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Rebecca Romijn-Stamos
ff was written on May 3, 2004

her nude scenes ended up in the cutting room floor but THANK GOD FOR THE INTERNET!!

her nude scenes are nowhere to be seen. She only showed her back but the good news is you can always download the deleted nude scenes in the internet!

damn_crazy_bastard was written on September 29, 2004

Topless Love Scene

Rebecca is topless and wearing thin panties as she straddles Greg Kinnear in a love scene cut from the movie. I viewed it on an internet clip. Enjoyable, but nothing special. Too bad she kept the panties on.

beelzibab was written on December 26, 2004

so close but yet so far

she has a sex scene but her nipples are covered by her arms, but you can see what wonderful breasts she has.

Chaz was written on January 6, 2004

Sex scene

This film is brand new (it hasn't been released here in the UK yet and I don't think it has in the USA either) but I found a very small vidcap at another site which shows Rebecca fully nude on top of a guy (who I gather from IMDB is Greg Kinnear) on a bed. Looks pretty hot, she is on top, leaning over to kiss the guy with her nipples covered b her arms... This is just one vidcap though, and she is definitely nude in the picture, so chances are there will be some kind of nusity here. Anyone else know anything about this flick?

Chaz was written on January 7, 2004


I did some research and the flick is in post-production. I found some more vidcaps and a clip of the scene that I'm currently downloading (fingers corssed). The bad news is, according to various sites, the producers want to cut the film to get a PG-13 rating, rather than a R rating. This means no nudity from Rebecca! There was toplessness in the first cut of Reindeer Games that did not appear in the original release, and then did not even appear on the "Extended Director's Cut DVD". This clip I'm downloading may be the one and only chance to ever see this nudity! If anyone else wants the link, email me, and let's get it while we can.

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