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Heidi Klum
Another_Reviewer was written on March 25, 2002

After shower shot

Heidi Klum comes out of the bathroom after a shower and you get to see red heart-shaped pubes, but it is very obvious that they are fake and are just covering the real pubes. It is obvious, though, that the body is Heidi Klum's body. She may be the third hottest supermodel ever behind Laetitia Casta and Gisele Bundchen.

Rachel Griffiths
lattara was written on April 4, 2001

Body Painted

Rachel appears at the climax of this movie wearing only a wing-like outfit (with no front to it), an elaborate hair-do and body paint. We get shots from several angles including a full length side-on view, but all the shots are brief. The body paint gives an illusion of clothedness but there is just enough exposure for us to ascertain that Rachel is weightily stacked up front.

chazpanther was written on December 8, 2002

Body paint

1:22 Rachel is wearing body paint and wings with nothing else. She gives a great view of her spectacularly ripe full breasts and a hint of her sexy bush.

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