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Hollywood Hot Tubs' Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Williams, Edy 1 Review
Shepard, Jewel 1 Review
Shea, Katt 1 Review
Schreiner, Alexis 1 Review
O'Neill, Remy 1 Review
McDaniel, Donna 1 Review
LeBeau, Becky 1 Review

Hollywood Hot Tubs' Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Eagle, Jeff 1 Review
Andrew, Michael 1 Review

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Edy Williams
Immy was written on April 2, 2005

Breasts often

Edy is in full seduction mode throughout the film, constantly prowling for a piece of Paul Gunning. First cornering him in a massage parlor (0:26, nice topless, even giving them a good shake) and a few more times at Remy O'Niell's hot tub gala (1:26-1:38) though it's mostly her boobs hanging out of her leather bra. Now if she'd only ease up on her make-up...

Jewel Shepard
BossaNova was written on December 4, 1999

One star for non-nudity, but I loved her appearance in the movie

She's never nude in this movie, but she does bounce... a lot! Even though she doesn't really show anything, her appearance to me, is still satisfying. She plays a valley girl, daughter to the owner of a hot tub spa and offers a lot of movement in the numerous scenes she's in.

Katt Shea
Immy was written on April 2, 2005

Topless (0:21)

Katt is the first nude babe we see in the film. Paul Gunning is working underneath her hot tub when Katt and her boyfriend arrive ready to soak. They're randomly chatting about Hollywood gossip when she drops her robe. She's nude but in perfect profile so only her small boobs are visible. If she had turned even the slightest bit either way we would've caught a muff or butt glimpse.

Alexis Schreiner
Immy was written on April 2, 2005

Topless (assumed)

Since Alexis' character is given as "Soccer Girl" it's difficult to tell which one of the seven girls she is (not counting Becky LeBeau). Her only other review in the database says she has great breasts so I think she's the girl immediately to Becky's left as they're in the hot tub. She's also the only girl who's totally naked in the tub, though you don't see any muff or butt. Anyone who's seen "Scarred" could confirm her ID.

Remy O'Neill
Immy was written on April 2, 2005

Right breast and possible butt

Remy plays the owner of a hot tub establishment and Michael Andrew wants her business. Naturally they end up...in a hot tub! Remy's right boob is seen a couple of times above the water line. It's questionable whether or not it's her butt underwater when Michael takes off her bikini bottom. Remy's got a small tight body that's pretty nice for an older woman.

Donna McDaniel
Immy was written on April 2, 2005

Brief breasts (1:16)

Donna plays Paul Gunning's eventual girlfriend. After some typical sitcom-ish misunderstandings they finally share a tender moment on a dock overlooking a harbor. Trouble is it's at sunset and pretty dark. She opens her blouse and her small boobs are barely discernable but it's them.

Becky LeBeau
Immy was written on April 2, 2005


Classic early Becky material. She's the first of eight topless soccer babes changing in a locker room (0:49). Michael Andrew is peeking at them from around the corner, they spot him, but he convinces them he's a movie producer. So all the girls hop into the hot tub topless with him and Paul Gunning. She's topless again a couple of minutes later when Donna McDaniel walks in on them, and there's another freeze frame of this scene during the end credits (1:38). Becky's awesome rack looks especially full and firm here and doesn't display the slight sag she developed in her Soft Bodies series in the 90s.

Jeff Eagle
Violet was written on February 8, 2001

Speedos, tight pants, and butt shot

If I recall correctly he's the blonde, second male lead in the film. His character is the suave guy who gets all the girls, so he's always wearing tight pants with button down shirts that are left open enough to see his chest hair.
Nice hot tub scene with him in speedos playing vollyball with a bunch of half nude women.
Also a very sensual scene with him and the female owner of the Hot Tub facilty he's trying to partner up with. She jumps into the pool and gives him a look. He removes his pants and puts on his speedos, and joins her. Then they go into the Hot tub and things heat up. The camera focuses on her hands removing his speedos, ass shot!
Sexy scene for the both of them.

Michael Andrew
Violet was written on February 8, 2001

Hot bath house scene, plus boys in speedos

I don't reacall the lead actor in the film appearing nude, though I do remember him in speedos, tighty-whities and tight shorts quite alot!
But there is a scene where he goes to an all male bath house to fix a leaky pipe. Inside are a bunch of horny men waiting for an available guy. He zooms by them all because he is straight. But his parole officer soon follows, and walks down the same corridor, but this time he is taken.
A guy opens a door, buff and fully nude. The parole officer says, "I'm sorry, I'm not into boys." The nude man says, "Me neither, I'm into M-E-N!" and he yanks him in the room and shuts the door!
The room the nude man is in is quite dark, but you can make out his penis. Don't forget the other men in towels, no towels and bearing their ass-sets!
Also, cute blonde male co-star is in speedos, with his young, sexy physique and nice sized-bulge. Movie has female nudity as well but a surprizing amount of half nude to fully nude males!

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