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2002 Marie-Jo et ses 2 amours 1 Review

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Marie-Jo et ses 2 amours (2002)
AceOfClubs was written on March 3, 2005

full nudity

Ariane is a mature French actress pushing 50 in this film and perhaps looking a little over 50 if I may be so bold. She's nothing special, the wife nextdoor, or your elementary school piano teacher kinda thing, but not ugly. The great news is she has a very nice body, and even better news is you get to see all of it. Ariane has about five or six quality scenes where her butt, boobs and bush are displayed in bed, in the bathroom, and running around the house. The scenes are lengthy and well lit too. Additionally, there is a scene in the opening two minutes of the film where an unidentified young actress, with a killer body, jumps off a boat buck naked showing off everything as well in daylight.

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