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Leonardo DiCaprio
JackieGurl was written on February 7, 2005


he shows his ass while yelling at alec baldwin on the other side of the door!

Immy was written on December 28, 2004

Butt and almost frontal

Leo, as Howard Hughes, introduces us to the beginnings of the magnate's desire for a sterile, germ-free existence in self-imposed isolation. Into the film's 2nd hour Leo is naked as he prowls around his residence. There are a few butt shots, including what looks like a brief pubic hair flash as he gets up from a chair and throws something against the wall. Not bad, but he has some bad burn scars and he looks kinda scrawny.

tushlover was written on February 1, 2007

Leo shows his ass [twice]

Both scenes are while he is arguing with a guy who is outside his hotel room. All I can say is Leo has a great ass, but in this movie and these shots you better have great slow motion or stop action on your DVD player or VCR. Each shot lasts less than one second.

Fiona was written on December 29, 2004

Naked Leonardo

By now we all know Leonardo is comfortable being naked. He has done it several times in front of film crews (What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Eclipse and the Aviator). I read on one website a quote from a cameraman who commented on how confident Leonardo was with nudity. He also commented on Leonardo's lack of size. Normally we would not listen to such comments because they cannot be verified. But Leonardo does indeed have quite a small penis when not erect.... and who knows when erect?
In this film, the Aviator, we are teased. He is indeed stark naked but we cannot make anything out. Yes, we can see his behind. But his penis is not clear. If you ever see the movie you will probably agree it is because the shot is too far away. But Leo's lack of size also contributes. It does not dangle at all and therefore his leg obscures it in the scene from this film.

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