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Linnea Quigley's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2001 Kannibal 1 Review
2000 Sex Files: Pleasureville 1 Review
1999 Animals 1 Review
1998 Death Mask 1 Review
1998 Curse of the Lesbian Love Goddess 2 Reviews
1995 Jack-O 2 Reviews
1995 Assault of the Party Nerds 2: The Heavy Petting Detective 1 Review
1994 Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings 1 Review
1993 Return of the Living Dead 13 Reviews
1993 Beach Babes from Beyond 1 Review
1991 Virgin High 1 Review
1990 Vice Academy Part 2 2 Reviews
1990 Linnea Quigley's Horror Workout 2 Reviews
1990 Deadly Embrace 1 Review
1989 Witchtrap 2 Reviews
1989 Vice Academy 1 Review
1989 Murder Weapon 2 Reviews
1989 Dr. Alien 1 Review
1989 Assault of the Party Nerds 2 Reviews
1988 Nightmare Sisters 2 Reviews
1988 Night of the Demons 7 Reviews
1988 Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers 1 Review
1987 Creepozoids 1 Review
1986 Beverly Hills Girls 1 Review
1984 Silent Night, Deadly Night 5 Reviews
1984 Savage Streets 3 Reviews
1983 Young Warriors 2 Reviews
1983 Cheech and Chong: Still Smokin' 2 Reviews
1981 Graduation Day 1 Review
1981 Don't Go Near the Park 1 Review
1979 Stone Cold Dead 1 Review
1978 Summer Camp 1 Review
1978 Fairy Tales 1 Review
1978 Auditions 5 Reviews
1975 Psycho From Texas 2 Reviews

nudity reviews for Linnea Quigley member submitted

Kannibal (2001)
whiteraven was written on September 25, 2009

Some T and a little A

VHS 25:57 In BDSM scene with Louise Ross (Tina Walker), Linnea Quigley removes her red top revealing full breasts but nipples covered by suspender straps as she assaults Ross's character. 55:39 mark Quigley in a cat and mouse game with Steven Craine takes him home from an art showing. He pulls her black top down with showing of breasts/nipples and handcuffs her apparently injecting her with a sedative, placing her on her bed. Her rear is show in lesbian scene with Daly.

Sex Files: Pleasureville (2000)
Chicago was written on March 5, 2001

1 shared scene

Linnea is the hillbilly in the movie who has sex with a guy at :16.34 (2 1/2 min.) She simulates oral sex (big up and down) on him while he's playing a tambourine (huh?). You see her breasts which are very unnatural (Shauna and Linnea give breast implants a horrible rap!)...but she has tremendous nipples, and there are great views of them. In the scene, while on top of the guy, she teases him by tempting/pulling away her breasts that he wants to suck on. Only a 2* scene. At :51, Linnea/guy shares a longer scene (cutaways) with Regina/Duggan who are are also having sex. Again, unusual shaped breasts with fantastic, erect nipples...and clear bush shots while she's on top of the guy.

Animals (1999)
OzzyOsbourne was written on March 4, 2004

Rape scenes

Good shots of Linnea's breasts and ass, though she is nude during rape scenes, so that may detract from some viewers' enjoyment.

Death Mask (1998)
sky_blue_waters was written on September 25, 2005

Shower Scene

In the opening credits, we see Linnea in profile. While she is rinsing herself off, we get a nice shot of her boobs. She has her right knee raised up abit, witch gives her butt a beautiful round curve. The scene is only about 10 seconds, but is repeted in the film. Any other actress would get 2 stars but Linnea is so damn cute.

Curse of the Lesbian Love Goddess (1998)
NekkidChix was written on October 2, 2000


This scene is not what I'd call explicit as it usually pertains to a XXX movie.

Linnea does get completely nude and ACTS as though she is masturbating, but makes sure that her hand covers her vagina and labia at all times when her legs are spread.

Here is a moment-by-moment breakdown:
Takes off her top and rubs her breasts. Takes off the rest of her clothes and rubs her hand between her closed legs. Lots of dark shadows. Turns around and shows her derriere. Her anus is briefly and barely discernible between her cheeks. Faces forward. Sits in chair, legs together. Fake moaning. Rubs her boobs. Hand between her closed legs. Leans backward and foreward to simulate sexual movement. Shots of her back and derriere while seated. Seated with legs slightly spread and entire hand covering pubic area. Moves entire hand slightly to similate masturbation. Seated at desk leaning backwards and foreward. Rubbing boobs with one hand. Interrupted by phone call.

