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Julie Andrews' Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
1986 Duet for One 4 Reviews
1981 S.O.B. 16 Reviews
1970 Darling Lili 2 Reviews

nudity reviews for Julie Andrews member submitted

Duet for One (1986)
ff was written on April 27, 2004

several scenes

the first scene is when she is washing herself in the sink you get to see her right breast down her blouse. then she starts to collapse and you can clearly see her breasts through her wet blouse. the second scene you see her breasts while lying in bed then she rolls over and you get to see her ass briefly. the third scene she gets some pills from the medicine cabinet you get to see her nipples poking. then she goes to the TV and drinkining pills with her nipples still poking then she passes out. she wakes up pukes on her blouse and her right breast is clearly visible.

MovieEddie was written on April 3, 1999

One sexy lady

There was always a lot more to Julie Andrews than Mary Poppins and Maria Von Trapp. In this 1986 flick, Julie gives a wrenching performance as a dying musician. And her nude scene with Liam Neeson is very sexy; Julie has beautiful breasts, and--radiant as she was in the '60s--she has matured into one gorgeous woman.

MovieBuff was written on January 15, 1999

Topless lying in bed and brief bare butt when she rolls off of the bed.

Topless lying in bed and brief bare butt when she rolls off of the bed.

Chad was written on October 21, 1998


Who on earth WANTS to see Mary Poppins naked?! What was she thinking? Horrible!

S.O.B. (1981)
NakedPenis was written on November 20, 2004

Julie's Nude Scene

Can you believe it? Julie was 46 years old when she did this scene. Amazing boobs, you see them in the clear! her nipples, her boobs are a very good size and shape, she's truly an amazing woman!

tazzie was written on September 12, 1999

standing topless

Quite a good movie, and Julie Andrew's showingher breasts (not to mention Rosanna Arquette) islike icing on the cake. Sort of a movie aboutmaking a movie, and worth watching.

BushLeague was written on June 2, 2002

Almost nothing really

This almost would not be worth mentioning, except this is Julie Andrews and I am a pantyhose freak. While getting a sedative before revealing her tits, the doctor gives her a shot and she pulls down the rear of her red tights to bare the briefest amount of her upper right butt cheek. She then lifts up her leg to reveal the entire pantyhose leg, including the ass.

Luvmonk was written on January 28, 2003

I never liked the Sound of Music...until now.

Yes it is true. Couldn't believe it till I saw it. Wow. Its only tits but it gets three stars because its Julie Andrews and one of the least expected persons to do it, the lighting was great, it was from a close to med. range, and there was a good amount of time spent looking at them.

MovieBuff was written on January 15, 1999

Very nice, long topless scene as she bares her breasts in the making of a movie.

Very nice, long topless scene as she bares her breasts in the making of a movie.

Alphonse was written on October 5, 1999


Julie Andrews has great tits for her age. After getting hopped up on some sort of intoxicant (I don't remember, but I think she's high) she ends up standing topless on full display. Her breasts are great, her nipples perfect. A good scene from one of the last actresses you'd expect to see naked. Very exciting.

MrKeithTalent was written on October 5, 1999

an icon disrobes

So who would have thunk, when this movie came out. Julie bares her breasts. Its kind of a parody of herself when a childrens actress gets forced by her husband to do a topless scene in a film. She's getting all wasted before the scene is to be filmed, and asking her doctor his opinion on her boobies. Its a long build-up and she rips of her top displaying her cherry tipped golden globes. Theres a wiring below her cups holding them up for posterities sake. I noticed that on the 6th viewing.....the first five times I was busy drooling.

mcjw2011 was written on January 29, 2003

Julie finally shows off her "mini poppins"

Julie Andrews finally pops her top in this silly 1981 comedy. Near the end of the movie, she's filming a scene and she's been given a sedative. When they finally start to film, Julie finally pulls her top down to reveal her nice, well-developed set of breasts. So much for her to show off... the scene is well-lit and we do get to see them for a prolonged amount of time before she shyly covers them up. That scene, plus a lot other topless actresses in this film make this a very satisfying movie experience to those who love boobies. Recommended for Julie's fans... because this is probably her first (and only) nude scene. Julie is one of those few actresses that stay sexy until well after their 50s, without cosmetic procedures. I hope the same will stay true for Susan Sarandon and Rene Russo...

oldbabe was written on March 11, 2002

Mary Pop it.

A mature Julie Andrews bares her luscious mounts. She is really a beauty for a 46-year old. Director and hubby, Blake Edwards must have been one lucky bastard and honestly, he was also generous in sharing the view of Julie's developed tits, regardless of the wiring support. And she was smart to delay her screen nudities until her breasts have really grown up (or down, as the case may be).

CrazyKing was written on January 1, 2003

Ripping her dress open

My oh my! She might be way past her prime in this movie but that doesn't make her any less sexy. And the scene is awesome too - she just rips the front part of her dress off and bares her "mini poppins" for all to see. But thats not the real beauty of the scene; what I like the best is the way she looks down at her own rack, bursts into laughter and then covers up with a very cute smile.
1 star because it's Andrews,
1 star because we finally see them, and
1 star because of the cute way she shows them.
But only 3 stars and not a forth because she is a little too old to pose topless...

soulman was written on July 8, 2001

I Don't Think So

When Andrews hosted her own variety show in the early 70's I always wondered how she looked naked. So when I heard that Andrews was baring her breasts in this film I went out to see for my self. While I found the film to be a very funny dark satire, the big moment was real disappointment. Julie's aren't what I thought they would be. The build-up, the big moment and then it's over. Big deal.

Bevan was written on November 11, 1999

Nice set for a lady her age

Apparently, Andrews was always pissed off at her goody-two-shoes image, and tried in vain toget people to see her as she really was. She figured that if going topless didn't work, nothing would.

NDStriken84 was written on January 24, 2001

Why, Mary Poppins? Why?

You get to see Julie's magnificent rack, and it could be droopy, but it was held up by support wires. Julie Andrew's was hot, even at that old age.

Chad was written on October 21, 1998

musical number

No! No! I won't look!Maria! How could you?!

Texasmovieman was written on June 8, 2008

musical number

life imatates art. not much there but to get rid of her goodie-goodie image julies character does full toples scean of good lengh.heard in real life she watchs porn and cuses

rachaelleighcookrulz was written on April 28, 2001

bare breasts

this is a must see for julie andrews fans! she bare breast in this movie .not bad for an old lady.

Darling Lili (1970)
soulman was written on September 13, 2002

Left Tit.

I saw the vidcaps at:

MovieBuff was written on January 15, 1999

Brief bare breast after stripping on stage and going behind curtain.

The scene is quick, you need to pause the video in order to get a good look.

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