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Reynaud, Yelda 2 Reviews
Le Bosco, Isild 1 Review
Le Besco, Isild 5 Reviews
Alyx, Karen 8 Reviews

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Yelda Reynaud
thefaceman32 was written on September 25, 2003

Full Frontal

00:40:00 Full-frontal fun from Yelda getting into the bathtub. Steamy!

Bushyboy was written on January 8, 2008


If it had been better lit, maybe 3 stars, but it was a quick full frontal as she gets into the tub.

Isild Le Bosco
shizmatic was written on April 28, 2010

shower beach and sex

She runs into the bathroom, strips naked, shows us her butt and breasts, gets into the shower and pulls the curtain. Later on she's topless in the sea, and having sex with a guy in the dark

Isild Le Besco
thefaceman32 was written on September 25, 2003


Not even close in comparison to her explicit masturbation scene in Sade

00:03:00 Isild flashes some T&A getting into the shower.

01:14:00 Quite a nice hooter-shot in the ocean with Karen Alyx.

01:21:00 Yet more hootage having sex, although the scene is fairly dark...

BushLeague was written on July 19, 2002

Slightly overweight french chick

This chick is almost butt ugly and really overweight for a young french girl. Everything looks firm, but(t) is large--Think a Robert Crumb girl. She does look kinda good topless though. Quick nude while she gets into tub. Goes topless on the beach to horse around with friend. A couple of scenes topless while making love. Nice tits, but she should not wear jeans.

Bushyboy was written on January 8, 2008

shower, beach,, in bed

First scene, she shows full 'backal' and side flash of right tit getting into shower. She goes topless on the beach... very nice tits. Last scene, she's on top screwing some lucky boy, but it's very dark.

fargalaxy was written on February 20, 2002


this film contain many nudity scenes when can see her butt hwile she is undressing to take shower then when can see her breasts as she is haviing sex and when she take off her top on beach

slavedriver was written on December 15, 2003

Mostly tits, but brief ass. No bush. I really wanted to give this three stars, but I just can't bring myself to do it due to the brevity of nudity. 2 1/2 for sure.

Though not drop-dead gorgeous, she's definitely better looking than that godawfully ugly red-head Karen Alyx. Very brief full-rearal stripping and getting into the shower in the beginning, a few seconds of topless stripping on the beach and frolicking in the sea with aforementioned ugly redhead. Lastly, very brief & dark side view of left tit when she's topless riding a guy later on. Not a bad sex scene, either. She has a couple sex scenes earlier on where you can't see anything as she's under some guy, for those who care about details.

Karen Alyx
shizmatic was written on April 28, 2010

In the tub fully nude and later topless

First she's taking a bath and we see her breasts while she holds her breath under water. Then she gets out of the tub and wipes herself off, showing full frontal and rear nudity. Near the end of the movie she gets topless and wants to have sex with an older guy who refuses her

69Charger was written on December 4, 2005

Bath scene and bedroom

The bath you see her getting out and her fire red bush is clearly visible,and in the bedroom,and older guy starts kissing her and her great breast are in full glorious view!

scanman was written on June 2, 2002

Don't be fooled by the other reviewer!

Karen has two nudescenes in this movie. First one is getting out of the bathtub. She's fully nude alright, nut it's very badly lit!! Second nudescene is topless for 2 or 3 seconds. In my book a 4 stars nudescene is nothing like these scenes. 2 stars.... and that's being generous!

thefaceman32 was written on September 25, 2003

Warning - possibly underaged

Cute though

BushLeague was written on July 19, 2002

Couple of scenes

You can see her tits under clear water a couple of times for a couple of seconds as she practices "breath holding" in a bath tub. As she gets out of the tub, you get a brief full length frontal, including her thick, well trimmed red bush. You get to see her tits briefly again while she kisses the dad of her best friend. You can definitely see some surgery scars from a breast reduction!??. She is supposed to be playing fifteen in this film, and looks the part, but the surgery scars indicate that she was probably older. Really cute freckled red head.

Bushyboy was written on January 8, 2008

bathtub and LeBesco's 'dad'

Several quick flashes of tits while in the tub. 2 closeups of bush while getting out. Very nice view of both tits when kissing with 'dad'. The marks under her tits are from the swimsuit bra underwires! She was 15 when this was filmed!

fargalaxy was written on February 20, 2002

very good

she is totally nude in this film

69Charger was written on December 2, 2005

Scene in bedroom

Great tits she has!She is getting kissed topless by an older guy,and she lays down on the bed.Very good scene,she has great breasts!

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