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Jenny Agutter
muckster was written on March 14, 2007

Not quite fifteen, not quite nude

This is the film Jenny made just before Walkabout, looking quite a bit younger and more delicate. She's never actually nude in it, but she comes close so many times it's worth including the title here, as this former late-night TV favourite has been neglected in recent years, and most of her fans would enjoy it but may not even be aware of its existence. It's so beautifully shot and edited I rate it a minor masterpiece, and possibly the best of all Jenny's films.

Wynne is fourteen, lives in a tower block in an attractive modern English town, and has a crush on her much older foster brother. But she comes to suspect him of being the local serial sex killer who's been dumping the bodies of young women in the lake in the park. It could sound like a nasty and sadistic piece of work, but the chiller elements take a back seat to the theme of exploring Wynne's growing pains. She's oddly isolated from the adult world, and with few friends except for her rather slutty schoolmate Corinne with whom she exchanges stories of their imaginary sex lives.

Jenny is in nearly every scene, often scantily clad or in risqué situations. I'll pick a few examples off the top of my head. Getting dressed in the classic title sequence, pulling up regulation school knickers and fastening her bra. Showing head and shoulders naked in the bath. Touching herself in bed through her nightdress. Pulling off her jeans lying on the bed, kicking her legs high in the air, with a glimpse of white knickers. And so it goes on, almost to the last frame.

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