Mia Zottoli's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2005 Hollywood Sins 2 Reviews
2004 Bad Bizness 1 Review
2003 Personals II: CasualSex.com 3 Reviews
2003 Hatchetman 0 Reviews
2002 Staying On Top 2 Reviews
2002 Naked Betrayal 2 Reviews
2002 Madame Hollywood 0 Reviews
2002 Embrace the Darkness 3 1 Review
2002 Carnal Desires 5 Reviews
2002 Beauty Betrayed 3 Reviews
2001 Sinful Temptations 1 Review
2001 Sex Court: The Movie 2 Reviews
2001 Platinum Blonde 1 Review
2001 Forbidden Highway 1 Review
2001 Animal Attraction III 1 Review
2000 Sex Files: Sexually Bewitched 1 Review
2000 Kama Sutra Episode: Conduct of Wife 2 Reviews
2000 Fast Lane to Vegas 1 Review
1999 Hot Club California 3 Reviews

Mia Zottoli's Sexy TV Shows

TV Shows this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2001 Thrills 2 Reviews

nudity reviews for Mia Zottoli member submitted

Thrills (2001)
Chazz was written on June 10, 2003

Episode: "Dr. Janet"

Mamma Mia! This girl shows in this episode why men cheat with their secrataries. Throughout the entire episode, Mia wears skin-tight clothes that hardly disguise her rock-hard bod and massive DD-cup mammaries.

We first get a peak at 12:35 when she's making out with her female boss. The boss opens Mia's blouse so that her giant jugs can come out for air. It turns out to just be a fantasy.

She gets rid of every stitch later (15:23) during a fantasy menage a trois sequence with her boss and another man.


Chicago was written on October 24, 2002

2 scenes in "Dr. Janet"

At :12.25-:13 in this episode, Mia starts a f/f with Monique where only Mia gets naked. While seamingly neither want to start, Mia's sweet breasts (even sweeter next to Monique) are seen as her top is taken off; Monique caresses her breasts (which are larger than her small hands) from behind, before laying her down on the table and licking Mia's erect nips, missing altogether with the 2nd lick. At :14.25-:20 in a long fantasy scene with Mia and a guy, 4 breasts are unleashed as Mia then kisses Mo's twins. As Mia lays back and Monique kisses down her torso, there's little doubt that Mia's bod is the one to focus on...lower abdomen and ass as her panties are taken off. Mia then takes off Monique's panties giving some shots of her pubes and ass before their attention turns to the guy. As can often the case with Monique, she and her partner have little mutual steam together. Monique goes reverse-seated as Mia takes a back seat before hotter Mia gets it doggie-style.

Hollywood Sins (2005)
Ozzie700 was written on October 31, 2002

The Full Mia

She goes all out here, at least in the unedited version. From about :17-:22 she seduces Eric Acsell and they assume various positions on the bed. The most blatant moment here would be her laying on top of Eric, fingering (or mock-fingering) her very visible vaginal lips. From :36-:39 she strips out of a cat burglar outfit and a tiny bikini as Hal Hutton pounds into her in the kitchen. After they're done she walks into another room and there's a dimly lit full-frontal view. Finally, from about :45-:47 she has a fairly extensive lesbian encounter with Kim Dawson, and at :50 or so she is nude on the couch and stands up to put on her clothes.

Chicago was written on November 2, 2002

Edited version - 3 scenes + 1 almost

The version on Max is a big disappointment after reading Ozzie's description...but since many may watch this on a premium channel, I'll describe the reduced version. At :18.25-:19.25 after spanking and grabbing Eric's ass, she rips off her own blue top revealing her luscious, pre-op breasts with great nipples; she follows with her ass seen in and out of thong underwear before she's viewed on top of him lying back on him having sex...forget anything blatant here, however. At :30-:31 is when Mia strips out of her thief outfit into a skimpy sparkling bra and panties, her bra is taken off after 45 sec., and they have sex standing in the kitchen...15 sec. of viewable nudity, grossly cut down from the 3 min. Oz describes. At :39, Mia and Kim start a f/f but there's no viewable nudity as the camera pans to the ceiling. At :41.5-:42, Mia and Kim are seen naked sitting on the couch after presumed sex...breasts of both are seen before and while they're getting dressed (much from a medium distance). Weak, and very disappointing.

Bad Bizness (2004)
Stevarooni was written on January 2, 2012

Strip club at the beginning

The first thing in the movie after the credits (before the 1 minute mark), Ms. Zottoli begins to strip. She takes off her top while dancing on-stage. She also wears a pair of french-cut, semi-transparent panties while she dances, but these don't leave her body. A curvy woman with an enhanced chest, her 2-minute scene shows off a lot!

