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Blame It on the Vodka's Sexy Actresses

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Westbrook, Wendi 1 Review
Skeriotis, Patricia 1 Review
Rivera, Janice 1 Review
Allman, Cie 1 Review

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Wendi Westbrook
duckem was written on November 11, 2000

love scene in shower

She was the only actress in this movie to actually take off her panties. She has a very long love scene in the shower with the camera constantly zooming in on her bare butt and breasts. The shower doors are pane glass so there is little obscurity. There may have been some full frontal shots but she must have shaved her pubic hair as it was impossible to tell through the shower doors.

Patricia Skeriotis
duckem was written on November 11, 2000

two topless love scenes

This Greek goddess was acting under the name
Patrice Kertis. She has large but natural looking breasts. Her first love scene is near the beginning of the movie and shows many views of her pendulous breasts. The second is much later on in the video and is much the same. My only question is how are we to believe she is making love while she still is wearing her black panties?

Janice Rivera
duckem was written on November 11, 2000

two forgettable topless scenes

The first scene is shen is making out with some
some guy as aperformance for a watching couple.
The next is she is having a threesome with that couple. Still pretty forgettable topless scenes.

Cie Allman
duckem was written on November 11, 2000

three topless scenes

The first scene is she lying emotionless as
her partner makes love to her but you only see one of her breasts. The second is a threesome where you get a better view of her breasts. The last is she is making love in a car.

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