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2003 Who Killed Bambi? 1 Review

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Who Killed Bambi? (2003)
BigH was written on February 24, 2006

a nipple slip early followed by a full body pan to the top of pubes and some ensuing full nudity

The title character just before 26:00 she is lying in bed with her boyfriend
and you can barely see her left niple under her open top. At 1:41:00 we have
some quality nudity starting with a closeup of her breasts it pans down her body
until reaching the top of her pubes then spinning around for symobilism of a necklace left
on her body, we then see her wake up and her breasts pointing skyward looking
up her body to her face. The camera then switches out to behind her looking
down her body reflected in a mirror pubic hair and breasts again, and a
better look at her breasts when she sits up.

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