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Danielle Munro
Stevarooni was written on February 23, 2013

Tube dress disrobe

A little past the 35-minute point, the camera is low and angled up, giving a good view of Danielle's butt...skirt hiked way up. The scene's dark, and it's maybe five seconds, but worth a glimpse.

Better, though, at the 36-minute point, Danielle makes out with a guy in the men's bathroom. She pulls down her tube dress to her waist, then removes her bra. Her sizable breasts look 100% real, and the lighting and view are very clear. He gets into the ground and she moves into a 69 position. The guy pulls off her panties, giving a great view of her butt, but the lighting is too dark to make out any bush. The scene lasts about two minutes until The Killer strikes.

Candice Lewald
Stevarooni was written on February 23, 2013

Arcade rape scene

Starting at around 14 minutes in, Candice's bra is ripped off as she's being raped on top of a pinball machine. There are quite a few clear, well-lit views of her breasts over the course of this frankly brutal scene. At around the 16-minute point, her skirt is hiked up giving a nice 10-second view of her shapely butt...though again, brutal rape scene! Attractive actress, but this scene is not at all erotic.

Stevarooni was written on February 23, 2013

Short skirt reveal

At around the 1-minute point, Candice is wearing a skirt so short that the bottom of her butt is visible as she walks back from the end of the bowling lane. Halfway past the 2-minute point, though, she bends over to bowl, and the camera focuses in really, really close; she's not wearing panties. The views under her skirt are frequent, but the close-up between-the-thighs shot was five seconds of very clear, fairly well-lit goodness.

Stevarooni was written on February 24, 2013

Just waking up, and then a catfight

At around 1:23, Candice comes out from behind a plastic curtain, pulling on a shirt. There's a brief glimpse of her bare breasts. Five minutes later, Candice is wrestling with Mihola Terzic when Candice's top comes on. Good, clear views of her breasts for about half a minute, but the lighting leaves much to be desired.

Megan Lambert
Stevarooni was written on February 23, 2013

Busty punk

At around the 57-minute point, Megan is in the closet with a guy. She pulls off her top and then her bra, revealing a firm pair to good (albeit harsh) lighting and clear views. There are several good glimpses for about a minute, until the guy runs to get a condom.

Stevarooni was written on February 23, 2013

Brunette disappointed

At around 1:05, Megan is sitting in the now-dark closet waiting for her guy, her top draped over her chest. BBK comes in and she stands, uncovering her breasts again. The lighting is much darker, but the views are still pretty clear. There are also some nice side views as she leans against a wall with BBK standing behind her...even views with her breasts pressed to the glass. And then, alas, after around a minute, she's strangled. All told, nearly two minutes of topless nudity.

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