Lisbeth Hummel in Bella e la bestia, La (1977)
slavedriver was written on July 16, 2003

Visions of "La Bete".....

Wow, this movie pays quite an homage to "La Bete" in a couple blatant ways. It's made up of four vignettes (similar to La Bete's original source "Immoral Tales"), but that's not a primary comparison. Lisbeth is in the second "tale", which starts off with her getting banged in a barn surrounded by horses ("La Bete" began with humping horses), and by tale's end she's locked in a cell nude with a bunch of dogs and horses (and their cocks are shown briefly for some reason--like the horses in La Bete. I guess they're horny for her. Who wouldn't be!). Anyway, she's fully nude and hot as hell, but there's nothing here like her scene in La Bete where she's shoving flowers in her pussy. Another comparison follows below...

Brigitte Petronio in Bella e la bestia, La (1977)
slavedriver was written on July 16, 2003

Beauty and La Bete....

Since seeing this petite, sexy blonde in House on the edge of the Park, I had to track down some other stuff because I can't get enough of her. She is of course fully nude (like every other girl in this EXCELLENT skin/bushfest). She appears in the 3rd "tale", but isn't nude until the end of it. She sits in a chair, and first starts caressing her incomparable body. Then--very similar to the chick in La Bete who keeps humping the bedpost--she hops up on the wooden armrest of the chair and starts rubbing her clit on it. Now if that isn't an "homage" I don't know what is. Awesome film, with more nudity than can possibly be listed here.

Lisbeth Hummel in Bella e la bestia, La (1977)
slavedriver was written on July 16, 2003

Ooops, I forgot something....

She's also fully nude in the first vignette, as well. Still no flowers to be seen, but another connexion to La bete is the presence of a black sevant with a huge cock who bones her in this tale. Actually as a sex scene it's pretty boring because they are both motionless and e-motionless. She's doing this in front of her husband (the king?), but I don't know why since I don't know Italian and there are no subtitles. This vignette is also loaded with a bunch of young nude girls who flock around her (servants? Possibly a tip of the hat to the girls in the Bathory vignette from "Immoral Tales"), but no one bathes in blood here. I'm beginning to think that this is a film by the same director using a different name. There are waaayyyy too many similar film techniques here (i.e. eye and mouth close-ups, like in Immoral Tales...)

Marie-Pierre Castel in Requiem for a Vampire (1971)
slavedriver was written on July 15, 2003

Correction from previous

She's not getting it doggy-style, as I erroneously stated (so much for my memory). I probably just wished that she was getting it that way. She's on her back, and the view is only of her face and upper chest. She makes some pretty nice noises as her character gets de-virginized.

Marie-Pierre Castel in Requiem for a Vampire (1971)
slavedriver was written on July 14, 2003

Rollin's 3rd vampire movie is his first foray into some "decent" nudity and sex. This petite blonde has the film's only good "sex" scene, but it's a close-up on her face while the guy is doing her doggy-style. Not bad, but it was his best for th

The lesbianism so highly touted on the dvd box is practically non-existent. It's made up of the the two actresses lying nude on a bed side by side rubbing each others' backs.

Mireille Dargent in Requiem for a Vampire (1971)
slavedriver was written on July 14, 2003

Actually, I take that back......

I just remembered there is a sort of orgy with some ruffians raping some women that are chained up in their castle. I don't have the names of those women yet, so I can't list them. Lots of nudity and sex there, so the girl above does NOT have the only sex scene. She does have the only sex scene of the two main actresses, the second of which I am reviewing now:
Mirielle is the lanky brunette and gets naked for a guy who she is getting chased by. Apparently the girls need to get devirginized before they can become vampires, so they go out and find guys to fuck. Hot body on this one, but I don't believe she's nude as much as Marie.

slavedriver was written on July 13, 2003

Not to brag, but I have seen the UNCUT version, and my life has begun anew......

What can one say about this.????...simply stunning. This is just a penetration away from being criminal. While not the prettiest face I've ever seen, Eva, sure has the (sprouting) goods. Her body is still evolving obviously, but nice, though not yet "shapely" or "womanly". The simu-sex scenes are understandably a bit clumsy, because she probably doesn't know what she's doing. Let's hope not, anyway. But when she actually pushes the boy's head down into her crotch.......jeeezus.......

Alexandra Pic in Two Orphan Vampires (1997)
slavedriver was written on July 8, 2003

Brief topless after having her shirt unbuttoned and removed by her topless co-star

Really pretty girl. Shame the skin is so fleeting.
It's hard to believe that this was the same director who did my much-beloved skinfest "Bacchanales Sexuelles", because the listings here are the only nudity in the film. No sex, either. Just bad.

Isabelle Teboul in Two Orphan Vampires (1997)
slavedriver was written on July 8, 2003

Brief topless, and brief distant full-frontal at night

Full frontal shot seen from an old guy's window, but it's so damn distant you can barely make out anything other than her large black bush. She is also topless a little longer than Alexandra. Again, another hardbody wasted in a movie which could have benefitted from some good ol' classic Jean Rollin lesbianism. Goddamn that pisses me off...Waste of $$

slavedriver was written on July 6, 2003

Satanic (geriatric) human altars....dear GOD! I would have hoped that for a documentary on his religion LaVey might have picked at least ONE sexy girl for propaganda's sake!! Read on and learn the LAW

