2 rapes her doggystyle (maybe he's supposed to be assfucking her, I don't know). Overall, I wouldn't call this a shocking rape scene or anything, because I think she secretly likes it (wouldn't you if you had to deal with Dustin "Dweeb" Hoffman all day long?

Britney Spears in Crossroads (2002)
slavedriver was written on August 28, 2002

You idiots!

In case you hadn't noticed, this is Celebrity NUDITY database. You don't give stars out based on what you think about the person, but the amount of nudity. Maybe if she was in a wet t-shirt or something, but the skin showed here can be seen in any of her videos, for chrissakes! You gonna list all of them, too?

Hilary Swank in Sometimes They Come Back... Again (1996)
slavedriver was written on August 18, 2002

Stick to reviewing guys, BiBoy......

BiBoy? (I'm gay, no I'm straight, no I'm gay, no I'm straight...AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!) Anyway, where was I?....
You don't even see the very tip top of her ass. Just lower back. Also known as NOTHING!

Carré Otis in Wild Orchid (1990)
slavedriver was written on August 17, 2002

Brief nude throughout, but the final scene's a doozy!!!!

This chick screws like few others, that's for sure. But since you've already read about this crap, I'd like to take a moment to clarify our good friend"Gordon"'s mistake. In Carre Otis's Bio Info, he contradicts himself by saying that she and Mickey Rourke got married while filming this film (which was made in 1990), THEN he says they got married in 1992...????Now, I'm sure Gordon is a smart guy and all, but damn.....that's really fucked up.

Natalie Appleton in Honest (2000)
slavedriver was written on August 13, 2002

And now a dose of reality....

So many people have the tendency to rate the beauty of the girl instead of the quality of the nudity (which is what this site calls for!). I believe that Natalie has just about the nicest rack I have ever seen...unfortunately it's only on display for a couple seconds as she prepares to be banged against the wall. A real shame, because she has the most perfectly symmetrical, round pair of tits. The sex scene is brief as wel, but she does some serious thrashing about, hitting the guy and such...wild, but not great. As far as her ass shot goes, we don't see her entire ass, but she pulls her pants down to just below the top of her ass to show her tattoo.
And that's the final word.

Nicole Appleton in Honest (2000)
slavedriver was written on August 13, 2002

Longer shot, but less action than sis

We see her tits for more total time, but she's lying on her back so they're flattened out a bit. Prior to this we see her topless standing, but it's a somewhat distant shot and brief. Her sex scene is pretty tame, as there doesn't appear to be any sex going on, just the guy kissing her tits and her hardcore or even softcore romping like her sister did.

Judi Bowker in Clash of the Titans (1981)
slavedriver was written on August 12, 2002

Oh, fer chrissakes you morons....

This is textbook body double usage. See her face? Thought not....You boneheads....WAKE UP!!!

Barbara Crampton in Poison (2000)
slavedriver was written on August 11, 2002

So you think it's her, huh?

I knew bootydaddy was a dumbshit, but didn't know the condition was that far progressed....Anyone who doesn't recognize this as an obvious body double needs to put the crack pipe down! Besides the classic "face and body not seen together" symptom, all you have to do is compare the tits shown in Poison to BC's tits in, say, Re-Animator. They don't even look the same! She's getting old and she knows it, so she won't show it.

Melissa Stone in Poison (2000)
slavedriver was written on August 11, 2002

She's supposed to be 17?

Two stars for two briefly shown tits. According to a quote early in the film she's "almost 18", but it's funny because she looks about 25! Yes, nice tits, but my god what a boring fuck. She's laying on the icebox with a stupid smile on her face while she's getting banged, completely mute, looking like she can't wait to get it over with...I hate it when guys do more moaning than the girl....

Saffron Burrows in Deep Blue Sea (1999)
slavedriver was written on August 11, 2002


Why a non-nude scene should get anything beyond one star is a mystery...or even be listed here, for that matter. Sure, she's in her underwear, but you can't even see thru it. I just want to clear this up for rational folks who may mistakenly think there's anything really cock-hardening about it....

Holly Palance in Tuxedo Warrior (1982)
slavedriver was written on June 11, 2002

Now, how about the REAL facts....

In this film we have NOT 2, but 3 scenes total showing some degree of boobs. First scene: she's laying down on a bed, getting eaten out, and there are a couple seconds of close tits. Second scene: lame, brief sex scene where she's on the bottom and there are a couple more seconds of medium distance boobs. Third scene: she's putting on a KIMONO and is topless underneath--very brief boob shot. Overall, not a bad rack, and basically this is the only place to see it.

Linh Dan Pham in Indochine (1992)
slavedriver was written on May 30, 2002


Seen topless in bed and in front of a mirror.

Natalie Portman in Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (2002)
slavedriver was written on May 27, 2002

Come on, you morons!!!!

PLEASE!!!NO MORE reviews of this movie. This is Celebrity NUDITY database, you idiots! Nothing even comes close to nudity in this film, so just DROP IT!!!

Ziyi Zhang in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000)
slavedriver was written on May 27, 2002


Let's not turn this into a chat room, pal. I consider wet t-shirts and a groping scene perfectly suitable for this site. "Clones" doesn't have even that.....comprende?

Jane Adams in Anniversary Party, The (2001)
slavedriver was written on May 27, 2002

We must rate the scene with no bias

Personal feelings should not come into play here. Regardless of whether or not we like big or small tits, the fact of the matter is that her exposure is lengthy and therefore deserving of at least three stars. The quality of the scene is in question, not the quality of the body.

Kerry Fox in Intimacy (2001)
slavedriver was written on May 22, 2002

Now for some clarification...

I JUST NOW finished watching the film, and can answer all of those questions still lingering in your mind from those previous, vague descriptions. The oral scene, which is well into the film, lasts only a few seconds and all we see is Fox putting it in her mouth, but no long-term deep-throating or anything like that. Just a quickie. In the sex scenes you don't actually graphically see his dick going in and out of her, but prior to the first encounter (right at the beginning of the film) you see the guy putting a rubber on himself as they're making out. He doesn't appear to do this at any other time on the film. I guess it's safe to "assume" the sex is real--the all-too-brief blow job is definitely legit--since why bother showing a real boner with a real rubber and not go through with the real deal? The way their bodies fit together also seems to look more real than simulated Hollywood sex.
But yeah, you can see every inch of Kerry.

Kirsten Dunst in Spider-man (2002)
slavedriver was written on May 11, 2002



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