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year title
2011 Burning Man 0 Reviews
2001 Blow Dry 2 Reviews
1999 Me Myself I 2 Reviews
1998 Among Giants 13 Reviews
1997 My Son the Fanatic 1 Review
1996 To Have and to Hold 1 Review
1996 Jude 5 Reviews
1996 Children of the Revolution 1 Review

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2001 Six Feet Under 0 Reviews

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Six Feet Under (2001)
Burning Man (2011)
Blow Dry (2001)
lattara was written on April 4, 2001

Body Painted

Rachel appears at the climax of this movie wearing only a wing-like outfit (with no front to it), an elaborate hair-do and body paint. We get shots from several angles including a full length side-on view, but all the shots are brief. The body paint gives an illusion of clothedness but there is just enough exposure for us to ascertain that Rachel is weightily stacked up front.

chazpanther was written on December 8, 2002

Body paint

1:22 Rachel is wearing body paint and wings with nothing else. She gives a great view of her spectacularly ripe full breasts and a hint of her sexy bush.

Me Myself I (1999)
Pompey was written on December 11, 2000

Fitting a diaphragm

While this 'can women have it all?' movie is fairly tedious, there are several scenes of interest for Rachel Griffiths fans.

There is no front on nudity, though there are two shots of Rach's lean and muscular bum, one during a sex scene, and another with her standing up in the bath.

There are two scenes of her in just her bra - and this woman packs a heap of tit-fat into a mam-hammock.

If you like white panties, the scene that will probably get you off will be that in the bathroom, where, with her knickers (white cotton) and tights around her ankles, trying to get a diaphragm inside her. Fun and kinda kinky.

dav345 was written on April 20, 2004

nice buns

Another actress might get 2 or 3 stars for these butt scenes, but this is Brenda from Six Feet Under, so she gets an extra star or two. You see her firm buttocks from an overhead view as she stands in a tub (this one is a 2 star scene since you don't see her face and it could be a body double) and you see her firm buttocks (with face) while she lays in bed with her lover (great scene here, definitely a must-see for Rachel Griffiths fans). If you've ever wanted to see Brenda from Six Feet Under in the nude, check this out for sure. I'd also recommend Among Giants.

Among Giants (1998)
Chicago was written on June 8, 2001

2 scenes

The other reviewers do a good job of description and sandmanoftheneedles shows the start times. The first scene is at :40.5 and lasts 10 sec--ass and breasts (briefly) seen from medium distance. The second is at :54.25-:56--breasts, ass, and bushy bush.

sandmanoftheendless was written on January 18, 2001

2 scenes

40 mins into movie she gets out of bed and puts on a flannel shirt. You get the first brief glimpse of her wondeful body and boobs. It is brief. 54 mins into the movie is the rain scene. She is full frontal nude for the entire scene and she does have a wonderful body. Her breasts are full and natural.

movienudity was written on March 26, 2001


she does two nude scenes in the movie and she looks great! the first, she gets out of bed and we see her breasts for a moment as well as her round ass as she dresses. the real treat comes later as she runs around with her man in what appears to be a open building of some kind...the scene lasts a very long time and includes male frontal nudity as well. rachel is totally nude as she turns the corner and she walks toward the camera showing us all. she has large, drooping breasts with large aerolas and nipples, and a very hairy and furry patch of pubic hair. as one of the other reviewers stated, she is a throw-back to the fleshy, curvy natural actresses of the 70's. i like the way she plays this scene. it is obvious that she is proud of her curvy body and she does her best to show it all off. at one point, she raises her arms abover her head which really makes her breasts look great! at the end of the scene she embraces the man under a torrential rain waterfall. one of the best nude scenes ever captured on film.

BiBoySTL was written on November 3, 1999


She is fully naked, frontal for about five minutes, but all I can say is yuck. I mean I love her, she was great in Muriels Wedding, but seeing Rachel naked was not a treat. Her boobs sag lower than her knees!

dav345 was written on January 15, 2004

full frontal and rear of Brenda from Six Feet Under

If you ever wanted to see Nate's girlfriend Brenda (Six Feet Under) naked, here is your chance. At the 51 minute mark, she gets out of bed and you get a good (if fast) look at her ass and really brief glances at her dark, full bush and huge breasts. This is just a preview of things to come. Late in the movie, she runs around a nuclear power plant, fully nude, and you get to see more of her than her gynecologist. You see her huge love pillows flopping around, her enormous dark bush, and her ass. This full frontal scene lasts a good 5 minutes. I've had a hard-on for her since Six Feet Under started, so this was a real treat.

snowdog was written on August 12, 1999

Fully nude extrazaganza

Wow. the academy award nominee shows all she has to offer towards the end of this film. The scene involves her running around under gushing water and is quite long. You get to see every angle of her fully naked body. The only drawback of the scene is that you also have to see Pete Postlethwaite with his ding-dong exposed for quite a long time.

