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year title
1994 Farinelli: il castrato 1 Review
1989 Navarro 0 Reviews
1988 36 fillette 3 Reviews

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Farinelli: il castrato (1994)
Dante9703 was written on January 28, 2005

Scene with 2 brothers

Delphine is under a sheer sheet in bed with Farinelli (The Castrato). He kisses her, plays with her breasts, then pulls the sheet off exposing her breasts. We get a clear view of them for a few seconds and then he lowers himself onto her and for the rest of the scene we see them squashed up against his chest. Then Farinelli slides off so that his brother can join in but we don't get to see anymore flesh.

Navarro (1989)
36 fillette (1988)
BushLeague was written on September 14, 2002

Chubby chick alert

This is the latest in the "Cute, chubby, underaged, badly dressed, french chick" gets it on with older man movies. She has a gorgeous face and some nice firm round tits, but she is just too fat. You get brief looks at them only when she gets out of bed after making love and a butt cheek shot when she is lying around in some leotards--thats too much! In "Girls can't swim" at least some other good looking skinng babes went nude to prop up the film, but not this one. This whale sinks this film on her own.

Harker was written on October 20, 1999

Nude throughout movie

36 Fillet is the French dress size for older girls who aren't quite full-size women yet. This is about a rebellious French girl on holiday with her family. She's supposed to be 14, and Zentout was in fact 14 when she did this film, I think. As she wanders the riviera looking for acceptance and trying to grow up, she has at least two major nude scenes. In one, this older guy who picks her up makes out with her, and then raises her blouse up exposing her breasts. He also pulls her pants down, and we get some lower nudity. Later, she goes to his place and strips naked in bed with him but leaves before they actually have sex. However, we get to see pretty much everything in various flashes as she moves around the bed. Zentout is gorgeous, and the fact that she was 14 when this was made doesn't detract from it a bit: she definitely had a woman's body. You can find this in some Hollywood Videos' foreign sections for rent, and it is highly recommended.

scanman was written on July 22, 2002

Don't expect too much!

Some of you may think this is an absolute must have after reading the other review! Well, Delphine has a couple of very short topless scenes... In fact only one is maybe 10 seconds, the other two are 1 or 2 seconds. There's also a shot of her behind in one scene... just 1 second! And the pubes scene is very dark and shows some hair for about 1 second.

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