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Somers, Gwen 1 Review
Rhey, Ashlie 1 Review
Landry, Tamara 1 Review
Allman, Cie 1 Review

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Gwen Somers
Immy was written on January 3, 2009

Topless (1:07)

Gwen lays in bed in a cocktail dress watching Tamara Landry and a guy getting cozy standing nearby (looks like a possible left nip slip over the edge of her dress, but it could be a shadow). As soon as they're both in bed Gwen enthusiastically joins in (topless, though it's mostly her right boob that's visible). Scene ends just as things get interesting.

Ashlie Rhey
Immy was written on January 3, 2009

Topless (1:14)

Ashlie walks into a room where a guy's laying on what looks like a portable massage table. She's in a lacy little dress which she quickly peels off. This could have been a great setting for a sexy rubdown but instead they get right down to boffing. Nice shots of her boobs and thonged butt.

Tamara Landry
Immy was written on January 3, 2009

Topless (1:06)

Tamara is making out with a guy in a bedroom setting while Gwen Somers watches from bed. He undoes the back of her dress an lets it down, showing Tamara's lovely rack. They all wind up in bed for some threesome action but it doesn't go beyond caressing/kissing and it ends abruptly.

Cie Allman
Immy was written on January 3, 2009

Topless (0:46)

This is an R-rated, feature-length version of the episode "Fighting Cage" from this TV series in which someone saw fit to add completely gratuitous nudity and sex to spice things up. It's remarkable because the love scenes involve none of the main characters. At a compound that trains athletes for cage fighting matches, a random guy opens a bedroom door and Cie sits seductively on a bed beckoning him. They go at it pretty hot 'n' heavy (Cie is topless) he also slips off her panties but you only see the side of her hips, and no butt or muff.

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