Next scene: Sitting in chair with legs drawn up. Legs open but entire hand covering crotch. Fake moaning. Looking around set, bored. Close-up of hand covering crotch, more movement than before. Fingers VERY tight together. Moves hand much faster, but still nothing visible under it. Moving hand more slowly. Moves hand faster. Nothing visible. Pressing body up against opaque glass. Nipples against glass. Pushing hips against glass. Nothing explicit visible. Back sitting down with legs open and hand covering crotch, moving it slightly, never exposing anything.

All of this is interspersed among two other scenes where 2 girls get it on together.

It's certainly hotter than anything else I've seen Linnea do on video, but it's far from hardcore.

JC was written on November 14, 1998

Linnea in a hardcore solo masterbation scene!!!!

This movie is a must for Linnea fans in her first X-Rated movie!She does a explicit masterbation scene!!!Very,very HOT!!!!

Jack-O (1995)
Penis was written on October 29, 2003

Linnea in the shower

Gratuitous nudity at its finest! Doesn't get 4 stars because Linnea doesn't show us her Quigley, but what we do get are great glimpses and close-ups of her great tits and ass as she scrubs up in the shower. Yum.

59chevy was written on April 2, 2005

shower scene

Not sure what version of this movie Penis saw or for that matter what version I got, but NO nudity from Linnea in the version I have on VHS. There is no rating listed on the factory box or cassette I have, but if there's a version of this movie that shows her boobs and but this isn't it! Not that I was overly disappointed she was looking pretty old in this movie so I doubt she would be much to see.

Assault of the Party Nerds 2: The Heavy Petting Detective (1995)
Immy was written on May 22, 2007


Linnea runs a salon and ends up in bed with some of her male customers. Both times (0:32 & 0:46) she's riding the guys topless, adding figures on a calculator seeing if the guys make enough money. More comic than sexy but her boobs are on good display.

Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings (1994)
cecil was written on November 8, 2001

sex scene

Sex scene with R. A. Mihailoff, she is sitting atop him and we see several quick views of her right breast from the side. She then slides off him to lay beside him, and another couple quick views of her breasts.

Return of the Living Dead (1993)
Ghostwords was written on August 25, 2008

The Mystery Solved

In this 2006 interview, Ms Quigley reveals she did indeed wear an appliance over her genitalia:

BushLeague was written on August 31, 2002

Nude throughout, but not a whole lot

In the version I saw, Linnea is not completely nude--she has a pair of thick wool "leg warmers" on. Also a slow mo reveals that she had some kind of latex appliance over her pubic region. Play by Play: she strips out of her clothes to the above at an old grave yard--It is night time so it is slightly dark. She does a dance on an old above-ground crypt (full length, but from a distance) you see ass and tits. She is shown topless while rubbing some "punks" leg. She is shown running from the creatures (still night, still dark, but you can make it out well). She is "zombiefied". Later she is shown briefly from the waist up, being reborn as a zombie. A brief scene later shows her running as a zombie through a police blockade (full length, this is where my slow-mo revealed the appliance--should have been a pussy crack, but no!). I wish I could find a full length frontal nude of this chick while she was young--great rack!

Ghostwords was written on October 4, 2005


I have to agree with BushLeague: I recall freezing the video and spotting something odd during the striptease/dance. If I can lay my hands on a decent dvd print, we may be able to solve the query once and for all.

Bootydaddy was written on July 5, 2002

Whole Movie

The other reviewers are right, Linnea is naked the almost the WHOLE movie! Only time she is dressed is when she is walking into the graveyard with a bunch of friends, then she starts acting all weird and takes off all her clothes revealing everything, ass, bush & tits...pretty nice bod, I wasn't to crazy about the hair, but that is 1985 for ya=)

Annie May was written on October 15, 1998

Walking toward you at night.

In a brief but memorable shot, Linnea--who has been turned into a brains-craving zombie--walks toward an unsuspecting victim in a scene of rull frontal nudity. She puts a sexy wiggle in that walk, too. Earlier, she briefly dances topless in a cemetary (while still alive) for the amusement of her punk rocker friends. A witty and amusing zombie movie with a few scares and a little gore.