BrianSLA was written on April 18, 2001

Full Frontal w/ Natural large breasts

I was really shocked to see how really big busted Rachel is. I loved her since Muriel's Wedding and she really doesn't look big but she is totally nude and for a long walk under falling water. Great scene.

RichT was written on November 25, 2001

Why didn't Pete Postletwait f*ck-off ?

Rachel is a rather attractive lady, with quite a nice body (especially her incredibly furry bush) Sadly her nude scene in this film, is somewhat spoilt by having to view a naked Pete Postletwat (please excuse my DELIBERATE typo !!!)

BushLeague was written on August 31, 2002

Two nude scenes--brief and long

She kind of reminds me of Mary Kay from Saturday Night Live. Although she is 30 in this movie, her face looks twenty four, but her body looks about 38 -- in movie star years. The first scene she hops out of bed and puts on a shirt. Full length, brightly lit rear view of her wide hips, smooth, but slightly saggy, jiggly, behind, and long legs add nice muscular back. Very brief alternating views of the sides of her left and right breasts as she turns back and forth to put on shirt (no nipples). Second scene is a very long walk through the bottom of a nuclear reactor cooling tower (!)(?), while she is showered with water. Can see slightly saggy, but still smooth breasts and thicket of black snatch and those long legs again. Occasional shots of the butt. Sometimes her boy friend obscures her nudity Lighting varies from almost dark to very bright as she moves in and out of shadows.

derek22 was written on May 25, 2002

4-star nude romp in zero-star movie

Pete and Rachel look terrific as they frolic frontally nude in a delightful "intermission" scene. Unfortunately, the rest of the flick is a complete waste of time. The producers probably decided to throw the scene in just to wake the audience up after the dull plot about tower painters puts them to sleep.

My suggestion: Fast forward to where the nude romp starts. Enjoy the interlude, and when it ends, rewind.

sowellhung was written on February 20, 2000

Outdoor Wet a la Natural

Fantastic Full-Frontal from this Talented actress.A real treat for lovers of Natural women. Rachel is a great reminder of the cassic 60s/70s actreeses who portrayed the womanhood in all its natural glory ie; heaving natural breasts and Full lush pubic hair growth.WOW!!

alekhidell was written on June 17, 2000

rain scene

Her and her male friend go runing off for this wooden structure? and shed their clothes on the way. It starts raining and her and her friend run around fully naked. No inhibitions at all. Her breasts are not sagging like the above review might suggest, its just that they are so big.

sirspread was written on February 1, 2003


well described by previous viewer not much to add except that her boobs are to big for my liking but she has an incedibly hairy bush mmmmmm

My Son the Fanatic (1997)
dvdcollector was written on February 14, 2004


Side view as she is lying in bed with Om Puri. She is fully nude, but it is not possible to see much.

To Have and to Hold (1996)
lattara was written on May 18, 2001

Sexy but only very brief nudity

Full-breasted Aussie Rachel is permanently & attractively sweaty in this jungle-set psycho-drama and her impressive frontage threatens to spill out of low cut dresses on several occasions. Despite several sex scenes, however, the actual nudity is minimal. Rachel's heavy breasts are exposed for a few frames only close-up as she rips off a dress and we then see her topless in extreme longshot for a few seconds later in the same scene. Shortly thereafter she is topless again but the scene is so darkly lit that nothing can really be seen.

Jude (1996)
sirspread was written on April 11, 2004

one breast

towards the hour mark we see her left breast as she lies in bed the scene lasts quite a while as the camera slowly zooms in.she appears to have very saggy breasts although she is on her back the whole time

tazzie was written on April 15, 1999

in bed after making love

One breast is visible while she lays back inbed after making love with Jude.

Cyclone was written on March 2, 2000

Exposure after sex

We are treated to a rather long look at one of her breasts after a sex scene. Certainly not the most erotic scene, but it is still a fairly lengthy shot of her nice tit.

snag was written on December 10, 1999

almost-crotch shot

Far more interesting than the scene mentioned above is one at the beginning of the movie when Rachel hops into bed and stradles Eccleston. From behind, we see her nightgown fly up and expose her lovely regs right up to the crotch. No bush or ass, but probably the most erotic moment of the film.

Blinky was written on April 29, 1999

Bed Scene

Rachel displays average looking odd shaped tits after being boned by Jude.

Children of the Revolution (1996)
tazzie was written on June 17, 1999

topless in bed

Rachel is laying in bed topless whilst makinglove.

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