Maud Buquet in Deep in the Woods (2000)
slavedriver was written on June 23, 2004

Full frontal--no ass--coming out of a shower.

I'm really hesitant about giving this full frontal three stars because their is so much thick steam in the room after she's finished her shower that visibility is low. It would get 3 stars even if the visibility was good simply because there is no ass shot to complete the view. I'm not sure I'd want to see her ass though because her thighs are pretty thunderous.

Rebecca Smart in Coca-Cola Kid, The (1985)
slavedriver was written on June 22, 2004

She's in the shower getting scrubbed down and hair washed by her mother. She's full frontal for a sec then turns sideways and the camera moves in close on the scene so you only see her from the waist up for the majority of the scene. Which is ni

No ass shots, so 3 stars. The scene is a bit steamy, as in literal bath steam floating everywhere, but fairly long as scenes go.

Jennifer MacDonald in Campfire Tales (1997)
slavedriver was written on June 14, 2004

Post-coital and coital

There is a brief glimpse of her tits early in the story where they are lying on the floor of the camper after having had sex (unseen by the viewer). She moves and her boobs are briefly seen.
A few minutes later they are screwing again: She's bent over with her hands on a window of the camper and he's slowly grinding behind her (they are simply going at it doggy style, not necessarily anal as implied by a review of Ron above). Much longer boob viewtime here, but mostly side view of her left one.

Nandita Das in Fire (1996)
slavedriver was written on June 2, 2004

Making out with older chick at about the 90 minute mark, just before they are caught, you get a few seconds of this Persian hottie's perfect right boob while she's on the bed. You don't see her face (a little bit of chin), but there's no reason

No lesbian sex, nudity not worth a rat's left nut...why this film was "banned" in India is beyond me. Maybe it was banned because they wanted to see more sex and skin and didn't get it.

Lara Wendel in Desideria: La vita interiore (1980)
slavedriver was written on May 28, 2004

UPDATE: Body double usage

I am now convinced that a body double was used on a couple occasions. In the sex scene, where you see the guy pounding away on her, you never see her face as it's strangely always turned away from the camera. They do have close-up reaction shots of her during it, but you don't see the guy. Something's just not right with how intentionally the face is constantly turned away.
Second, during her mother's dream sequence where Lara is allegedly walking nude to the bedroom with the intention of stabbing her, you never see Lara's face, and the tits are clearly not hers. THAT is definitely a body double for some stupid reason.

Laura Gemser in Emanuelle the Queen (1983)
slavedriver was written on May 4, 2004

At least there's sex in this one, as opposed to "Emanuelle in America'

Frequent and complete nudity, and some pretty hot sex scenes as well. This film is also called "Emanuelle, Queen of Sados" (uncut, the version I saw) and "Emanuelle's Daughter" (cut version, but I don't know what's been trimmed. Probably Livia's scenes).

Livia Russo in Emanuelle the Queen (1983)
slavedriver was written on May 3, 2004


Having just seen this, I must say that this chick simply canNOT be older than 14 judging by her underdevelopment upstairs. These aren't just your typical "small tits", these are most definitely "still growing" tits. And her bush is clearly still in the development stages as well. So if that bothers you, definitely do NOT watch this film.
The best scenes of hers for nudity are the shower scene about 15 minutes in, and the "rape" scene somewhere around an hour in. Pretty amazing stuff.

Lara Wendel in Desideria: La vita interiore (1980)
slavedriver was written on April 2, 2004

WARNING so Faceman doesn't freak out: She's about 15 in this film.A few scenes throughout. Mostly great views of those awesome boobs, a shot of ass through pantyhose, and brief bush

She's looking good here. A little "bigger" than in Maladolescenza, so to speak. Even a sex scene where she's more or less raped, but doesn't put up a struggle. The guy just yanks her pants off and keeps her shirt buttoned for some reason.
Thank the gods for Italian cinema....

Mariangela Melato in Attenti al buffone (1975)
slavedriver was written on March 24, 2004

What the....? ONly minutes before her proper nude scene there is a scene where she is plainly using a body double (no head shown).

At about 1 hour in, she disrobes in front of a guy in bed, seen from a distance and you can kinda make out her ass. She climbs on top of him (on top of the sheets) and just lays there talking until she raises herself up on her hands and we can see her large tits dangling down for a few moments, first in a mirror reflection, then partially from the side. Nothing otherwise. No sex, no nothing.

Lara Wendel in Husbands and Lovers (1991)
slavedriver was written on March 21, 2004

Lara has definitely learned to screw a bit better since Maladolescenza!

She still has the same perfect tits as she did way back then. Unfortunately, that's ALL she shows us as she basically erotically attacks Julian Sands and proceeds to hump on him from on top. Fairly brief scene, but good audio effects from Lara.

