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Devon Sawa
StevieW was written on July 8, 2002

Good-but wish the girls were shown as well!

In this scene,the Wormer brothers are skinny dipping at the lake and the girls see them and are going crazy[Thora Birch's character comments "Oh my god,I just saw his penis-and the balls!"]. Since they're always giving them trouble [throwing jello filled balloons at them,etc.]they decide to retaliate by stealing their clothes. the guys find out and chase them down the street,giving us good views of their asses,particularly Devon's,who in one scene bends down to pick up his towel,giving us a quick glimpse of his penis between his legs[it is there,if you have the DVD,pause the scene]. I just wish the girls had taken a cue from the guys and skinny dipped too,they do swim-but FULLY CLOTHED,what the??

DSKestrel was written on February 1, 2002


it's amazing to think that such a scene could have existed... in a delicious prank, the protagonist quartet of girls steal the clothes of the mischievous wormer brothers, led by devon, who have been skinny dipping. desperate to get their shorts back, the boys give chase before the girls discard the clothes. all four of the boys show a lot of skin, particularly devon -- there are some great shots of him as the girls announce their theft (a full shot of him facing away from the camera), of him running through the woods, and then running after the girls with a ratty bathmat covering his front. he had a nice butt for such a youngster; it's nice to see that he's developed into more of a broad-shoulderd hunk... makes one feel less guilty about sneaking a peak at his younger skin.

Bubblez was written on June 9, 2000

Beautiful young butt and quick penis

Devon is skinnydipping with some other boys (very erotic). We gat to see his full bum serveral times. Once he stads in the water and we get the greatest view you could get of a butt. Later we get a (very) quick view of his penis.

Ryan was written on June 10, 2000

Sorry to spoil it but...

The "frontal" when his towel comes up as he bends down is obviously one of the flesh colored pouches actors frequently wear in nude scenes. Devon was around 16 when the movie was filmed and the viewer is unquestionably treated to a view of his hot young buns but frontal nudity, even accidental, simply isn't a possibility. Kind of unfortunate Devon doesn't look as good as he used to.

tushlover was written on May 25, 2006

Lots of looks at Devon's butt

Devon really shows his butt in this movie! Extended views! He was still cute when this movie was made but unfortunately he has lost that "cute boy" look these days. But this movie shows him at or near his best.

RudeHands was written on May 1, 2005

Skinny-dipping Sawa

Devon Sawa is a "wormer" (neighborhood punk) is this film who enjoys throwing food at the neighborhood girls. The girls bump into them at a local lake. For some reason the girls have chosen to swim fully-clothed whereas the boys have chosen to swim (actually splash around a lot). They remain out of the boys' sight when one of them remarks "Oh my God! I saw his penis! ...and the balls. ...Scott's [Sawa's]." (Very Erotic) We get several extended glimpses of his butt (never mind all the others) splashing around, standing looking frightened when the girls announce that they've taken their clothes, and running nude in chase. My personal favorite is when he's standing in the water. If you pause the DVD just right you can see the asshole. Given that Devon grew up into such a hunk, taking a look at him in his adolescence is less guilt-ridden than might be supposed. My only question is this: why couldn't have hung out with more boys his own age?

MovieCritic2001 was written on November 17, 2001

The brotherly fight in the lake

As Sawa in his brothers are playfully fighting in the lake naked you can see a quick shot of his butt. When the group of girls steal their clothes, the boys chase after them naked. You get to see a nice shot of Sawa's butt as he is running covering his penis.

Brandon was written on August 21, 1999


Devon Sawa is seen totally naked while skinnydipping and while chasing after the girls who stole his and his brothers' clothes. When he bends down to pick up his underwear, you can see his penis briefly if you pause the frame.

JOSH222 was written on November 29, 2000



Anonymous was written on May 1, 1998

he bends over and you can see a little more than his butt

he bends over and you can see a little more than his butt

tb0813@aol.com was written on December 6, 1998

Shanks for the memories

Notable mostly for the tender age of teen idol Sawa, the extended nude scene features a peek of his downy cheeks from virtually every imaginable angle. Only a cheeky maverick like Demi Moore could get away with showing this much real boy flesh.

Travis Robertson
heavyroller was written on October 20, 2012

Big Bubble Butt

WOW! This kid has an ass on him. I remember watching this as a kid and being sooo turned on by the Wormer brother with the BIG hot meaty bubble butt. Soooo hot!!

abbafan2 was written on May 31, 2006


Travis is the tall, skinny boy in the nude swim scene. We see his butt as he runs after the girls to get his clothes back.

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