Dave was written on February 24, 1999

Butt shot

Annie forget to mention that we also get a shot of Linnea's bare butt while dancing in the graveyard. That's a butt that is not to be forgotten!

tazzie was written on November 2, 1999

playing around in graveyard

Linnea decides to take off all her clothes in agraveyard. She starts off topless, then climbs intoa concrete block and strips off the rest. Nice frontal and rear shots of Linnea's body. Later, afterit rains, she is sitting in the car with her friendstopless, having left her clothes behind in the rush.Finally, she gets turned into a brain-eating zombiewalking about naked biting off the top of people'sheads.

schlitz40 was written on October 12, 2001

Nude Throughout

Damn! What the former reviewer said of a "workprint" edition, I must see that. I just saw the regular version and that is still four stars. I am a big fan of Linnea, don't like the punk reddish hair she's sporting in this movie but hey, she's a b-movie queen and does all sorts of odd stuff. She is naked quite a bit in this movie, doing a strip tease on a grave, walking around naked, and eventually eating people as a naked zombie. Everything is shown her, her firm breasts, her pubic region, and her REALLY NICE ass. This is a must for Linnea fans or anyone wanting to see a good looking female naked (although she is much more attractive in other movies with her blonde hair in my opinion). This is also a really fun movie to watch even without the nudity if you like "living dead" movies.

soulman was written on July 4, 2002

Nice Bod.

Quigley is naked for most of the film (before and after she's turned into a zombie). Starting with a graveyard strip tease and continuing with her running from and being caught by the zombies, she shows everything (pubes, tits and butt). While not a fan, there no doubt that this chick has one great bod.

Winchester was written on December 22, 1999

Zombie nudity...

She has a small role as a punk girl turned into a brain-eater zombie... but good enough to enjoy 'cause mayority of time she appears nude: she begins to make a sort of strip-dance in front her friends at the graveyard, gettin' naked at he first minutes of the movie, later, once she was turned into a zombie-girl she walks in street totally nude through the fog and attacks an unlucky guy. good full frontal exposing a nice body and a clearly visible shaved vulva. Funny movie after all...

TonyClifton was written on January 16, 2000

The Infamous Workprint

I own the workprint of this movie. Linnea's naked dance on the tombstone lasts a full 2 minutes longer! If you can get your hands on this it is worth it.

NakedPenis was written on November 27, 2004

Linnea's Nude Scenes....

Oh my God some of the best nude scenes in a Hollywood movie to date. She is buck naked throughout the whole movie, at the beginning she takes off all her clothes and keeps them off!

We see her boobs (of course) several shots of her naked ass and even a lot of glimpses of her vagina from behind and between her legs.

I was surprised she fully shaved her vagina, no pubic hair, you see her vagina completley! her lips etc. There not spread or anything. But when she's walking or running naked you obviously see her vagina spreading a lot both full and behind frontal. We see her running outside naked also in the rain her in the car naked between a guy and a girl. The briefly she puts on this little shirt, that doesn't really cover anything...

We still see her ass and abit of her naked vagina and her breasts. Then finally she turns into a zombie and is running around very naked and you see it all but with a different shade of skin. You especially see her vagina lips.

rocco-rules was written on December 2, 2004

dvd zoom reveals shaved pussy

I used my dvd player's zoom, pause and single frame features while Linnea was dancing on the tomb and I definitely saw a shaved beaver and slit, from the front and the back !!! I didn't see any appliance over her crotch.

Beach Babes from Beyond (1993)
BushLeague was written on October 26, 2002

Laying in bed in teddy

More like 1/2*, but don't get this if you are a Linnea nudity fan (unless you are a total freak!). She is in bed fantasizing about her boy friend making love and 1/2 of her luscious left slobber ball shows (no nipple). The rest of the film has her in totally unrevealing outfits (not even a bikini!). It is a good thing so many other gorgeous femmes when topless and half bottomless or I would have been ill from Linn's puritanical performance. P.S. after all these years, she has only barely (but not bare-ly) learned how to act(!?).

Virgin High (1991)
Antman was written on December 18, 1999

Topless twice

(24 min) Breasts when she is having sex on top of a guy in bed; looking bored and buffing her nails while she rides him. (55 min) Briefly topless again on top of the same guy.

