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Carnal Confessions' Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Rice, Wendy 1 Review
Knight, Star E. 2 Reviews
Dukes, Daisy 1 Review
Broussard, Tess 1 Review

Carnal Confessions' Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Usher, David 2 Reviews
Jay, Eddie 1 Review
Gustafson, Chris 1 Review
Anderson, Lane 1 Review

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Wendy Rice
OneMoreReviewer was written on December 26, 2003

She is the lead character

She has at least two sex scenes, fully naked.
The first she's mostly on top while they do it on a bed. The second she is lying on a couch and getting it from behind. She has small breasts, a little too small for my liking but her cute face makes up for it.

Star E. Knight
Ozzie700 was written on February 13, 2005

Sex w/male friends

Tall, slender strawberry blonde-ish Star takes a break from hardcore porn to appear in this erotica. She plays Lane Anderson's desperate ex, who seduces him one day during a drop-in visit. We see her fully naked body, although for some reason they avoid full frontal shots of her crotch. Her breasts are, like most of the women in the film, natural and maybe a B cup, while her ass is surprisingly flat. Later in the movie she has sex with Lane's best friend/roommate David Usher and against you notice that her male co-star's butt is much juicier and rounder than hers. Strange. This scene is shot from outside and mainly has her taking it doggy style.

Ozzie700 was written on February 13, 2005


Crap keyboard, B is too close to D apparently.


Daisy Dukes
Ozzie700 was written on February 13, 2005

Sex with David

Daisy (not Catherine Bach, sorry) is another hardcore porn actress visiting the softcore set for a few moments. She plays the first of David Usher's unfortunate fiancees. She has a landing strip and midsized, natural breasts that jiggle while David slams into her backdoor. Then you see a closeup of her navel piercing and a few glimpses of her breasts after she is killed.

Tess Broussard
Ozzie700 was written on February 13, 2005


Tess plays another of David Usher's unfortunate fiancees. Around a half hour or so into the movie we see Tess' shapely rear end in close-up as she drops her robe and steps into the tub. That is one of her better features. Then David proposes to her and they have sex and we see her bare snatch and her breasts. Between her badly dyed blonde hair and the huge fake grapefruits sticking out of her chest, she really doesn't look good at all. She has a clasic Asian/Amerasion beauty that she ruined with all the attempts to emulate white porn stars.

David Usher
kiiid was written on January 7, 2006

what a hottie

david is rarely dressed in this film. he has several sex scenes that show off the best ass in this business. there is an excellent close-up of it before entering a bath tub. he really likes to show off and grind around. another highlighted scene is when he's wearing sweatpants and he shoves his ass right at the camera. Agreed, one of the most attractive men in the softcore industry.

Tassien was written on March 1, 2004

Sex scenes

David Usher is a very good-looking guy who has a number of sex scenes throughout the movie. In the version I saw, he's naked in all of them, and really likes to grind around, showing off his bare butt. Probably, IMO, one of the best-looking guys working in the soft-core industry.

Eddie Jay
Ozzie700 was written on February 13, 2005


Eddie (credited as Ed Johnson) plays Wanda's boyfriend at the start of the film. The opening scene is the two of them enjoying themselves in bed. Then he stands up and there is a distant view of his crotch, and what seems to be his penis...it's a dark shot but what we see looks nice. Next he turns around and his ass is just breathtaking. Not kidding. At around the 20 minute mark Wendy says that finding dead bodies makes her sad, and apparently also horny, because she asks Ed to screw her. They have sex on the patio and we see his nice buns from the side as he backdoors her. Then he leaves the film, not because his character is killed or gets caught cheating, but because he takes a job in another location and the two know a long-distance relationship wouldn't work out. Refreshing, isn't it?

Chris Gustafson
Ozzie700 was written on February 13, 2005

Cop ass

Chris has a nicely maintained, compact body and a short brown flattop. This movie is more generous than most recent softcore in showing male skin, but Chris is an exception. We see his balls briefly while he's on the couch (Wendy finds out he's worried she will be killed and apparently that makes her horny), and in the closing sex scene, we see his somewhat flat butt a few times while he's on top of Wendy.

Lane Anderson
Ozzie700 was written on February 13, 2005

Metrosexual gone bad

The very tweezed and moisturized Lane is what they might call a metrosexual, although the vibe I get from him in this movie is a lot closer to "closet case". He plays Wendy's disturbed assistant, and we see him naked twice. Once when he fantasizes about her as a leather dominatrix, and another when Star E. Knight pounces on him in his living room for some writhing. The second scene has more skin from him, and we see that he has a nicely developed yet understated body that is filled out in all the right places, especially his cute ass. Unfortunately there is no full rear shot.

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