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Katharine Isabelle
Balrog was written on August 18, 2004

waking up naked

Katharine wakes up and walk out of bed, you see her in a long shot and see clearly her ass and the side of her right breast.
Now I know this could be a body double but none is listed in the credits and I used slow motion and zoom on the DVD and we can see part of her face which looks like Isabelle.
I hope we'll see more in the future.

NiccoloM was written on November 20, 2009

Is she nude

According to the Internet Movie Database (imdb) Isablle has always used body doubles when doing a nude scene.

nocheeseplease was written on April 4, 2005

Ginger fails to snap back on her no nude policy

About 34 minutes in Miss. Isabelle's body double flashes her arse and the side of her breast getting out of bed. Commentary track on the DVD indicates it is indeed a body double. Pretty one though, albeit briefly seen. Better luck next time gents!

javadude was written on February 17, 2005

getting out of bed, 35:18 into movie

This rating would be somewhat higher, but for the likelihood that this is a body double. This opinion is based on three things: there is a discontinuity, where Katherine Isabelle's face is shown, then a cut to her getting out of bed--classic time for a switch. Second, just before the cut, her hair is almost entirely *behind* her shoulder; after the cut, a bunch of locks are *in front*, obscuring her face. Third, during a quick shot when she starts to turn towards the camera, a bit of the woman's face can be seen; the nose seems somewhat larger than Katherine's.

That said, there's a brief shot of the side of a breast (a nice breast), and the upper portion of the buttocks. Something to appreciate, no doubt, but since KI has said in the past that she won't do nude scenes, we'll just have to appreciate her clothed.

jacomo was written on April 29, 2005

Very brief

The movie is terrible but you do see a very brief glimpse of her butt and side view of right breast. But the movie is so bad it's really not worth it.

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