Vice Academy Part 2 (1990)
Antman was written on December 15, 1999

Topless dancing

(64 min) Topless and buns in a black g-string dancing on stage with Ginger Lynn Allen. Includes a nice, fairly lengthy close-up Linnea shaking her shapely ass.

BushLeague was written on January 18, 2002

Cat fight classic

She and another girl get into a cat-fight. Linnea is wearing a micro mini dress with matching panties, the other girl a longer looser dress with white panties. It is a long scene and both girls have fantastic trim, athletic smooth thighs with many up the skirt scenes and skirt hike ups. A must for leg and ass men and cat fight afficianados.

Linnea Quigley's Horror Workout (1990)
BushLeague was written on August 14, 2002

While teaching ghouls aerobics

Her nice little tittie pops out of a lacey top while she leads the "undead" in aerobics (I don't believe it either--getting ghouls into shape!)

duckem was written on November 27, 2000

classic Linnea Quigley

Her first scene is in the shower where there
is a good closeup of her breasts and buns.
But the most memorable scenes are of her exercising in her leotards where there are countless cleavage and crotch shots.

Deadly Embrace (1990)
Antman was written on December 10, 1999

Two scenes

(15 min) Topless and buns after taking off a white lingerie outfit during a dream sequence. Could have been a better scene, but the lighting was dark except for a slowly strobng blue light. (58 min) Bare breasts and some shots of her ass when she takes of her clothes and has sex with a guy in bed. One of Linnea's best heterosexual sex scenes.

Witchtrap (1989)
DeMan was written on December 7, 2001

Full frontal shower/death scene

Linnea Quigley, at the peak of her "scream queen" career, is shown full frontal as she takes off her robe to get into the shower. Her lovely ripe ass is also shown as she gets in. Shortly afterwards, she's shown from the waist up (nice breast shot) as the water suddenly cuts off. As she stares at the shower head, it suddenly shoots forward and stabs her in the throat. Her breasts are shown again as she staggers back and collapses, but the abundance of stage blood covering her body obviously detracts from her appearance.

bizzy was written on January 11, 1999

full frontal

Great full frontal shot as she is undressing to get in the shower. Highly recommended!

Vice Academy (1989)
Antman was written on December 15, 1999

Topless scene

(45 min) Topless after hand-cuffing a guy to a table, taking her clothes off and then riding him against is will.

Murder Weapon (1989)
sirspread was written on April 10, 2004

breasts and bum

well summed up by the previous reviewer the scene where she rides on top is the best although her breasts are silicone and not pleasing to look at

Antman was written on December 18, 1999

Three scenes

(8 min) A brief, but nice full rear shot of her walking away from the camera with her hair up in pig-tails and carrying a knife. (40 min) Briefly topless after taking off her shirt and kissing a guy while sitting in a car. (48 min) Breasts and butt after taking off all her clothes and then getting into bed with a guy. A fairly long scene of her topless having sex on top of the guy before she suddenly jumps off and gets out of the bed.

Dr. Alien (1989)
Antman was written on July 3, 1999

Topless with 2 other girls

Linnea is the girl in the white outfit in the dream sequence about 20 minutes into the movie.

Assault of the Party Nerds (1989)
Antman was written on December 10, 1999

Topless scene

A decent look at Linna's perky breasts during a sex scene with her on top of a guy. Occurs about 25 minutes into the movie.

cecil was written on February 16, 2014

sex scene

Lots of breast exposure as she sits atop Kevin M. Glover, squirms about, and moans. Side views and front views, though a sheet covers her rear end. At the end of the scene, he sits up and hugs her. Lasts well over a minute.

Nightmare Sisters (1988)
BushLeague was written on March 12, 2004

Not a nightmare, more like a wet dream

Linnea has a *very* long (may be 5 minutes) topless scene with Michelle and Brinke. First it is kindy of blurry in a living room (but her silicone jugs are easily visible, as is the rest of her, except for some lacey panties--These girls are in fantastic physical condition). The "action" moves to the kitchen where everything is clear as a bell (more frontal, sans brassiere with panties--Linnea gives a half assed pantied view on the left side). Then rub-a-dub-dub three scream queens in a tub as the girls take turns soaping each other down. Linnea only shows her boobs. Later she sings and dances to "Santa Monica boulevard boy". It is a little dark, but her left booble flops out of the costume and jiggles nicely.

