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Weigel, Teri 1 Review
Jasae 1 Review
Cardan, Christina 1 Review
Boyer, Erica 1 Review
Albert, Laura 1 Review

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Teri Weigel
Immy was written on March 21, 2005

April 1986 Playboy Playmate (0:54)

One of Teri's last features before turning to the porn world. She's one of dozens of bikinied hopefuls trying out for a movie. She's in a bathtub with the "director" when some bad guys interrupt. She's topless but only the side of her right boob is visible. Most of her butt is also on display in her tiny thong.

Immy was written on March 21, 2005

Topless auditioning (0:33)

Laura is one of many hopefuls "interviewing" for a phony movie set up by two clods. After she's convinced the film's nudity will be tasteful she takes off her top and turns around to face the guys with her arms awkwardly crossed across her chest. Her nice boobs are visible but her arms are a distraction.

Christina Cardan
Immy was written on March 21, 2005

Topless in hot tub (0:47)

Christina's topless scene is simply and excuse for a lame joke. She's sitting in a jacuzzi with another girl who asks her if she's SAG or non-SAG (as in Screen Actors Guild). Christina drolly unties her bikini top and declares non-SAG, but in reference to her hooters, not the union. Ho ho! Nice C-cup rack however and I'll listen to any bad pun if it involves skin!

Erica Boyer
Immy was written on March 21, 2005

Topless in hot tub (0:40)

A rare softcore appearance by 80's porn vet Erica. Credited as "Erica Bristol" she's one of six topless babes partying in a hot tub. She's on the lower left in the first shot of all the girls together. A second or two later she has a good topless close-up bouncing in the waist deep water. If you know your 80's adult film babes you'll recognize her face and C-cups immediately.

Laura Albert
Immy was written on March 21, 2005

Topless in hot tub (0:40)

(NOTE: This review is for Jasae's appearance in this film. The Jasae review is Laura's, I mistakenly switched them). Jasae is one of six topless hunnies frolicking in a hot tub. She's wearing a blue bikini bottom and can be seen on the left in the first shot where the last two girls join the group. There is one quick close up as she hops up onto the wall (as the song on the soundtrack says "That's right!"). A fun scene but the quick cuts afford only glimpses.

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