Natja Brunckhorst in Christiane F (1981)
slavedriver was written on February 15, 2004

Pre-sex stripping

She's about to have sex for the first time with her boyfriend, and we see her in the bedroom from behind taking off her clothes. It's from a bit of a distance, and all you can see is her small ass. When she turns to hop in the bed you should be able to see some tit but I couldn't even with zoom. Her boobs are small but I should've been able to see at least something!! During the sex scene she's pretty much under him the whole time and I couldn't see a damn thing. Nice ass though.

Ludivine Sagnier in Swimming Pool (2003)
slavedriver was written on January 13, 2004

The final word: Her scenes rate a very strong 3 stars. Not 4 due to lack of 'decent' bush or ass shots.

UNRATED VERSION: She's not nude throughout the whole film, but she has quite a few topless scenes. You only see her ass a couple very brief times, and her bush even more briefly and in darkness (climbing out of the pool and then pummeling the guy with the rock), so that hardly counts. She does have a sex scene where she's nude and sitting on a guy, but you can't see anything because her arms are pretty well covering her boobs. She also has a nice scene where she's giving a guy a blow job (simulated) while he's sitting on the edge of the pool and she's in the water in front of him with her face buried in his crotch.
She's definitely the HOTTEST girl to come down the pike in I don't know how long....

Kathy Hill in Blind Date (1984)
slavedriver was written on December 24, 2003

Strips, screws her husband, then murdered

She shows her rather nice rack for a couple seconds after disrobing (maybe taking a shower-I don't recall), then briefly being attacked in bed by the killer. Shows nothing during boring sex scene.

Lana Clarkson in Blind Date (1984)
slavedriver was written on December 24, 2003

Sleeping nude, being spied on by the blind guy

Her scene is more accurately a 1 star, since we only briefly see her boobs in the dark moonlit bedroom as she's sleeping. When she gets into bed, though, she is nude and gets quickly under the sheets, possibly revealing bush if you turn up the brightness. I didn't see any evidence of panties on her.

Isild Le Besco in Sade (2000)
slavedriver was written on December 15, 2003

Full frontal, but VERY brief. No ass.

Before Sade makes another guy devirginize her, he opens her dress and exposes her large tits and hairy Euro bush for a couple seconds as she's lying on her back. Then close up side view of "a" bush as he wipes his finger there to check for wetness, but may be a body double for that shot since there's no face, and the hair looks different than in the bush shot we see of her earlier. There's better bush-less nudity from her in "Girls Can't Swim", and better sex.

Isild Le Besco in Girls Can't Swim (2000)
slavedriver was written on December 15, 2003

Mostly tits, but brief ass. No bush. I really wanted to give this three stars, but I just can't bring myself to do it due to the brevity of nudity. 2 1/2 for sure.

Though not drop-dead gorgeous, she's definitely better looking than that godawfully ugly red-head Karen Alyx. Very brief full-rearal stripping and getting into the shower in the beginning, a few seconds of topless stripping on the beach and frolicking in the sea with aforementioned ugly redhead. Lastly, very brief & dark side view of left tit when she's topless riding a guy later on. Not a bad sex scene, either. She has a couple sex scenes earlier on where you can't see anything as she's under some guy, for those who care about details.

Zara Whites in Così fan tutte (1992)
slavedriver was written on December 8, 2003

Uncredited as Aunt Emma

Zara is seen only in a 16mm film projection as Claudia's Aunt. Claudia watches as she's getting it on with some guy, though it's pretty brief and you can't see any explicit penetration.

Vera Fischer in Love Strange Love (1982)
slavedriver was written on December 5, 2003

Addendum to previous reviews

In the uncut 120 minute version, she doesn't actually have a "sex" scene with the kid. They are just naked on a bed, but she is leaning back against the wall and the kid is kissing her all over. He never gets on top of her or vice versa. The only "sex" scene he has is in a dream where he's between an unknown girl's legs and pounding as best a 12 year old can, I s'pose. The Xuxa scene shows her wriggling on top of him, but they are never skin to skin.

Paris Hilton in 1 Night in Paris (2004)
slavedriver was written on November 22, 2003

3 minute sampler: "Everything's so GREEN!" (name the source of that quote for a no-prize) She's on night vision infrared or something and you can't see any real detail. Unbelievable....

Sure, she's standing there giving a nice full frontal for a couple seconds, but her body looks like a mannequin. You can't really make out her nips, and if she has any hair "down there" (doubtful) you can't tell anyway.
That's life....
The content is pretty good, though. Recording quality sucks. Couldn't they just have a light on?

Lynn Marie Sager in End of Days (1999)
slavedriver was written on November 22, 2003

Brief tits during sex-morph with daughter

You actually can clearly see her tits under Satan's body right before her face merges with her daughter's. I didn't think you could until I got the dvd and saw them. It's extremely brief though.

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