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year title
1973 Save the Tiger 2 Reviews
1972 Avanti! 2 Reviews

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Save the Tiger (1973)
mcgeezer was written on August 26, 2004

Shower scene

Lemmon is seen stepping into a shower and you see him naked from the back but that's all.The camera stays on him as he is behind slightly frosted glass door.You do see his bum though.He won an Oscar for this film I think.It is a fine film from early to mid 70s.

Ozzie700 was written on August 28, 2004


The name of this movie is Save the Tiger. Not SAVING THE TIGER.

Avanti! (1972)
mcgeezer was written on August 24, 2004

Love on the rocks

Lemmon swims after Mills who is being flirty and mischevious.As they approach a rock in the sea he gets up but we only see his bum.As he goes to sit down,however,if you look closely you can make out his hanging balls just as he goes to plant his bum down. This is followed by a lovely shot of Juliet Mills tits.Jack gets a good eyefull as he attempts to cover her nipples with his wet socks.A very good scene.

unascribed was written on September 30, 2001

Arguing in the bathtub

Jack Lemmon is taking a bath and the girl comes in, starting an argument with him. You can see his nice pecs and hairy torso. Luckily, he doesn't have hair on his back so he's not a gorilla. Ultimately, he stands up and you can see his scrunched up ass for a good while. He doesn't look that comfortable in this scene as he does in the previous nude, skinny-dipping scene. Jack's got a nice chest but doesn't have a nice ass to match.

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