I must break my own personal rules on this one. Yes, I know, they are not celebrities; BUT it is a dvd some may be interested in buying for perceived sexual content/nudity, so consider this a public service review. (And I liked creating the listing. HA! Well, why not? bushleague can have his stupid "Various actors" crap....)
Overall, great documentary about Anton LaVey and Satanism. Includes some scenes of rituals featuring the nude female "altars". UNFORTUNATELY, the 2 or 3 different women shown in that esteemed position through the film are all at least middle aged: sagging tits, bulbous belly. One of them admits to being 53! Nothing even remotely young looking here, and rather hideous, so--even though typically I would rate this 3 stars for the nudity content (nude but no bush)--I am compelled to let my own personal feelings of disgust regarding the source of the nudity affect my decision-making. It's THAT bad....Unless you're into banging grandmas for their social security checks, then you'll be alright.
And the women seem like such trailer trash in their interviews, too, which is surprising. Hardly "high society", but LaVey was a master at presenting an illusory image.
yankee rose

slavedriver was written on June 30, 2003

Where did it say "explicitly" that the comment was directed at any one reviewer? Nowhere I could find....

What's really and truly detrimental to this site is the absorbtion of space by redundant reviews.
The comments by g-a-l-b are legit. Too many are in it for themselves, and are after some sort of dubious "glory" by making the list, at the expense of free space on this website. That is too dear a price to pay for someone who just needs to get in his 2 cents worth without adding anything new. Porn movies or playboy/hustler/penthouse movies should not be listed, since those people are not really celebrities and frankly don't amount to much. That's almost an entirely different arena.
Tips for reviewers: If there are more than 5 reviews for any actress, then do not add to the list, unless something really really important has been left out by the ones listed.
Try your best to find something that is not listed here, and break new ground by being the first to list a legitimate motion picture. That's more respectable than just being number one because you added to what's already here.
I don't know what johnnysmokes, but it sure does keep the mind clear of common sense.

Sherrie Rose in Devil in the Flesh (1998)
slavedriver was written on June 17, 2003

Disregard the previous review. Those of Bi disposition are naturally confused anyway. Jeeezus, just pick a road and stay on it!!!

Anyway, Sherri is seen 2 times. For the first sex scene she is wearing all but little pink panties,
and going at it on top for all she's worth. I could swear that there is a super-quick moment where you can see her dark strip through a gap in the side of her panties at the beginning of the scene, right after she rolls over on top of him.
Could be a shadow, though. She is again topless and similarly clad later on in her husband's dream. He is sleeping and she walks over to bed (it is dark), gets on top of him and starts making out, they roll around, then he looks and its Rose. Just a dream, though. Overall, she's got a hot slender body, but I don't recall seeing ever her ass in this. So two stars for the great tit shots.

Kirstin Pierce in Burning Desires (2002)
slavedriver was written on June 17, 2003



Greta Schmidt in Eugenie de Sade (1974)
slavedriver was written on June 14, 2003

Everything but the ass....

This hot girl is seen mostly topless changing clothes, then with an open shirt and bottomless frontal lying on the couch as Eugenie begins rubbing her tits (in extreme close-up). No real lesbianism beyond that as she gets killed soon after by Eugenie and the guy she's with. No views of her ass, so 3 stars. She's a skinny hippie girl with small tits, and blonde, so the film can appeal to brunette fans (Soledad) and blondes (Greta), although the latter's role in the film is brief.
I realized what bothers me about this film: the story can go for long stretches without any nudity, which I find unusual considering the genre and director. The other Eugenie title is by far superior to this film on the skin scale.

Soledad Miranda in Eugenie de Sade (1974)
slavedriver was written on June 10, 2003

Typical Jess Franco fare....

The second Franco film bearing the name Eugenie is definitely the lesser of the two cinematically, but arguably the better of the two in that it has Soledad Miranda, baring everything as Jess likes it! She is definitely quite the stunning firecracker but, even with the copious nudity from her and others, I was left feeling like there could have been more--or should have been, considering Franco's style. There are no real stand out scenes to speak as far as the nudity goes--certainly no "sex scenes" worth anything--but she's a beautiful lady with a massive bush. Too bad she's dead....

Chyler Leigh in Not Another Teen Movie (2001)
slavedriver was written on June 4, 2003

HAHAHAHA! You dumbasses!!!

"I see a pussy! No wait, it's her buttcheek!" Actually it's a fuckin' >MAN doing the stunt, boneheads!
Just take a good long paused look at that scene and tell me that the musculature on that stunt double isn't somewhat man-like? The size of the arms alone tell me that much. So this is a review more appropriately given by the homos estrogen-charged types here.

Sandra Julien in I am a Nymphomaniac (1972)
slavedriver was written on May 27, 2003


Another 70s French softcore film. Sandra bares all like a good little French girl. She plays a virginal girl who gets banged on the head real hard, and when she wakes up she wants to fuck everybody. Excellent for full frontals, but the "sex scenes" are rather tame (yet typical for that time period; the good sex scenes were just a few years away...). Nothing much happens but light kissing and mild caressing. However, she does have a really good masturbation scene, though her bush is covered by crossed legs. You can see her hand wiggling around, though. She routinely rips off her clothes for everyone she meets.

Amy Jo Johnson in Pursuit of Happiness (2001)
slavedriver was written on May 26, 2003

Not hardly

Even with zoom her nips are difficult to discern. And she is certainly NOT sounding or acting orgasmic, but actually she is pretty quiet as she slowly rides the guy in this brief scene. She's actually laughing a little while doing it. It's apparent that she has a nice medium-sized rack, but dimness, distance, and short duration (not to mention arm-blockage) makes it almost impossible to see the goods fully.

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