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Skins' Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Scodelario, Kaya 1 Review
Pearson, April 2 Reviews
Murray, Hannah 1 Review
Morris, Siwan 2 Reviews
Montgomery, Janet 1 Review
Barry, Cathy 1 Review
Allisstone, Naomi 2 Reviews

Skins' Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Wallers, Tim 1 Review
Patel, Dev 3 Reviews
Pasqualino, Luke 1 Review
O'Hanlon, Ardal 1 Review
O'Connell, Jack 1 Review
Lukeba, Merveille 1 Review
Jones, Adam 1 Review
Hoult, Nicholas 1 Review
Hewer, Mitch 1 Review
Dempsie, Joseph 6 Reviews
Ben Zenou, Daniel 1 Review
Bailey, Mike 2 Reviews

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Kaya Scodelario
Ghostwords was written on September 19, 2012

Various episodes

As Effy, Ms Scodelario was the only series regular to survive into the third season of this popular British drama. Although not quite as generous as some of her co-stars, there are a few episodes of interest.

S3 Ep.7: Effy gets out of bed, and we see the side of her right breast as she grabs a sheet to wrap around herself.

S4 Ep.5: Effy takes a bath, but holds her knees up against her chest, blocking our view of her upper torso.

S4 Ep.7: Effy gets hot and heavy with a guy, and her top comes off to reveal a well-filled black bra.

Ms Scodelario features alongside Dakota Fanning in the new movie Now Is Good, so hopefully we'll see much more of her in the near future.

April Pearson
Ghostwords was written on March 12, 2007

Episode 7: Briefest of glimpses

On the rebound from her cheating boyfriend, Michelle (April Pearson) ends up in bed with the son of her friend Cassie's analyst. She gets out of bed and we see her bare back, plus the very edge of her right breast. She's such a pretty girl with a really nice figure that even that earns two stars. Sadly, looks as though the young ladies in this series are keeping their clothes on.

McLovin was written on August 27, 2007

Slight Nipple shot

The hottest girl in skins gets out of bed in episide 7 to get dressed. As she gets up you can see the side of her boob and can see her nipple a couple of times. Good scene!

Hannah Murray
georgelloyd1 was written on July 16, 2013

Still pure

Cassie, the cute if bonkers blonde from the first two seasons, turns up in the seventh with a two-parter entitled 'Pure'. Around seventeen minutes into the first half, we see her having noisy sex with a co-worker, but she's all in shadow and both breasts are kept out of frame when Cassie sits up on his bed. She then puts on her bra with her back to camera, but we don't even get (right) side boob.

Twenty minutes later, we see a couple of online photos showing Cassie in her pink bra and panties. In the next scene, she removes her top and stands in joggers and black bra, knowing her stalker is probably watching.

Skins used to be known for pushing the boundaries for tv nudity, but I recall this actress always stayed squeaky. I hear she's on Game of Thrones nowadays; I wonder if she'll manage to keep up the Julie Andrews act on that show.

Siwan Morris
Sexdemonno1 was written on February 20, 2008

Easily the sexiest woman in Skins!

Great long full-length shots of her hot little body as you see her big tits and sexy round ass. Would love to see more of her naked in other things but I think this is the only thing she's been naked in which is a shame. Easily more sexy then the tedious teen girls in this series. Shame she doesn't seem to be in series 2...

Superb welsh totty!

Ghostwords was written on January 31, 2007


Plays Angie, a college tutor. In the second episode (first broadcast 1 Feb 2007), she steps out of a staff shower and we get a full frontal view. She then turns and pulls up her knickers, unknowingly observed by one of her pupils. She's no sooner spotted him and covered her breasts than two other boys rush in. After she's ordered them out, she takes a long look at her breasts, quietly chuffed that she's "still got it". Medium, natural breasts; dark bush.

Janet Montgomery
Ghostwords was written on March 18, 2008

Episode 2.6

Plays a mysterious woman who may actually only exist in Tony (Nicholas Hoult)'s imagination. After a short scene in which she is tattooed (brief glimpses of both breasts as she shifts), she and Hoult strip and have sex. Plenty of shots of her medium-sized breasts, pert bottom and the two of them taking turns to go on top. Very cute.

