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year title
1981 Zombie Lake 1 Review
1976 Crimson 0 Reviews
1973 Jeunes filles impudiques 1 Review

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Zombie Lake (1981)
Torgo was written on October 30, 2005

Topless and Full Frontal during flashback scenes.

She is playing one of the zombie soldiers former lovers.

In the first flashback she is shown taking off her dress exposing her breasts and hairy bush. The view is partially obscured by a ladder.

In the second flasback she is in a long sex scene with the soldier. She only shows her large breasts
but views are close-up and terrific of her both on her back and hanging down while she is on top.

In the final flashback, she is full frontal again giving her boyfriend a medal that was around her neck.

Crimson (1976)
Jeunes filles impudiques (1973)
Pieman was written on July 19, 2013

So much nakedness... And bondage, too!

Gilda plays Jackie, half of a lesbian duo who break into a mansion one night. They get naked and make love. Then a man shows up and her girlfriend makes love to him while she sleeps in a see-through negligee. Then she joins them for another round. Then the girls leave and make love in the woods. Then they are captured by the man, and brought back to the mansion. At this point, Gilda is suspended from the ceiling and whipped a bit. It then gets a bit rough and I ended up fast-forwarding because it's not quite my thing. After that, she loses her top a couple more times. We pretty much see every square inch of her body, and I for one am not complaining. Silly softcore. Beautiful woman. I did, however, drop a start because of the torture thing. You may add if back if that's your thing.

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