Personals II: CasualSex.com (2003)
Hamilton was written on January 3, 2003

Lesbian Encounter

Mia aka Ava Lake has a hot scene with Holly Hollywood in this film. Mia is incredibly beautiful and has nice big round breasts, which Holly licks and plays with... but then Holly moves a little lower. Mia spreads her legs in this scene and we can clearly see her pink lips before Holly sticks her head between her legs. It's a very explicit scene for a softcore movie.

jake135 was written on April 5, 2014

lesbian scene

This scene is perfect for the movie, as mia is a sensuous type of individual, we see her and the girl go the distance as the two both undress each other, this reveals mia's beautiful busty breasts as nipples were already erect before hand poking out her dress. As controls the other girls body she rubs her vagina while she has her knickers on signifying she can't wait. Throughout this scene the other girl goes down on mia, as we see her vagina one time, the girl makes her orgasm at the end completing a generally satisfying scene.

icebag2 was written on February 3, 2008

Girl on girl

Big lips, big tits, likes girls. All right. She has a short sex scene with April (not Holly) in which the girls display their pretty lingerie and all their female charms.

Hatchetman (2003)
Staying On Top (2002)
shenton was written on August 14, 2005

Explicit pussy shot

Mia Zottoli is delicious with that seductive smile and eyes. She does 2 lesbian scenes with 2 girls. In the scene with Holly Hollywood, Mia is really hot and the best part is you get to see her pussy lips.

superhero was written on February 21, 2002

Lesbian Sex

unrated version reviewed-
-Nude including twat shots while having lesbian sex with Holly Hollywood

Naked Betrayal (2002)
candygirl was written on June 30, 2006

Beautiful Girl

Mia Zottoli is absolutely stunning...She was perfect before when she was a C...Now, her boobs are a little tooo large...In anycase...Her enthusiasm in her love scenes are a little lacking..she seems to enjoy girl on girl a little more...Overall, she's a treat.

mooncrickit was written on February 11, 2003

throughout the movie

This is basically another soft porn movie. Ava Lake is the main female character and she is seen nude throughout this flick. Although the plot is pretty lame, it is worth the rent if you're an Ava Lake fan. She does have a body worth looking at when nude and she is nude in several scenes throughout the movie. There is also several other scenes of nudity with other females within this flick but Lake is the main star.

Madame Hollywood (2002)
Embrace the Darkness 3 (2002)
superhero was written on November 8, 2002

Mia Zottoli a.k.a. Ava Lake

1 scene - Breasts and some bush while having sex on a couch with a guy (her hair is up)

Carnal Desires (2002)
Chicago was written on April 24, 2001

3 scenes

At :01.5-:08.25, Mia has the longest nude scene of the movie—massage turns to sex. At :01.5, her ass is seen briefly. At :02.5, she rolls over for a nice full frontal view, as Stephen massages her things and pelvis with several long close-ups of her pubes; close-ups then of her natural breasts and nipples (you can practically see them growing!); then they sex it up at :04.5. Good full frontals with her on top…particularly nice bend backwards! At :41-:47, she has another lengthy massage scene, where you see everything—breasts, bush, ass…with some nice breast close-ups again. At :49.75-:50, there’s a brief scene of her and Stephen being interrupted by Susan while getting a massage—breasts seen briefly.

dogbreath was written on December 8, 2000

two scenes

Unrated version. Mia is an attractive brunette with a fitness-girl type body. In the two scenes I recall, she is getting a massage in the nude from a male masseuse. Fairly long and lingering shots of him rubbing her frontside/backside--good closeups ta boot. Soon, they are making love on the table, a couple of nice full frontal shots of her on top, leanin back, and enjoying herself. She's a hottie, but the full frontal shots of her on top could've been a bit longer.

Cyclone was written on September 18, 2002

A few scenes

Mia is naked immediately after the credits, when she's being massaged in the buff for over 3 minutes. All kinds of looks at her butt, bush, and breasts. It turns into a sex scene that also lasts over three minutes, and we continue to see all of her, including her amazingly erect nipples. She has another long massage scene that starts with a great view of her standing up, fully naked, near the 41 minute mark. The nudity lasts for 6 minutes, and we again see all of her terrific body. A couple minutes after this scene ends, we very briefly see her getting massaged while sitting up for about 3 seconds, which gives us one last look at her nice breasts. Smaller-breasted women don't generally appeal to me that much, but Mia's face and body look excellent here, and her exposure is clear, long, thorough, and lingering. By far the best nudity from Mia that I've seen.

