Maggie Grace in Californication (2007)
snowdog was written on January 20, 2013

Slight breast, Butt

In episode 2 of season 6, Maggie enters into Hank's room in a semi-transparent top. As she lays on top of Hank and leans over him, her right breast becomes visible when her top hangs down.

Towards the end of the third episode, Maggie is at a pool part with Hank. She walks away from him towards the pool and lifts her dress over her head before diving into the pool. She is shown from behind, but you see her face when she turns her head slightly to talk to Hank, so it is definitely her. the shot is full body from behind and last a few seconds. She has a fantastic body and looks great.

Becky Ann Baker in Girls (2012)
snowdog was written on June 22, 2012


In episode 6 of season 1, Becky Ann is shown in the shower having sex with Peter Scolari. After Scolari falls out of the shower, we get good shot of her large breasts as she exits the shower to tend to him. Great scene if you like older women with good racks.

Peter Scolari in Girls (2012)
snowdog was written on June 22, 2012


In the episode "The Return" (S1:E6), Scolari is shown fully nude after passing out on the bathroom floor. While being tended to by his wife and daughter, there is a clear shot of his penis for a decently long time as he is lying on his back and Lena Dunham tries to cover him with a towel. After getting up, we see his butt as he stumbles out of the bathroom. He is in his late fifties in the scene.

Callie Thorne in Californication (2007)
snowdog was written on May 29, 2011

Topless getting dressed

About 16 minutes into the episode "Lights, Camera, A**hole," the beautiful Thorne (recognizable costar from shows like the WIre, Burn Notice, and Rescue Me) is seen topless. There are a couple of fleeting shots of her breasts while she is in bed with David Duchovny before she goes into the bathroom. While she is in there, her daughter (Addison Timlim) visits Duchovny, and Thorne comes back into the room with one breast hanging out of her open shirt before she sees her daughter and quickly covers up. Timlim leaves and Thorne takes off the shirt she is wearing and puts on another one while arguing with Duchovny. While getting dressed, we get an excellent medium shot of fully topless (partially from the side, but both breasts are visible), followed by a great side of her left breast as she stretches putting on a shirt. She is a very attractive over 40 woman, and she has a great chest.

Addison Timlin in Californication (2007)
snowdog was written on January 9, 2011


In the Season 4 (2011) premiere "Exile on Main Street," the extremely cute Addison has two topless scenes. In the first scene, she is meeting with movie execs to discuss an upcoming role and claims to have great breasts when she discusses her willingness to do a nude scene. She proves this by lifting her shirt. The shot is obscured somewhat by her necklaces, but she clearly has a fantastic figure (this scene is probably only two stars by itself). Towards the end of the episode, she is making love to David Duchovny in a scene that is basically a re-creation of Madeline Zima's topless scene from earlier in the series. Addison is on top of David and we get several shots of her fantastic breasts. Because of the length of the scene, the distance and lighting of the shots, and how great Addison looks, this is easily a four star scene.

Joanne King in Tudors, The (2007)
snowdog was written on April 21, 2010


Cute actress who place Lady Rochford on the Tudors is shown topless while lying on her back in bed with Torrance Coombs. The scene occurs about 40 minutes into the second episode of the fourth season. It is a decent length scene from shot from a medium distance, but it only gets two stars as she is lying on her back the whole scene and you don't really get a great look at her breasts.

Carey Mulligan in When Did You Last See Your Father? (2007)
snowdog was written on February 12, 2010

Brief Topless

The very cute Academy Award nominated (2010 Best actress nominee for "The Education")actress enters a guys bedroom wearing a semi-sheer blue nightgown that partially reveals her breasts. She proceeds to pull the nightgown off over her head, and briefly shows both lovely breasts as she does so. She has longer blond curlyish hair in this, but she still looks great.

Eva Amurri Martino in Californication (2007)
snowdog was written on October 11, 2009


At the beginning of the 3rd episode of season 3 (verities and balderdash), Susan Sarandon's daughter shows her perfect breasts. She is dancing in a strip club for David Duchovny (she is playing a student of his), and we get a fantastic straight on view of her boobs as she removes her top. She moves around seductively for a short while, and we also see a bit of the to p of her buns.

Kelly Huddleston in Dexter (2006)
snowdog was written on October 11, 2009

Topless being killed

In the first episode of season 4, the attractive Kelly is briefly shown topless while as she is being killed by John Lithgow. In the scene, she is in a bathtub with Lithgow underneath her (her back against his chest). We get a few decent shot of her breasts prior to Lithgow cutting an artery and watching her face as she dies via a mirror.

