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Paolo Taviani, Vittorio Taviani

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Scacchi, Greta 1 Review
Nosbusch, Désirée 1 Review

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Greta Scacchi
WhiskeyJack was written on August 12, 1999


Greta is kissing one of the brothers in a wood in daylight. He pulls her flimsy top down so we get a nice side on shot of her breasts. She pulls the top back up but doesn't replace the straps. It falls down again as she tries to get his boots off (the view is now from the front). They roll over onto a lot of fallen leaves and the camera pans away. The lighting is good. Although we get some good looks at her tits there are no lingering shots; elbows, arms and boots keep blocking the view. She looks great, and the shots were her top is still hanging onto those nipples are quite sexy.

Désirée Nosbusch
SwixFox was written on January 11, 2000

sex scene on grass....

desirée is under a man and suddenly she turn on him and we can see her nipples during a long time in sunkight because the scene is at the bottom of a tree and there's greta scacchi who show her nipples too just 1 minute after

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