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1982 Amazon Jail 1 Review

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Amazon Jail (1982)
Immy was written on January 24, 2009

Nude, nude, nude!

Elys is an absolute hottie and probably spends more time in this film without clothes or barely wearing any. She's thrown into an already crowded outdoor jail/hut and immediately stands out among the girls. When Elizabeth Hartmann comes to choose a girl to bring to her boss she picks Elys, who rises nude from a hammock (0:18). She's cleaned up and brought to him in a toga-like garment and proceeds to strip and lay nude on a table like a centerpiece for the jail owner (0:20, wow!). She writhes enticingly till he finally can't keep his hands off her. She's then brought to a party with nine other topless girls in g-strings where they all dance for rich clients (0:27, amazing!). She also recounts a story where she dances topless for an audience (1:13) which leads to an encore performance to try to distract some guys who've captured them after they escape into the jungle (1:27). Her boobs peek out of her clothing quite often throughout most the film and I'm sure there are a few scenes I've omitted, but you get the idea!

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