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Theresa Russell
Serna was written on November 3, 2000


Good old Theresa goes swimming nude in the pool. Flashes of tit and a nice arse breaking through the water. Not her best nude scene but nice all the same.

Tonppa was written on September 22, 1999

Nude swimming

Theresa is swimming totally nude and you see glimpses of her body. Then she starts to kiss and make love with a guy in the pool and you see her breasts quite well.

sirspread was written on March 16, 2003


about 15 mins from the end of the film she is seen naked in a pool.the nudity is worth barely 1 star as there is very little to see as her body is near enough always under water.....disapointing

dvddish was written on March 16, 2003

niple swimming

baraly worth a star

Pompey was written on September 23, 1999

Topless night swimming scene

Make liberal use of the pause button during the swimming pool scene and check out the length of those nipples. It was either extrememly cold, or she had recently been breast-feeding; these teats are around an inch long. God job the movie isn't in 3-D or you could lose an eye !

nudity_elitist was written on June 9, 2002

double erections

Wow. Theresa gets bigger hard-ons than Richard Gere (see American Gigolo). While she is certainly nothing special as far as overall looks go, this one gets 2 stars for circus-freak-quality alone.

swpc10 was written on May 19, 2012


I distinctly remember seeing this movie when it came out on cable, in a swimming scene (I thought early in the moving) that she does a surface dive, and a shot of her from behind, with a flash of her slit. May have been cut from later versions.

Tatoo was written on May 7, 2005

Pool Sex Scene near End

Theresa is naked in this scene and you can see her breasts and nipples. The scene is quite dark and it is in a pool, does not last too long. Theresa has really huge erect nipples and it looks like the pool water was cold and she must have been turned on. For a movie this old, this was quite a good scene. If you are a fan of Theresa you need to see this to see her huge erect nipples.

soulman was written on November 28, 2001

A Nipple Lover's Delight.

In response to a previous reviewer's comment as to whether or not it was cold outside when Theresa did the nude swimming pool scene, judging the state of her erect nipples it must have been cold outside. Although you get a decent view of the rest of her body while she's swimming, when she lies back, man oh man! Her nipples alone rates ***.

Sami Frey
babon was written on July 19, 2000

Naked Swimming

Sami jumps into the pool where Theresa is. He swims towards her and u can can a sight of his balls.
When hes holding Theresa, i think u can catch a glimpse of his penis.

LittleMrNaughty was written on September 2, 2005

Pool scene near end of film

Sami was 48 going on 49 at the time of filming. Not particularly attractive, an italian/latin lover lookalike (complete with lank greasy swept back black hair, and a fair helping of facial contours particularly around the mouth/jaw), but nevertheless he has something strangely handsome/sexual about him. The nudity isn't worth it though.

75m 16s (PAL VHS) Sami shows his butt in a pool scene with Theresa (gorgeous even if I do say so my gay self). Shot from above, which would normally give a good view, however the darkness of the night scene coupled with the blue, heavily rippling water, hardly makes for a satisfactory view of his small but compactly firm butt cheeks. The cheeks are shown as he kicks his legs during swimming strokes, so there may also be a bit of 'false representation' going on. There's definitely a bit of scrotal, but it's absolutely impossible to discern any detail, although DVD may possibly help. Scene lasts 10 seconds in total, butt isn't visible for the whole time (might be in the original ratio though).

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