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Michelle Siu
Immy was written on July 24, 2007


This is a first. Michelle is credited for playing two separate parts (sisters) in this film, yet there are clearly two different actresses doing them! First we see flight attendant Michelle getting it on with the pilot in the cockpit (0:49, topless in his lap). Their gyrations even cause the plane to bank from side to side! When she lands in Hong Kong she goes to see her sister. They talk (again, two actresses in the scene) and they hatch a plan to trick reporter John Allen, who's blackmailing Michelle's sister. Her sister prepares to sleep with John but just before she does she runs out of the room and Michelle, who's more willing, takes over (1:01, both girls are fully nude walking by each other). They even have butterflies tattooed on different butt cheeks but John doesn't notice. I'd love to know why the second actress didn't want credit. Regardless, they're both hot Asian babes.

Immy was written on July 24, 2007

Nude (0:07)

Marie picks up John Sabbit in a Paris disco and they go to her "place." She strips out of a see-thru body stocking at the foot of the bed and although it's dark we see her awesome figure really well. As she rides him in bed we get more views of her boobs and butt. Sexy girl!

Josephine Jacqueline Jones
Immy was written on July 24, 2007


The former Miss Bahamas gives us a great look at what won her the crown. Bartender John Sabbit is locked out of his apartment so she lets him stay at hers. She can barely contain her lust and lunges at him (complete with jungle cat sounds) and chases him around her place (0:18, nude but filmed in fast motion, even when riding him in a chair). Then when she's showing Pierre Burton a selection of jewelry in his hotel room he makes a play for her. She doesn't resist (0:28, exposed boobs but she stays dressed).

Lisa Allison
Immy was written on July 24, 2007


Wow, what a beauty Lisa is! She meets reporter John Allen on a flight to L.A. and by the time they land they're headed to the house of a rich friend of hers. First we teasingly see her in just a bikini by the pool but later that night is the revelation. She slips off a robe and stands nude in a bedroom doorway and what we see is amazingly gorgeous (1:13). A full, ripe figure but still girlishly cute. Then she flies to NYC and meets with Timothy Wood, who could land her a lead in a Broadway play...that requires the star to be naked! She poses topless for him (1:19, wearing panties, stockings and a garter belt) then beds him (1:22, boobs and buns riding him). Why, oh, why didn't Lisa do more films?? She's a goddess! See the film just for her scenes.

Timothy Wood
John Sibbit

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