Not Going Out's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Zucchi, Thaila 1 Review
Cooper, Annie 1 Review
Bretton, Sally 2 Reviews
Bowling, Rebekka 1 Review

Not Going Out's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Dutton, Simon 1 Review

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Thaila Zucchi
Ghostwords was written on September 3, 2011

Episode 2.3: Lapdancing librarian

Ms Zucchi plays Rosie, Tim's librarian girlfiend. He's shocked when he discovers she moonlights as a lapdancer, catching her topless in the club she works; we see her bare bare (she has shorts on) plenty of cleavage (any view of her breasts is blocked by Tim and Lee) and the side of her right breast (no nipple).

Later, Tim pays for a lapdance. She wiggles her backside in very tight shorts and waves her bra-clad breasts at him.

Annie Cooper
Ghostwords was written on November 2, 2014

S7, Ep.3

Ms Cooper appears as a porn actress in a video clip screened whilst Lee (Lee Mack) is trying to make a sperm donation. She opens her nightie, but the face of comedian Bobby Ball is superimposed over each of what appear to be rather substantial breasts, blocking our view. Appropriately, this aired on Halloween 2014, since it was definitely more trick than treat.

It's also possible she doubles for Sally Bretton later in the episode, when the latter's character Lucy shows full rear nudity, which would earn her two stars.

Sally Bretton
Ghostwords was written on January 21, 2012

S3, Ep.6 (body double?)

Towards the close of this episode, Lucy (Ms Bretton) is giving a speech. Her dress is "very clingy", so she's not wearing knickers. As she steps out from behind the podium, she's caught in the spotlight and the dress goes transparent. We only see it from the back, which should surely mean she's in silhouette, but instead we clearly see her bottom through the material. It's a very nice posterior, but her face isn't in the same shot, so it might well be a body double (although rear nudity isn't all that taboo for actors of her generation).

Ghostwords was written on November 2, 2014

S7, Ep.3 (body double?)

Lucy (Ms Bretton) tries to seduce her flatmate Lee and slips out of her robe. There is a clear shot of full rear nudity, but the angle means we can't be sure if it's actually her, or the blonde porn actress shown earlier in the same episode. Either way, it's a very nice arse.

Rebekka Bowling
Ghostwords was written on August 10, 2011

S4, Ep.6 (2011): Lapdancer

In "Life On Mars Bars", star/writer Lee Mack spoofs the original UK version of Life On Mars. In one sequence, he talks to an extremely well-built lapdancer (Ms Bowling), who shows an enormous amount of cleavage, especially when she squeezes her breasts, then leans over and wiggles at him. No nipples, but there's more actual skin on view than some actresses when they go fully topless. (This is her only IMDb listing to date.)

Simon Dutton
Ghostwords was written on September 3, 2011

Episode 2.3: Latenight stroll

Dutton plays the middle-aged boyfriend of Tim's sister Lucy. He enters the lounge whilst her roommate Lee is on the couch, completely naked. His genitals are covered first by furniture and then by the kettle he picks off the kitchen surface, but his butt is on full view.

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