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year title
2002 Swept Away 2 Reviews
2001 Nada 1 Review
1986 Summer Night with Greek Profile Almond Eyes and Scent of Basil 1 Review
1975 Attenti al buffone 1 Review

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Swept Away (2002)
lupara was written on March 24, 2005


about 1hr 10 min in Mariangela's character is chased across sand dunes, getting hit, tripped, etc along the way. Giancarlo catches up to her, holds her down, pulls her underwear off (she's still wearing a skirt so there is no lower nudity), and fumbles around with her topless in the sand before deciding not to rape her... he wants her to come to him willingly instead.
Two stars because she really does have a good body and great breasts and the lighting is good, but the context and brevity of the shots makes it lose points.
As far as sexuality rather than nudity - Later in the movie, there is a scene where she asks him to sodomize her, which I heard a lot about, but there is no nudity at that part of the film, it's poorly lit, and the dialogue is kinda silly. I don't blame them for cutting that out of the Madonna re-make.
Don't bother renting this movie unless you're actually interested in capitalist / communist angst.

Ghostwords was written on August 21, 2012

Wrong film

This review relates to the 1974 movie of this name, not the 2002 Madonna vehicle. I've sent CNDb a correction.

Nada (2001)
Ghostwords was written on August 21, 2012

Wrong film?

Ms Melato was 60 in 2001 and there is no film with this title (or indeed any title) on her IMDb listing for that year. I've suggested it be deleted.

Summer Night with Greek Profile Almond Eyes and Scent of Basil (1986)
Immy was written on August 3, 2007


For a woman in her mid-40s, Mariangela still has quite a nice figure. We first see it briefly when she's in bed with her regular lover (0:26, boobs seen thru some sheer netting that surrounds the bed) then an extended scene with Michele Placido (a guy) where her boobs can be glimpsed now and then over a six minute session in bed (1:07-1:13, very erotic). Lastly, she takes a swim in the surf the next morning (1:17) initially nude in silhouette walking into the ocean, then nude from behind walking out followed by a topless shot in the bright sunshine before she puts a wrap on.

Attenti al buffone (1975)
slavedriver was written on March 24, 2004

What the....? ONly minutes before her proper nude scene there is a scene where she is plainly using a body double (no head shown).

At about 1 hour in, she disrobes in front of a guy in bed, seen from a distance and you can kinda make out her ass. She climbs on top of him (on top of the sheets) and just lays there talking until she raises herself up on her hands and we can see her large tits dangling down for a few moments, first in a mirror reflection, then partially from the side. Nothing otherwise. No sex, no nothing.

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