Antman was written on July 4, 1999

Great film for nudity

Linnea is seen naked a few times in this movie, but the best scene is the bathtub scene. It is a very lenghty scene (more than 5 minutes) of Linnea, Michelle Bauer, & Brinke Stevens taking a bath together. This movie may be a little hard to find, but it is well worth the search.

Night of the Demons (1988)
tabasco was written on February 14, 2007

Full frontal scene but my favorite scene is the panty scene.

Linnea is an extremely fine blonde. When she bends over an ice cream cooler, there is a close-up of her ass in panties and OMG only a thin piece of cloth is between you and heaven. Sweet Jesus that got me erect in a nanosecond. Non-nude but my fave scene of this movie. Later, there is a good scene where she puts lipstick on her tits and we get a nice look. Plus a brief full-frontal as she acts crazy and lifts up her skirt.

Thebigstud was written on October 25, 2001

Linnea acting pretty trippy!

Well Linnea is possessed by some demonic spirit. Thanks to her friend that gave her a lesbian like kiss. So shortly after she is possessed, she takes her shirt off and exposes her breasts. I guess this is her self awareness stage of being possessed, because she starts getting a tube of lipstick and circles around her nipple with it! The tittites are nice and big. I give this two stars only becuase I don't find Linnea that fine. She had nice breasts though. Linnea next takes the lipstick and stuffs it inside one of her breasts. Good makeup to make this real.

@ was written on October 23, 1998


A rare linnea full fontal scene a must see for fans!!!

BOD was written on December 16, 1999

full frontal

I don't agree with the other guy that this is a rare scene for her since she has done a lot of nude scenes wherein she is completely naked. This movie is one of them. Movie ain't that good but the nudity is worthwhile.

schlitz40 was written on October 12, 2001

Linnea Doing Freaky Stuff As Usual

Linnea is topless, lifts up her skirt to show her pubic area, etc. Nice movie to see Linnea nude in. One really weird scene though, where a topless and possessed Linnea circles her breasts with lipstick and then shoves the lipstick inside of her nipple. Weird scene but good nudity.

BushLeague was written on September 5, 2002

Three very good scenes + 1 nice

She bends over in a convenience store to distract the clerks and her crinoline skirt hikes up revealing her great legs from the rear and her panties only half covering her firm buns-very brightly lit, camera lingers for a real good look. Not nude, but she dances in front of a fireplace and the outline of her gams are projected in shadows through her skirt--nice long scene, although interrupted several times. Takes off her panties and lifts up her skirt to show legs from front and neatly trimmed black bush slightly dark and walks toward boyfriend, but you can make things out nicely--again nice long look!. Takes off her blouse and reveals nice round firm separated tits and shoves a lipstick container into her left breast. For a better look at her butt, see "Return of the Living Dead".

vizier was written on February 16, 2017

blonde bush

her best scene is where she lifts her skirt to show off her nice blonde bush.......too bad her face is kind of messed up as she is turning into a demon at the time but hey,if you want to see bush....pan down!

Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers (1988)
BushLeague was written on January 18, 2002

Two nude scenes, many great mini skirt scenes

Normally I would only give her performance two stars, but I am a leg man and Linnea looks fantastic in her blue micro-mini dress and they give us "mini" long looks at her fantastic legs (only one slight beaver though). First nude scene she is a stripper and strips to topless and thong, although she supposedly has a dance background, she doesn't move too well, but her tits and ass are fantastic!. Later she does a "Dance of the Dual Chainsaws" and has a chainsaw fight. She is in a thong and covered in a thin layer of paint. As she kills two dudes and the blood splatters on her, the paint is partially washed away giving another good shot of her perky, perfect breasts, as well as the rest of her body again.

Creepozoids (1987)
grong was written on June 30, 1999

Cliched shower scene

In this Z Grade Film Linnea is one of a group of people being killed off one by one by some fierce creature. So befitting Z Grade plots, she and some stud head off to the shower for sex. We see her breasts and glimpses of butt. There is probably other nudity in this film but don't quote me on this.

Beverly Hills Girls (1986)
Antman was written on November 9, 1999

Three scenes

Her first nude scene in the film is pretty unremarkable: twenty-six minutes into the film she is topless when she and the other girls change into their costumes in the recording studio. Her second nude scene occurs about ten minutes later when she and another girl take their clothes off and start having sex in bed while Becky Lebeau watches. Linnea is totally nude in this scene and she and the other girl get into some pretty heavy, not-quite-explicit lesbian action. Near the end of the film, Linnea is topless again when she joins two other women on a sofa for some more lesbian sex. This scene never really amounts to very much; but it is cut into scenes of several other groups having sex in different parts of the house. She looks a little rough in this movie, but the second scene reviewed above makes this film a must-see for Linnea fans.

Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984)
soulman was written on December 8, 2001

Nice Tits.

You do get a good look at Linnea's tits while making out with her boyfriend and again when she's being chased by the killer Santa, But she ends up getting shoved onto a pair of antlers. But up until then, it's all good.

Ghostwords was written on September 19, 2012

Top class toplessness

We must all have been very good indeed that xmas to get this item off our wish list: an extended view of a young and gloriously semi-nude Ms Quigley.

We first see her character, Denise, making out with her boyfriend on a basement pool table (they'll ruin the felt that way, but it looks worth the risk). She's wearing white panties and a tight top, which he unbuttons to reveal her breasts. Aside from a moment when she covers up because she thinks her kid sister is coming downstairs, they stay on display for the rest of her screentime, even when Denise puts her shorts back on to let the family cat in (she just stands in the doorway, which the neighbours must love). This provides the psycho Santa with his chance to attack, and he chases her into the lounge before picking the girl up and impaling her upon the antlers of a deer trophy (curiously, the lighting changes during this footage, possibly because the sfx shots were filmed at a different time). There's another brief view when her boyfriend finds the body.

Ghostwords was written on September 19, 2012


Forgot to add, this scene begins about 50 minutes into the movie.

wheble2299 was written on August 4, 2001


Very nice view of Linnea breasts as she first makes out with her boyfriend and then as she walks around the house and runs around the house being chased by the killer. She looks really good on a pair of antliers. You get a good look at them then, to bad she is dead

Mr_Bigglesworth was written on April 21, 1999

Long topless scene

The scene begins with her making out with her boyfriend on the pool table in a basement rec room. He removes her shirt and we see her breasts. They make out some more and she hears a noise, so she runs upstairs topless, thinking it's the cat wanting to be let in. She opens the door and waits. Then, the Santa Claus killer barges in and throws her around the living room before impaling her on a pair of dear antlers on the wall. It's mysognistic to be sure, but you do get an excellent look at her breasts as she topless for about five minutes straight.

Savage Streets (1984)
Bevan was written on September 15, 2002

Brief flash ...

Which gives you the idea that Linnea is a better actress than she's sometimes been credited. It's a pretty unsexy rape scene, and we know that Linnea can be a real hotty with her sweet little bod.

Antman was written on July 10, 1999

Brief scene

A quick glimpse of her breasts while she is being raped.

Disgusting-Duo was written on November 23, 1999

Rape Scene

Yes, you do get very candid shots of her, but the context of it renders the shots usless as something you can twist your wrist to, unless you are the kind of person who tells their shrink that they can see blood & hear voices. Thoroughly entertaining film, though...

Young Warriors (1983)
OzzyOsbourne was written on March 30, 2003

Briefly jumping out of bed.

Not Linnea's best nude scene, she is in bed and the covers get yanked off. She leaps out of bed and runs out the door. Tits and ass visible.

cecil was written on May 17, 2004

jumping out of bed

This occurs about 4 minutes into the movie. She wakes up in the guys' dorm room, under the covers but completely nude. With the camera at her head, Ed De Stefane lifts the covers and places his stethoscope all over her chest. But it's hard to make out anything as her head and his arm hide most anything, and she keeps her legs bent and turned. Then the camera faces the foot of the bed. Mike Norris rips off the sheet, she sits up and hides her breasts with her arms. Then she jumps out of bed and runs toward the camera, full frontal nudity, however it's blurred as she runs. Then we see her bare rear as she runs out of the room, maybe half a second of exposure. About 18 minutes into the movie we see a girl run out of a bedroom at a frat party, running towards the camera, fully nude, but it's all a blur. It's not supposed to be Linnea's character, but there's some resemblance so it may be her.

Cheech and Chong: Still Smokin' (1983)
Antman was written on July 10, 1999

Topless a few times

She appears topless three times with several other girls. It's pretty easy to pick her out of the crowd.