soulman was written on June 2, 2001


These has to be the longest nude scene of any actress in recent memory.Mia is a honey with a hot little unaltered body that gets shown in long lingering close-ups as she gets rubbed down by the lucky dog who plays the massuer.Butt,pubes,erect nipples are shown in great detail.Check it out.

roca was written on October 7, 2002

mia is naked just after the credits

i want to see mia very very hot

Beauty Betrayed (2002)
BushLeague was written on November 16, 2002

Good morning America

She comes into the bedroom wearing a robe and strips it off. We get a full frontal and backal totally nude of her tight, ripped body, firm athletic legs and nice rouned ass. We are also treated to very brief pussy lips in the front. Later we get another full frontal as she changes into a bathing suit.

Chicago was written on July 10, 2002

3 fairly short scenes

Here credited as Ava Lake. This must be the last look at Mia's twins pre-surgery; while post-op doesn't look bad, it's hard to beat the natural ones. At :07.75-:08.5 after her co-detective wakes up in the morning, Mia enters the room wearing only a robe, he's horny, and they have a brief liaison in the bedroom...only a few breast close-ups but those nips of hers are fantastic! At :39, Mia's breasts are viewable for 5 sec. as she's putting on a blue swimsuit in the police station locker room. At :47-:47.25 when Mia's man rolls over after sexing Mia but fantasizing about Samantha, her breasts are viewable for 10 sec. as she ponders the meaning of him murmering "Lily...." Disappointingly tame for her.

scanman was written on October 26, 2002

One pretty hot sex scene, two short scenes!

Mia shows it all in her one sex scene. We see her breasts, butt, pubes and lips several times. The scene lasts for over 2 minutes and is pretty hot!

Sinful Temptations (2001)
jake135 was written on March 28, 2014

mia and the photographer

This scene exemplifies mia's bodily qualities, as she portrays this sweet innocence her fantasies are from that. In the first sex scene, we see her kiss the photographer, which leads to an inflamed scene as she lets him undress, piece by piece we see him remove her top to reveal her busty boobs with perfectly erect nipples. As they continue to make out, she poses erotically in front him, taking off her short skirt, where we view her cute bottom in front of us as he watches her with an intense stare. The scene progresses, as he's in side position with her, slowly penetrating as shes licking her fingers enjoying the movement, he grips on her breasts a few times. The last part sums up it, as she rides him smoothly, she motorboats back and forth, as hes tugging her breasts pinching her erect nipples. At one point we see him, grab her ass feeling it up nicely (sexy part), as shes moving faster, she reaches climax as he bites on her nipple, then she squeezes her breasts together, very hot scene.

Sex Court: The Movie (2001)
superhero was written on December 24, 2002

Mia Zottoli a.k.a. Ava Lake

unrated version reviewed - Her first scene she is fully nude as she has sex with a guy but you don't see much of her bush. The scene cuts back & forth several times with a 3 way lesbian scene which is pretty dirty for a soft core film. - A brief portion of her sex scene is shown again from a distance in black & white on a tv monitor. - Her last scene you can mostly only see her breasts as she is in a 3 way with Julie Strain & Inari Vachs.

Videoass was written on April 25, 2004

Two scenes

1. She slowly undressing giving us great view
of her nude body, bush is visible, no pussy lips.
Then she making love with a some man on the bed,
she has great tits, ass and face. 2. Threesome
lesbo action with Julie Strain and Inari Vachs,
again we'll se all of her but without any of her
pussy lips.

Platinum Blonde (2001)
soulman was written on August 6, 2002

Hot Mia.

Mia, who's looking mighty hot here, has 2 scenes with her fiance's brother . The second scene is the best. She's wearing this purple teddy and you can see her beautiful nipple about to poke though it. You get a better look at them once the teedy comes off, wonderful (why she decided to get her present implants is beyond me). Implants or no, she will continue to be one of the hottest.

Forbidden Highway (2001)
scanman was written on April 16, 2002

Several sex scenes ... all full frontal

Mia Zottoli has several hot sexscenes in this movie. Show shows us everything, even one or two more explicit shots. The girls in this movie seem to enjoy the scenes very much and prentend to have an orgasm very well!

Animal Attraction III (2001)
jake135 was written on April 5, 2014

Shower scene

This is one of mia movies where she remains mostly nude and displays her beauty in different scenes. A sexy scene is the showers, where the she soaps her body exposing her breasts which those big nipples and hoop earrings which make her look even more horny. As her man enters the shower he goes down on her as she licks her fingers, then he take her from behind pressing her boobs up against the shower glass as he penetrates her harder. Her breasts are the main highlight as there so huge she has to hold on to them while enjoying it from behind.

