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Miranda Austin
AceOfClubs was written on June 12, 2004

Total Nudity

In This Sequel to "Game Of Death" an hour in, Miranda Austin tries to seduce then kill our hero ...a Bruce Lee wannabe. Miranda is white, has blonde hair and waaaay too much make up trying to cover the zits on her average face. She looks freakily similar to my cousin. She is wearing a red kimono robe, then removes it in a medium shot from behind revealing full rear...very nice butt. Then the shot is from the front and shows average breasts and fuzzy crotch...surprize surprize she's not a real blonde. She then sits completely nude (and you can see her barefeet too) with Hung Low..or Long Dong...or Gang Bang..or whatever his name is..and makes out with him before she tries to kill him...with a pin in her ring?? Then....get ready for this... out of the blue, a guy in a really fake looking lion costume crashes in through the window and it's martial arts time....(you just have to see it). Anyway, the nudity lasts a minute or so and is very well lit...Miranda has a nice body.

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