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year title
1973 Sex Shop, Le 2 Reviews
1972 Avanti! 4 Reviews

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Sex Shop, Le (1973)
Bushyboy was written on November 12, 2008

Wrong person

BushLeague's head was where the sun doesn't shine when he entered his review! Juliet Mills was NOT in this movie..... Juliette Mills was.

BushLeague was written on May 20, 2004

Book signing at sex shop

Some nice symmetrical 34b's as she is topless playing the author of a sex book.

Avanti! (1972)
Dante9703 was written on October 17, 2004

Breasts while skinny dipping

Juliet and Jack go skinny dipping in the mediterranean about 1 hr 20 mins into the film. We see her naked in the water from a distance but we cannot really see anything. We see more when she climbs out onto a rock and get to see her butt. When she is lying down we get a very slight hint of bush and her right breast at an angle. The best view is a moment later when she sits up to wave at a passing boat and we get a clear view of both breasts. There are a couple of other brief glimpses at her butt and breasts later in the film but this is the best scene. I give this *** as this is the only film as far as I am aware Juliet has done some nudity in and I remember her fondly from my childhood when she starred in a tv show.

soulman was written on May 7, 2003

Not Bad At All.

Mills played a nanny on TV years before Fran did and Condor does a good job describing her scene. Nice round butt and nice tits too. I did'nt know she had ever done any screen nudity until I came across this movie on TV. There's even a brief distant patch shot during the first scene when she's lying on a rock. A little more exposure would've rated an extra *. Not bad at all.

Condor was written on July 26, 1999


To my best knowledge this is the only film in wich Ms. Milles posed naked. She first shows us her assets after a party that is draged to the morning she goes skiny dipping. we she her naked swiming in the sea. Than as she submerges from the sea to sit on a rock we get a short but good look at her big jucy snow-white ass. If u freeze the frame u will be able to see even little pubes. then as she sits on the rock talking to Jack Lemon we she her back to the upper part of her behind. also u get a good look at her tits while she is waving to a passing boat. The second scene is a short one when Lemon talks on the phone while shes lying naked on her stomack so once more her white buns dominate the scene. The last chance to see Naked Ms. Milles is towards the end when she is running in the room wearing only a pijama shirt. she puts something on closet so she is standing on her toes and her pijama goes up to reveal her ass the last time then she is pushing a stratigicly placed tray so you cant she her pubes but you get a last look at her tits.

Bushyboy was written on November 12, 2008

Wrong movie

BushLeague's head was where the sun doesn't shine when he entered his review! Juliet Mills was NOT in Le Sex Shop..... Juliette Mills was.

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