Cathy Barry
Ghostwords was written on December 2, 2007

"Unseen Skins": "To Russia With Love"

One of a series of online vignettes run in parallel with the first season, "To Russia With Love..." features porn star Cathy Barry as herself. After she picks up one of the male regulars, we cut to the following morning, when her huge breasts are on display in bed. Personally, I don't find them erotic, but the number of films she's appeared in indicates some do.

Naomi Allisstone
Sexdemonno1 was written on February 20, 2008

WRONG! Naomi is Margeritte the neighbour!

Dumpiedong has the wrong woman. Naomi is actually the naked neighbour Tony pervs at through his window in episode 1.1. She's nude twice in the episode. Right at the beginning she stands topless for quite a long time. Then she's nude at the end where you see her full frontal as she talks to her boring husband and you see her lovely sexy round ass too. Great nudity and a damn shame she's not in series 1 again. So far hasn't been in series 2 yet either...

dumpiedong was written on March 9, 2007

Part 2 Cassie poseing on her side laying on a couch

Cassie's mum posing for her artist husband laying on her side on a couch you see her left tit clearly her right nipple is slightly obscured by a pillow you get a look at her bush trimmed landing strip style I gave this three as it makes a change to see a normal looking middle age body naked

Tim Wallers
Ozzie700 was written on April 5, 2008

Butt; 2x8

In episode, middle-aged Tim is seen getting in the hot tub with a woman. He's a bit fleshy, but his rear looks OK.

Dev Patel
McLovin was written on August 27, 2007

See through curtain

After he gets walked in on by his family he places a see through curtain over his cock to hide it and doesnt do a great job! You can see his large cock through the curtains which kind of contradicts what his family say!

Ozzie700 was written on March 13, 2008

Ass; episode 4 season 2

Anwar and most of the other characters are on a trip and out of their station wagon. Anwar goes completely naked, giving viewers a look at his scrawny (good description) rear end.

Ghostwords was written on March 22, 2007

Episode 9

Early in episode 9 (the last of the first series), Dev Patel - as Anwar - gets out of bed and walks towards the window, giving us a full view of his body from the rear (he's quite thin, with buttocks some might regard as scrawny). Suddenly, the door opens and his screen mother walks in, together with three young girls. He turns, using his left hand to hold the edge of a curtain over his genitals. The group finally exits, with the young girls making disparaging hand gestures about the size of his penis (maybe they saw more than us). Interesting that most of the young guys in this series either appeared partially nude or in their underwear, but female nudity was confined to the older members of the cast (that said, Siwan Morris is only 30, and a cracker).

Luke Pasqualino
Ozzie700 was written on February 27, 2010

Rear; episode: Freddie

Luke has a very tight, toned body, and spends most of this episode going around in his baggy boxers, but the brief hint of nudity, as he lays on the bed, is darkly lit and from a distance.

Ardal O'Hanlon
Ozzie700 was written on February 26, 2009

Caught out; episode: Naomi

Adral, most famous for his roles in My Hero and Father Ted, plays a teacher Naomi fancies. That dream is ended when she catches him in bed with someone else. Adral hurries after her to the front door, trying to explain. He's completely naked, his somewhat flabby chest on display as he covers his crotch with his hands. There are a few fleeting glimpses of his small buttocks.

Jack O'Connell
Ozzie700 was written on February 26, 2009

Pants dropping; Episode: Everyone

Dark-haired Jack has the type of face where you know the characters he plays will be up to mischief. Jack, who is about 19 although he looks a bit younger, plays bad boy Cook beginning in the third series of Skins. In the first episode of that season, the teens are at a school assembly and he tells a girl about the tattoo he has on his penis. She tells the teacher, and the teacher, not knowing the body part he mentioned, demands he show this tattoo. He drops his pants and scandalizes the teacher and other school personnel, in a very over the top scene. Viewers only get to see his bum, which, in spite of being marred by a presumably fake tattoo in the shape of two large hands, is very shapely.

