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2005 Where the Truth Lies 2 Reviews

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Where the Truth Lies (2005)
lattara was written on December 7, 2005

Naked Alice

Kristin has a lesbian encounter with Alison Lohman and a helping hand from Colin Firth whilst dressed as Alice in Wonderland. During some of the girl-girl moments she is partly naked but not shown to her best advantage, but there is a fine reveal of her smallish breasts, when Firth stands behind her and unfastens the front of her Alice-style dress.

whiteraven was written on October 31, 2009

Bare breast - lesbian scene with Lohman

Kristin Adams is credited as "Alice" though her character is not really named. She first appears at a children's benefit dressed as Alice in Wonderland (strangely enough singing "Go Ask Alice"). Firth is setting her up with Alison Lohman. At about the 1:08:09 mark, Firth standing behind her unbuttons her blouse, pulling the left side revealing a smallish A-cup breast/nipple which last until about 1:08:26 when Adams approaches the topless sitting Lohman whom she goes down on (with no explanation as to how Lohman lost her pants). Then about 1:08:43 to about 1:08:45, one of the hottest sences of the movie as the very naked Lohman is shown back side sitting as Adams is fully muff diving her right hand about Lohman's mid thigh with Lohman's left hand on Adams's head. Lohman is shown from her left rear side from just under the shoulders to about her knees (sitting) and only Adams's hair is visible so possible body doubles. About the 1:08:55 mark the topless Lohman reaches into Adams's blouse revealing her right breast/nipples. There is kissing.

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