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Menzel, Idina 1 Review
Hayek, Salma 5 Reviews

Ask the Dust's Sexy Actors

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Farrell, Colin 4 Reviews

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Idina Menzel
ff was written on November 6, 2006

Butt covered with scars

Idina takes takes her clothes off and you see nice butt. However the view is not pleasant since she's covered with burn scars. You don't see her face but she said in an interview how Colin Farell was such a gentleman in filming this scene so it's definitely her.

Salma Hayek
BBjuggles was written on October 9, 2006

Nude in water and bed

Well, I viewed the clips based on the above recommendations, but I'd have to say it was hardly worthwhile. The scenes are so dark you can barely see anything. That, coupled with Hayek's annoying voice and terrible acting made the beach scene less than fulfilling... However, her boobs are big and fantastic, so if you want a glimpse in the dark, go for it. Man, but she's a horrible actress.

Bafitis was written on September 22, 2008

A Couple Of Scenes

Yes She Has DONE IT!!! Finally... Salma has finally given us Flesh... On the Beach is one scene, where she wants Colin to show/teach her how to Body Surf... She becomes disappointed that he doesn't know how... There is another Scene later at the Hotel where they have Sex... A much better lighted scene and you see her wonderful breast... Hopefully, before she gets too old, we see a lot more of her...

adventchildren was written on July 12, 2006

Full Nudity in Water scene

Salma looks wonderful in this scene. Her large breasts bounce nicely as she plays in the water.
It is quite a long scene, perhaps 5mins. The only disapointment is her breasts don't look THAT large. I mean compared to other pics i've seen of Salma's... Anyway, you get to see Salma naked. Thumbs up
Watch this movie if you like Salma! Remember only to download/acquire the first half of the movie though... saves time.

jacksecret2000 was written on June 6, 2006

Full frontal on the beach

I have only seen screen captures but it's plain to see that Salma Hayek has finally gotten her kit right off! I kid you not.

celebsoops was written on October 14, 2013


Salma Hayek going completely naked, showing her breasts, bush and buns while frolicking nude in the breaking waves with a guy at the beach.

Colin Farrell
rosebud was written on May 18, 2006

In bed with Selma Hayek

In this movie we have a rather extensive scene with Colin Farrell astride Selma Hayek. We are given an opportunity to enjoy his gorgeous globes as well as his ardent attention to Ms. Hayek. A shame that his much-publicized frontal scene was edited out of an earlier movie. We may get our chance yet.

Electrix was written on March 30, 2007

in the sea, with Salma, playing

At 34-36 minutes, Salma takes her clothes out and go to the sea and calls Colin. He is shy, but enter too. You can see his butt in long shot during the all entire scene. Sometimes is hidded by the waves, but you can see it anyway. Some people say that you can see his penis too, but it's so much difficult. It's just 1-2 seconds, and it's a dark night.

Electrix was written on March 30, 2007

sex scene near the end of the movie

It's perfect, this scene. In the begginig, you just can see the shadow of Colin's body. His body is big and muscular and he has a great abdome. He stays on top of Salma's body. It have three great and long shots of his bubble butt. This is a hot sex scene.

Shy_Guy was written on November 5, 2006

skinny dipping - full frontal

Perhaps there was footage that did not appear in the theater that was included on the DVD cut, however on my DVD rental, there was most definitely a clear frontal shot of Farrell's genitalia as he entered the water to join Salma (who was also fully nude). It is extremely brief, not more than 2 seconds. Those who want to examine in greater detail will need to exercise their finger on the pause button, however it is definitely Colin Farrel, as his entire body (face) is visible. The scene occurs at night, thus the film is dark. For the brevity and the darkness, I am giving it two stars. Nevertheless, his genitals are clearly visible.

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