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Julia Has Two Lovers' Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Kastner, Daphna 1 Review
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Ann, Julia 0 Reviews

Julia Has Two Lovers' Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Duchovny, David 1 Review

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Daphna Kastner
Dave was written on February 24, 1999

A little of everything

Daphna has various casual nude scenes throughout the movie. There's a brief shot of her breasts while changing a shirt, and another fleeting breast shot while taking a bath. Pretty ho-hum until she rises from the bath, and we get a glimpse of full-frontal Daphna! The actual sex scene proves to be not-so-exciting, as we get only a very brief shot of her butt. What makes Daphna's nude scenes so shocking is the fact that she wrote the damn movie herself! Talk about an exhibitionist! If it wasn't for some bad lighting, these scenes would get 4 stars in my book. You gotta love someone who is willing to flaunt it!

Julia Ann
David Duchovny
murray was written on September 20, 1998

Duchovny in his apt.

Duchovny fills out a small pair of briefs packing a punch. I was quite impressed. His fans will eat this one up.

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