Tirante el Blanco's Sexy Actresses

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Asher, Jane 1 Review

Tirante el Blanco's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Mitchell, Sid 1 Review

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Jane Asher
boggleeyes was written on July 1, 2010

Seducing a young soldier

A movie made in Spanish and English so very strange to watch in either. Released in 2006 so probably filmed in 2005 or even 2004, so Jane would be 59 or 58. Still, she is surrounded by pretty young things in the movie (so worth watching) but she can hold her own. Nudity probably deserves only 2 stars partly because of Jane's age and there's no bush, but heck, it Jane Asher! Nudity comes at 1:28. She is naked and kissing her way up a sleeping, naked young man's body. He's not disappointed when he opens his eyes. Jane gets up and walks across the room showing her arse, then she gets to a table and turns sideways giving our first glimpse of right tit. She takes a neck chain from the box and turns back briefly showing both tits, but the camera angle changes. Doh! She is now back at the bed and we see her side on. As she fastens the chain around the young man's neck we see her right tit again and it's not bad; a fair size and yes it's not so firm, has a large areola. For her age she's still got good skin and is still good looking and sexy.

Sid Mitchell
spankaddict was written on March 13, 2010

Has sex with the queen, and almost gets caught

This is a great scene. The movie is kind of no so good, but the beautiful body of Sid Mitchell playing Hipolito saves the day. There is much more nudity from several female actress and a the main male actor, but Sid Mitchell is definitely the best.

I have it the Maximum four stars, because eh is shown fully nude (no penus shot, at least not clear) The frontal shot is very artistic and beautiful, we get a clear view of his butt in different angles, while he is getting up from bed and run to hid. There is a climpse of his balls.


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