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McKenzie, Candace 3 Reviews
Allen, Rosalind 3 Reviews

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Candace McKenzie
PoweredConvoy was written on August 25, 2002

Full look at Stunning Body

We get a great look at Candace's whole body in this film. You start of with her legs and bush. We're then treated to her nice breasts. Finally we get a long look at her ass, my favorite! I gotta says she has a nice thin body with a great tan. Highly Recommended scene.

soulman was written on December 8, 2005

Shower Scene.

Cutie McKenzie has a great shower where she shows her 3 B's. Nice body and great tight ass on a very cute girl.

Know-it-all was written on February 25, 2002

It gave ME wood... (sorry...)

Candace is the cute-as-a-button babysitter for Rosalind Allen in this film. We get a wonderful toe-to-head profile pan of her slim and sexy nude body, wet from a just-completed shower. We see the bush and her pert little breasts as she leisurely dries off, and then another look at the breasts as she stands and tries to figure out if the wooden doll (hence my lame joke) is watching her or not. He is, and so are we. Quality gratuitous nudity from a pretty girl.

Rosalind Allen
cincyreds was written on July 20, 2002

Brief bedroom peeks

About 40 minutes into the movie Rosalind appears in a bedroom scene. It is dimly lit and although she has an incredible body, you only get the briefest of a view of her nipples a couple of times. And when I say brief, I mean get ready with the pause button and freeze frame - very quick and only one nipple at a time is visible. Too bad, because Rosalind is incredibly sexy and appears in some nice outfits in this movie, but unfortunately shows very little.

soulman was written on December 8, 2005

Brief Tits.

Allen, who's pretty hot, has a disappointing, dimly lit bedroom scene where you get just a couple of brief look at her tits. She has a nice bod but unfortunately she shows very little.

CV was written on July 13, 2000

Rosalind having sex

Dark scene but it is Rosalind making love in bed. You do get a few brief glimpses of her breasts.

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