Merveille Lukeba
Ozzie700 was written on January 28, 2010

Buns; episode: Thomas

In the first episode of series four, tall, leanly muscular Merveille has sex with a girl in a supply closet at the hospital. When he pulls down his jeans and boxers, you can see most of his brown bubble butt.

Adam Jones
Ozzie700 was written on February 26, 2009

Nude at table; episode: Naomi

Naomi's mother lives in what amounts to a commune, and one of the men at the commune is bald, well-built Adam, who sits down at the table wearing nothing but earphones and a radio attached to his waist. He has a really nice ass.

Nicholas Hoult
Ozzie700 was written on March 17, 2008

Sex scene

In season 2, episode 6, disturbed Tony has sex with a mystery woman who helps give him more purpose in life. You can see some good glimpses of his round, pert buttocks and smooth body as he has sex with her in a variety of positions.

Mitch Hewer
Ozzie700 was written on February 19, 2008

Ass; episode: "Sketch"

In the second episode of the second series, blonde, waifish Maxxie (not realizing some girl is hiding under his bed) strips naked and gets into bed. We get to see his butt, which is just perfect. The next morning, he gets out of bed and slips his underpants back on, giving another brief glimpse of his cheeks.

Joseph Dempsie
Olhado was written on May 2, 2008

Brief frontal - 24 - 26 minutes of DVD S1 Ep 4.

On the DVD version Series One, Episode 4 (Chris) there is a brief frontal as 'Chris' is dragging the vagrant from the bathroom. Joseph obviously has a nice long, thin cock to go with the 'low hangers' mentioned by others.

There is also a more fleeting side-frontal as 'Chris' gets in the shower.

Ghostwords was written on March 12, 2007

Episode 4: Bare arse

As Chris, Joseph Dempsie becomes the first of the young leads to get his kit off. First, we see his backside as he gets into a shower; next, he tumbles down the stairs (judicious use of the pause button might pick up something interesting there, if you're so inclined); finally, he's thrown out of his own home and walks off the street, still naked. Now, if only he can persuade Siwan Morris to slip out of her knickers again for their next love scene...

GDH was written on May 25, 2008


Second episode. Dempsie is seen flat on his front, asleep. He's naked (although a bit grubby - he's been in a food-fight, and someone has written 'I like boys' on his back). There's a clear view of his backside.

JDTee was written on April 10, 2007

arse, low hanging balls (episode 4)

In episode 4, when Joe's character Chris is seen throwing a tramp out of his house nude, he bends over and his low hanging balls are visible dangling through his legs. And I mean looow hanging!

Ozzie700 was written on March 13, 2008

Ass; episode 5 season 2

Chris shows his cute ass during a sex scene where he's standing up, pants around his ankles.

JDTee was written on March 24, 2007

arse, low hanging balls (episode 4)

In episode 4, when Joe's character Chris is seen throwing a tramp out of his house nude, he bends over and his low hanging balls are visible dangling through his legs. And I mean looow hanging!

Daniel Ben Zenou
georgelloyd1 was written on July 16, 2013

Season seven, episode three

Seventeen minutes in, he's having sex with co-worker Cassie on his bed. He's on top, with her legs wrapped around him, but there are partial views (from the left) of his butt. We then see the full view of his butt (in slight shadow) as he gets up to wash.

Mike Bailey
spankaddict was written on January 31, 2010

cute butt slapped by cassie

season 2 episode 9. Sid (Mike Baley) is laying in a bed in Chris's house, sleeping, and Cassie wakes him up by unveiling his cut butt and slapping him him once. sid shows a cute sign of discomfort. The view lasts a few seconds, its better than the prize control.

Ozzie700 was written on March 17, 2008

Ass during sex interrupted

In season 2, episode 6, nerdy Sid has his pants down (not a bad backside at all), ready to have sex with a girl when Tony comes into the room and pulls him away.

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