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Alison Schlicter
ScreamoKid was written on February 21, 2003

brief ass shot

when she gets out of bed and runs to the bathroom. she's not too attractive but has a decent ass.

mungous was written on January 10, 2009

At least 3 scenes

This is my first review and the only reason I signed up was to correct a glaring error both this site and Mr Skin both make. As I am a junior reviewer I cannot add the correct actress's name, but the cute blonde with the short hair who is Chris Mulkey's girlfriend is named Polly King and not Alison Schlichter. She plays Tracy, no last name. The reason that Mr Skin and whoever reviewed this put down the wrong name is that in IMDB Miss Schlicter is listed as Wendy Garrett, same last name as the Mulkey character but his sister, not his wife. This is the girl killed in the beginning of the movie in the diner. She gets raped by a bunch of goons and yes, you do get to see her breasts, but this is not the scene described by the other reviewer, and yes, Miss King does have a spectacular ass as she runs to the shower. This movie has lots of rape, but really, the highlight of this film is Polly King. She has a great body and puts it on display at least 3 times during the film. This was originally released as Getting Even and even says so after the credits roll/

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