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1998 Among Giants 4 Reviews

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Among Giants (1998)
Reno was written on February 9, 2002


This gifted actor may not have a classic, big-screen look, but he is very appealing nonetheless, and in a scene calling for him to cavort with a young woman underneath some towers dripping water, he literally shows off his balls, also a nice uncut tool, and an overall attractive lean body, with hardly an ounce of fat anywhere. Pretty clear views of the goods, too. Did I mention I am a fan?

skinspotter was written on August 21, 2007

Full frontal

Pete shows us all here as he joyfully prances around completely naked with his female co-star. He's in good shape for his age and has no shame in exposing himself. His bum is lean and a nice shape and his penis and balls are well proportioned. As he moves around his penis bounces and jumps about which is very sexy so i give it the full 4 sstars.

BiBoySTL was written on November 3, 1999

Full frontal *shudder*

There should be an age limit on who can and cannot do full frontal nude scenes.. and Pete, you got the boot. Do not do another nude scene again! Now, if the scene had featured someone like Angelina Jolie and, um, Scott Caan as the lovers, then maybe....

derek22 was written on May 25, 2002

4-star nude romp in zero-star movie

Pete and Rachel look terrific as they frolic frontally nude in a delightful "intermission" scene. Unfortunately, the rest of the flick is a complete waste of time. The producers probably decided to throw the scene in just to wake the audience up after the dull plot about tower painters puts them to sleep.

My suggestion: Fast forward to where the nude romp starts. Enjoy the interlude, and when it ends, rewind.

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