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1994 Unveiled 1 Review
1990 Pucker Up and Bark Like a Dog 1 Review
1990 Bad Influence 1 Review

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Unveiled (1994)
Immy was written on October 3, 2010

Very brief left breast (1:06)

This is definitely a "blink and you'll miss it" bit of nudity, and probably 100% unintentional. Lisa's in the bathroom the morning after the first night with a new lover and she accidentally knocks the guy's shaving kit on the floor. As she bends over to pick up the contents, her dressing gown gapes open and her tiny left boob can be glimpsed. Slo-mo is a must, but even at regular speed it's somewhat noticeable.

Pucker Up and Bark Like a Dog (1990)
Immy was written on August 24, 2005

Topless and partial butt (0:52)

Lisa has a close encounter with Jon Gries. First they get into the shower fully clothed (they're both already wet from a romp in an outdoor fountain) and undress each other. Topless only but it's pretty steamy. Next they hit the bed where the upper half of Lisa's butt is seen as he lays her down, then more boob glimpses as they go at it. A bit darker here but light from a window helps.

Bad Influence (1990)
whiteraven was written on November 28, 2009

Depends on who is on the video tape

Lisa Zane plays Claire. James Spader play straight laced Michael Boll. Rob Lowe is the psycho "Bad Influence". Spader meets Lowe after Lowe rescues Spader from a bar fight. In some confusing setup, they meet Zane at a bar where it seems Lowe walks off with her after Spader's failed attempt at picking her up (as Spader's wallet also disappears). After a second chance meeting with Spader and Lowe at an art exhibit, she accompanies Lowe and Spader to Spader's apartment where they all spend the night. At one point, the fully clothed Spader and Zane are alseep on a couch with Lowe sitting in a chair staring at Zane. She awakens where they adjourn to another room for conversation and light petting. Zane implies she will be going to have sex with Spader (whom she falsely believes to be newly widowed). At the 30:00 mark DVD, Spader awakens on the couch to the sounds of sex. In the background is video of a couple presumably Spader and Zane having sex, missionary position with the male on top thrusting deeply. The female is not really visible and it is shown from a distance. Lowe is sitting in a chair and comments, "You make a very funny face when you come." Spader looks around the room and notices the video camera. As he jumps off the couch dressed only in boxers, the redressed Zane enters the room to make her departure indicating she had no objecting to the tape. If shown fully screen it would have been a bit explicit for a general release film. It would not rate mentioning but the tape is used a bit later in an embarrassing life altering moment for Spader. Spader is engaged to Marcia Cross playing rich socialite Ruth Fielding. At about the 39:45 mark while at an large anniversary party of Cross's parents to which Lowe has invited himself, Lowe manages a viewing of the tape before Cross and her parents and other party guests while in another room he explains to Spader that he is doing for Spader's own good and then quickly departs the party. In grainy video style shown on a TV set Zane's character is shown fully nude riding above the nude Spader character. A bit of comedy as Cross's mother with the remote tries to turn off the tape but hits the fast forward button instead as the couple change positions and fall off the couch. It is difficult to tell if it is Zane or a body double. The woman is small breasted with a nice round rear. If shown fully in a different presentation it would match any Sharon Stone Madonna offering especially with the pelvic to pelvic action. But is it actually Zane? Obviously the Spader/Cross engagement is off as Cross's father chases Spader off.

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