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Cameron Diaz
MisterGreen was written on June 30, 2003

No Nudity by Cameron in this movie.

While Ms. Diaz is very lovely (and as always sexy)in this movie, she does not appear nude.

ff was written on July 2, 2003

actually there is a nip slip

you briefly see her right breast pop out of her dress.

Bootydaddy was written on July 3, 2003


It's a damn shame Cameron didn't show us some skin in this excellent movie. But there are a lot of bare boobs in the brothel scenes. But sorry, we'll still be waiting longer for a Cameron nude scene =(

Luvmonk was written on September 2, 2003

Sorry, Bootydaddy, Cameron Does Have a Nip Slip

This was clearly unintentional. At regular speed I would've never caught it or seen it. Therefore, it's not surprising that some of the reviewers here say that there is no nudity from Diaz. This happens right before Diaz and Leonardo are about to have sex for the first time. They are fighting and just as Diaz forces Leonardo to bend over, her right tit pops out for a few frames. This is at the end of the first disc of the DVD on chapter 11.

Bootydaddy was written on September 3, 2003


Luvmonk, that is great news! I'm gonna go check it out, no need to be sorry my friend =)

BMac was written on June 15, 2007

Split second

This is just a courtesy star, because the exposure is so brief. Of course, Cameron Diaz is fairly flat-chested, so even a longer view wouldn't get much more than one-star, but fans may want to check this out. Cameron plays one of the more interesting characters, so of course she doesn't get much attention in this well-shot but muddled and none-too-smart movie.

Eliane Chappuis
sonic007 was written on March 26, 2003


As Bill the Butcher's Chinese Whore, Ms Chappuis, shows off her pert pink nipples in a few different scenes.

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