Judy Reyes in Jack and His Friends (1992)
snowdog was written on April 9, 2008

Fully nude

Nurse Carla Espinoza of "Scrubs" is shown fully nude in two scenes. At 4 minutes, Judy is shown lying in the road naked as she lures Allen Garfield out of his car. She is lying on her side and it is fairly dark, but you get a good look at her breasts and bush. After she gets up and runs off to grab her clothes, you get a decent shot of her butt. There are a couple of fleeting shots of her breasts in after she gets in the car and gets dressed.

At the 30 minute mark, she removes he robe as she is talking to Garfield (who is sitting in bathtub with a gone to her head). She then takes off her bra to give a great shot of her breasts in a medium distance well lit shot. The camera cuts away briefly, but comes back as she removes her panties. There are a few bush shots, but her arm gets in the way a bit. There is a good shot of her from the side as she gets in the tub, and the tops of her breasts can be seen intermittently above the bubbles as she sits in the tub.

Martin Freeman in Nightwatching (2007)
snowdog was written on February 5, 2008

Butt and penis

The star of the original Office plays Rembrandt and is surprisingly naked. In Bed with Jodhi May, he begins to wrestle with her while nude. There is a brief frontal shot followed his bare behind with his full package visible hanging between his legs. He then sits on top of of May with his penis visible from the side.

Jodhi May in Nightwatching (2007)
snowdog was written on February 5, 2008

Breasts and dark lower frontal

The Last of the Mohicans star is nude in two scenes. In one, she is lying nude in bed with Martin Freeman and her lower frontal can be seen as she lies on her side and adjusts her position, but the lighting is not great and the shot is pretty shadowy. As she steals a piece of paper from Freeman, her hanging breasts can be seen as well as a slightly better lower frontal shot (but still not great) as she wrestles with him. After he pins her and sits on top of her, her left breast can be see from the side as she lies on her back. In a different scene, she is shown topless (mostly her left breast from the side) as she removes her top and wraps herself in a blanket provide by Freeman.

Catalina Sandino Moreno in The Hottest State (2006)
snowdog was written on February 5, 2008

Full frontal behind see through curtain

The absolutely beautiful academy award nominated star of Maria Full of Grace is shown undressing behind a see through curtain (almost like a mosquito net) before getting into bed with a guy. She lowers her dress first revealing gorgeous breasts followed by a full frontal (still behind the curtain but pretty clearly visible)shot before she gets into the bed. Later, there is a good shot of her breasts as she lies on her back and the guy gets out of the bed. There also some shots of her breast while she is making love.

Daniel Day-Lewis in Stars and Bars (1988)
snowdog was written on September 17, 1999


He does have an odd looking butt!! You also get to see his penis just before he runs out in the rain when he is throwing something through the window in order to get outside.

Kevin Costner in For Love of the Game (1999)
snowdog was written on September 16, 1999

Full Frontal

Kevin Lets it all Hang out in A shower scene. This scene was reportedly cut from the final version to ensure a pg-13. However it definitely was in the test screening. Supposedly it will be in the director's cut when it is released on video.

Susan Clark in Night Moves (1975)
snowdog was written on September 15, 1999


Decent view of the mom from webster topless in open robe while she is sitting up in bed talking.

Julie Christie in Railway Station Man, The (1992)
snowdog was written on September 15, 1999


Julies buns are on display as she strips down and runs naked into the ocean, she was in her late forties and looked great!

Embeth Davidtz in Gingerbread Man, The (1998)
snowdog was written on September 15, 1999

Full frontal

She has a few nude scenes in this movie, but the best is her angrily stripping while yelling at branagh. she is very obscured by a bead curtain. you get a better view when branagh moves the curtain, but then he gets in the way a little. there are other shots of her naked later, but the camera rarely focuses on her naughty bits.

Alison Doody in Taffin (1988)
snowdog was written on September 15, 1999

very brief topless

Elsa from Indiana Jones 3 is very briefly topless. Don't see much and its very quick

Shelley Duvall in Thieves Like Us (1974)
snowdog was written on September 15, 1999


Shelly is getting out of the bath nude and we see a side view naked, you might be able to see everything. then there is a good buns shot after that. great movie. don't watch it for this.

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