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Shelton, Deborah 4 Reviews
Armstrong, Katherine 1 Review
Allen, India 2 Reviews

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Deborah Shelton
chase69@hotmai.com was written on January 21, 1999

Deborah Shelton

I would love to have been on site while they filmed this movie, she is so fine, I'd suck her until she cried!

LeapGuy60 was written on February 13, 2016

Half-Hearted Job of Editing...

The sex scene between Shelton & Singer seems rushed here, very much as though this is the R-rated version - and an UNRATED version was waiting in the wings. The music, too - punctuated by brass - seems very inappropriate for a sex scene.

Hey - maybe I'm being too hard on this one because "Sins of the Night" gave us those protracted nude scenes with a moaning sax... :)

cecil was written on June 16, 2002

shower; sex scene

We watch her through a hazy shower curtain or door as she's taking a shower, but we can make out full frontal nudity. Later she has a sex scene with Marc Singer. A close-up shot shows him lowering her dress and exposing her breasts, but she is pressed up against him and we don't see much. We see her breasts five or six times during sex, but quite often they're covered by his hands.

damn_crazy_bastard was written on November 5, 2001

Shower silhouette and boobs in bed

We are treated to a nice shot of her showering through her cloudy shower curtain. She presses her body up against it and we can very clearly see her breasts and bush. Later she's got a scene where we are treated to a few brief shots of her amazing breasts.

Katherine Armstrong
cecil was written on June 16, 2002


She and Mark Hamill are standing in a lake. She is apparently topless and we see sides and tops of her breasts as he kisses the tops of her breasts. A full view is hidden either by her arms, his hands, or water. The scene ends as she stabs him in the neck.

India Allen
cecil was written on June 16, 2002

sex scene

She is sitting atop Michael Des Barres and for a few seconds we get a clear shot of breasts, the side of her rear, and, as she rises a little, she is within an inch of a full frontal. Another quick glimpse or two of her breasts as she lies down on him.

thedoc was written on May 26, 2002


she has a small part in this movie at the beginning she is playing a hooker working for the police. she is on the 20th floor of a hotel. She is slowly seducing the guy with taking off her clothes and he is enticed with her beautiful chest when all of a sudden he goes nuts and throws her out the window to her death. my only regret about her death in the movie is that I had hoped for a team up with deb in the bedroom later in the movie.

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