Sex Files: Sexually Bewitched (2000)
Chicago was written on June 3, 2001

1 f/f/m scene with cutaways

Actually, I’d give this a 2 ½ stars with an even higher eroticism factor as she starts the scene seducing a guy, “You wanna see full and firm…look at this” and she strips off her top at :42-:43.25. While I wouldn’t say she’s got exceptionally full or firm breasts, Mia is hot with her full lips, natural breasts and great nipples. Her scene progresses into a f/f/m with Julia Kruis at :45-:45.5 with pube glimpses in addition to nice views of her nipples and breasts (no close-ups though). The scene continues at :47.25-:47-75 and again at :50-:50.5.

Kama Sutra Episode: Conduct of Wife (2000)
dogbreath was written on December 8, 2000

lengthy scene

For the uniniated, the Karma Sutra Showtime series is one of the hotter soft-core cable shows. In this episdoe, you get a glorious eyeful of the stunning Mia Zottoli. This length scene begins as a guy goes down on her as she sits on the edge of the bed. Next she's on top, with some fantastic front, side, and back shots of her grinding away. The final part of the scene, she faces the camera (very nice closeups of her whole torso) and continues very believable grindability with her bootie facing toward the dude's head. Very erotic scene.

12-string was written on April 20, 2002

hot stuff

Mia, billed as "Ava Lake" in this episode, is a major babe. Story opens with lengthy look at a video of her being sexed by Michelle Turner's husband (from his single days), which Turner finds while cleaning house. She shows a rather exhibitionistic allure here, constantly fondling her tits (the nipples are the color of fresh salmon and are constantly thick and erect) while she receives simulingus and rides the guy. Turns out she's also a regular at the institute, so madame (I mean director) Dahlia sets it up for her to do an erotic demo for Turner. She graciously feeds her stiff nipples to the demo partner, who looks like he's having a good time, and then they do simu fellatio (can't see much, other than Mia's wowy butt), lingus, and more simu humping, while Turner watches and whacks off. She looks very intense, even if it is playing to the camera. From what you can see of the full-frontal, she's probably fully shaved. Shockingly missing is some girl-girl stuff, for which there's a perfect setup. Beautiful girl with a nice smirky smile and (best of all) real tits. Even though it's just for the camera, she's wowy enough here to merit a *****.

Fast Lane to Vegas (2000)
b00bfan was written on March 28, 2006

Pity Sex

Mia ties a guy to a bed so she can steal his car but out of pity for the poor guy she decides to give him some sex. She takes off her top to reveal her very big boobs and she lets hims rub them for a while while she rides him. Then he goes on top of her and the scene ends very quickly.

Hot Club California (1999)
Chicago was written on November 11, 2002

3 scenes

The movie's been clearly hacked for Max's viewers, which is especially unfortunate because there's a scene before her first one in the edited version where Tracy and Ava look to have a f/f, reigniting a earlier hot girl-girl relationship--good set-up that never materializes. However, at :36-:37.75 in this version, Ava (who strongly resembles Mia Zottoli only smaller-chested), Tracy, Jaimee and Katie doff bathing suit tops while doing a dance show by the pool club...breasts by all 4. At :42.75, Ava and Tracy are seen topless and talking in the dressing room...5 sec. breasts as they're putting on tops. At 1:23.75-1:24.25, Ava and Tracy are seen topless and dancing on stage.

dogbreath was written on November 11, 2002

her scenes

Just to clear up confusion. Ava Lake is another screen name for Mia Zottoli, even though IMDB has an individual listing for Ava. It is the same person, though it's anybody's guess when exactly she got her implants. Don't bother with the R rated version of this flick either...Cinemax has shown plenty of unrated flicks with brief shots of 'private parts' in the past, but this heavily edited stuff is getting pathetic.

Chicago was written on November 11, 2002

3 scenes

(Thanks, dogbreath...you're right...Mia and Ava are one and the same.)

The movie's been clearly hacked for Max's viewers, which is especially unfortunate because there's a scene before her first one in the edited version where Tracy and Mia (here credited as Ava Lake) look to have a f/f, reigniting a earlier hot girl-girl relationship--good set-up that never materializes. However, at :36-:37.75 in this version, Mia (pre-op version), Tracy, Jaimee and Katie doff bathing suit tops while doing a dance show by the pool club...breasts by all 4. At :42.75, Mia and Tracy are seen topless and talking in the dressing room...5 sec. breasts as they're putting on tops. At 1:23.75-1:24.25, Mia and Tracy are seen topless and dancing on stage.

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