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Sophia Myles
beowulf644 was written on March 24, 2008

Posing nude

Sophia walks in front of the class and drops her robe revealing a small tight rack and a sexy, biggish butt. Very attractive face on this beauty and a tight, smackable ass. She had to be nervous to strip bare naked in front of a classroom but they sure got an enjoyable eyeful of this naked cuties sweet ass and titties.

BushLeague was written on May 6, 2006

Nude art school model

To quote an anonymous source: "I just saw Art School Confidential tonight at the San Francisco International Film Festival. Below is my review of Sophia Myle's nude scene. .

Sophia is a nude model for an art class. She comes out from behind a curtain in a robe. She turns her back to the camera and drops her robe. We see her bare butt for a couple of seconds. Then she sits on a stool while the art students paint her portrait. The camera switches back and forth a few times between Sophia and the art students. We see Sophia's left breast and part of her right breast several times, but her right arm is covering her right nipple. Her legs are positioned so that we don't see any lower frontal nudity. When she stands up to put on her robe, she turns her back to the camera. We see her bare butt again for a couple of seconds. Sophia is pretty hot.

WARNING: There is also a male nude model for the art class. Unlike with Sophia, the male nude model shows full-frontal nudity in a scene that lasts quite a long time".

Author: gudolph from Grand JCT, CO: "
Naked models!", 28 January 2006

Ghostwords was written on April 9, 2008

Comments on her own nudity

From IMDb: "Terrified. I was... I mean I had a no nudity clause for Tristan + Isolde, because I didn't think it was appropriate I didn't think you needed to see anymore than you see to believe that we were in love or making love and quite often you see so much gratuitous nudity in films, especially from women, and my body is a very kind of precious thing to me. So when I was first sent the script and I opened it and flicked through it, and it says 'she enters and she disrobes' I thought no way and threw it across the other side of the room. I didn't really know who Terry Zwigoff was at this point and then it was actually James Franco who told me Terry Zwigoff is really good and you should think about that and I said 'no, no, no, no I couldn't possibly'. Apparently Terry scoured the country and I think other parts of the world... he is very, very picky about his casting and the producer had apparently got him by the throat and said 'look just tell us what you want'. There was about two weeks left before shooting and he said 'I don't know maybe like a young Kate Winslet' and I had met the producer Rus Smith when I was 21 in LA and he said 'okay I know where she is, that is fine' and they tracked me down. It was really when my agent Tony Howard ICM said 'listen you really should take it... you don't not take a meeting with Terry Zwigoff'. So I said 'fine' and they flew me out and we met at the Standard and just hit it off straight away and when I found out the rest of the cast that was attached like John Malkovich, Anjelica Huston, Jim Broadbent, Steve Buscemi..."

Totoro was written on May 8, 2006

Breasts and Buns

Sophia Myles plays a model who, early in the film, poses nude for an art class attended by the movie’s lead, Max Minghella, a young man who enrolled in art school in part because he had become infatuated with Myles' picture in one of the brochures, and hopes to win her over. In the modeling scene, Sophia steps out from behind a curtain wearing only a robe; she then turns her back to the camera (in a medium shot) and proceeds to drop the garment, and in doing so gives us a great view of her nude buns (there is some cellulite visible beneath Sophia’s well-shaped posterior, but that hardly diminishes her astounding beauty).

Then, there is an extended montage in which the film cuts between Minghella’s face, his etching, and Sophia, who is now seated upon a stool, her bare legs, breasts, and the side of her butt all visible (although part of Myles' right breast is obscured by her arm). If I have a complaint here it is that the lap dissolves used in the montage do not allow us to linger on Sophia’s exquisite figure, and the depth of each frame is compromised because one image bleeds (overlapping) into the next.

At the end of this montage (which is set to classical music) there is a wide shot of Sophia, still perched on the stool, in front of the art class; after asking the instructor (played by John Malkovich) for a smoke break, she stands up (in the same wide shot) to get dressed, once again giving us a nice (if distant) view of her lovely buttocks.

It should also be noted (as the previous reviewer has indicated) that the film contains a very lengthy scene of Minghella’s class drawing a nude male model; to some extent, this scene is played for laughs, but it includes several shots of the model in his full-frontal splendor, meaning that we get numerous well-lit views of his medium-sized penis (as he is seated posing on a stool, in addition to standing up before and after the session) and even his pasty butt as he gets up to take a break. I thought the nudity was over at this point, but it wasn’t, as the model (still completely naked) tries to hit on one of the (seated) female art students during the break, his dick hanging almost literally in her face (the young woman looks down, trying to avoid the model’s advances – and his genitalia, it would appear). This sequence occurs very early in the film (probably within the first 10-15 minutes), which is several minutes before Sophia’s very memorable nude scene.

BMac was written on January 11, 2008

Breasts and buns

In the 22nd minute, the lovely Sophia Miles models for the art class, providing a couple of well-lit but relatively brief views of her boobs and ass. Miles' breasts are only medium-sized, not large, and some will find her butt and thighs a bit chunky, but she's still attractive. Nudity fans can stop watching here, because this is it, but the movie itself gets interesting as it goes on.

Ezra Buzzington
tushlover was written on January 17, 2008

the nude scene

While I can't quibble with the person who started the review of this actor, since there is nudity in the movie, I'd like to add the fact the the actor is terribly unattractive. While I know that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, I suspect that the majority of members of this site would turn this movie off in a second once they got a look at the guy.

donby was written on October 13, 2006

Nude male model at first drawing class.

This scene happens unexpectedly. The curtains suddenly part, and the guy strolls in and sits down on a stool. Then, during a break, he stands in front of a female student, and thrusts his privates toward her face. We get a great side view here.

This guy is nicely endowed. What takes away from the shot for me is that it looks like he shaves his pubes. Why do this !

The movie introduces some interesting characters but then, it takes a long time for the plot to take hold.

BMac was written on January 11, 2008

Good views

Beginning around nine minutes into the movie, the well-endowed Buzzington shows up as an art class model. Over the next couple of minutes, there are occasional views of his largish but not freakishly so cock, and his reasonably toned buns. He's not amazingly handsome but he's in good shape. Not sure why this requires a "warning" to anyone on this site.

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