Chicago was written on July 26, 2002

2 scenes

At :45-:45.5, topless Linnea walks by the very steamed window to the sauna while Cheech (lying next to Chong) looks over at her from inside. At 1:02.75, Cheech is sitting amidst several topless women in the sauna where one of the blondes is Linnea...better breast views for 20 sec.

Graduation Day (1981)
cecil was written on December 17, 2004

after choir rehearsal

As choir rehearsal is over at 37 minutes, she's alone with the choir director (Richard Balin). She opens her blouse and exposes her bare breasts for about 4 seonds before grabbing his head and pulling his face into her chest.

Don't Go Near the Park (1981)
tickledick was written on August 16, 2004

Bare breasts

Her breasts are visible, in bed, talking to a guy, well lit.

Stone Cold Dead (1979)
duckem was written on March 22, 2002

shower scene

She has a nude shower scene near the beginning. What could have been a good full frontal is obscured by the textured glass of the shower. When she's shot through the bathroom window she is shown nude unobstructed but her arms are covering her breats just showing a flash of nipple. When she falls to the floor you get a perfect view of her butt. Still a good early nude of Linnea Q.

Summer Camp (1978)
BushLeague was written on June 19, 2004

Group shower scene

She is credited as Barbara Gold and is her natural brunette and pre-silicone tits. She has her nice dancer's buns, but little indication of the curvaceous cutie that the surgeons and Jane Fonda would transform her into.

Fairy Tales (1978)
Antman was written on July 3, 1999

Early film nudity

Her second nude film appearance. She is topless late in the movie and she looks pretty young.

Auditions (1978)
Ghostwords was written on July 12, 2012


[Antman] is incorrect: Ms Quigley's first nude scene was in Psycho From Texas, released several years earlier. Indeed, she may have been underage at the time.

12-string was written on March 20, 2001

cute, but really sleazy picture

Linnea plays a midwestern hopeful auditioning for a movie role. She does a full nude dance, showing off her petite body and A-cups, then gets teamed with a couple of porn actors for what is supposed to be a nude 3-some. Before anything happens (other than a little jostling), the producer's voice comes on, tells LQ "We know you're an underage runaway from Podunk, and you're in BIG trouble for trying to get into this movie." Yeah, sure. Movie has scads of nudity, male and female, but the number of familiar porn and softcore faces (&c) in the cast prove that its alleged gimmick, secret tapes of unknowing actor hopefuls, is just a scripted contrivance. This is the youngest and highschooliest LQ imaginable, and she looks really sweet, even/especially when stripped down to her fur, but movie is grubby-looking stroll down Poverty Row in the late 70s.

BushLeague was written on December 5, 2002

Initial audition and later simu-sexus interruptus

Linnea looks almost nothing like she does later, except for the blonde hair and the black bush. Her face is round and cherub like, her tits had not been inflated with silicone and her thighs would have made R. Crumb slobber (he liked them big and round), but her ass was very round and firm, not like later. She strips for the initial interview and shows slightly saggy 34a's, tight abs and aformentioned legs and butt. She then does the wildest go-go dance this side of "Laugh-in". She obviously made it initially on her dance ability. Later she is nude in a 3-way and shows all again, but the producer says she is underage and should go home to her parents. She did not participate in the later orgy (rats!).

BushLeague was written on December 5, 2002

Almost simu-sex scene

Frame by frame review shows Linnea showing her fuzzy pussy lips to the camera, before the lights go dim and the scene is stopped.

Antman was written on July 3, 1999

First film nudity

This movie has Linnea in two nude scenes that are her first as near as I can tell. She looks very young, but was actually 19 or 20 years old. She sure was cute.

Psycho From Texas (1975)
Antman was written on October 2, 1999

Nude while dancing

A good long nude scene of Linnea in a really weird situation. She is forced to remove her clothes in a bar and dance around very badly while a guy pours beer all over her.

Ghostwords was written on May 14, 2007

Underage nudity?

Ms Quigley was no older than 17 when this movie was released and possibly only 16 when it was filmed (she was born in May 1958). This may account for the scarcity of copies of this film on UK video during the early 1980s (I'm pretty sure it never received BBFC certification, as required by all releases following the "video nasties" hysteria). On the other hand, it's also a grim, somewhat sleazy tale, and the short scene featuring Ms Quigley (as a barmaid forced to strip naked and dance whilst the eponymous killer pours beer over her body) is typically unpleasant. It's perhaps significant that she appears to have taken a three-year break from movies afterwards.

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