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1986 Bad Girls' Dormitory 2 Reviews

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Bad Girls' Dormitory (1986)
12-string was written on March 18, 2001

a skinflick epiphany

Zuris, a sad-faced young woman with a very slender girlish figure, does the lioness' share of nudity in this cheesy NY exploitationer. In the first, a group shower, we watch the girls from the POV of the drug-addict prison doctor, who's found the side door and is getting an eyeful of young starlet flesh. The camera pans on Zuris, showing us everything but her vulva, and then she looks straight into the lens and asks "Seen enough?" Scriptwise she's talking to the peeping tom doctor guy, not to the voyeur audience out there in the dark of the theater, but it's a brilliant moment in this otherwise NVG picture and something totally unexpected from hack director Tim Kincaid. Zuris is a plainish-jane type, modestly built, and watching her nude is a lot like peeking through the window at your nextdoor neighbor's teenage daughter.

Antman was written on October 1, 1999

Four scenes

This actress has two pretty good full frontal nude shower scenes at different times in the movie. She also has a couple of topless scenes; once being raped by a guard and later making out with a guy in the kitchen.

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